Wednesday — Oct. 11th

All right — Day 1 of the 2023 SBRA Bracket Finals is underway! Weather was perfect, temps in the 60’s with partly cloudy skies, great racing weather. At 9 am sharp we started with one time run for all four classes. In Pro with 83 entries it was Logan Martin taking the win, Bob Klock runner up. In Super with 80 entries Devin Dudley won out over Denny Cooper. In Bike / Sled it was Jeff Santin over Danny Boyer. Junior Dragster was won by Mallory Dietz over Mackenzie Bell. Since things moved smoothly we went ahead and ran a consolation race. Pro had Travis Ritchie over Jen Decker. Super was won by Joe Martz, Paul Burruss was second. In Bike it was a father daughter final, Kevin Hamilton winning out over Hailee Hamilton. Junior Dragster was won by Brooklynn Bunch over Jaiman Dietz. We finished up right at 7 pm. Great racing, minimal down time.

Thursday — Oct. 12

The weather still really good, nearly like Wednesday. A lot more cars today. Again we got underway with Race Of Champions, all got one time run. In Pro it was Ed Talbert over Dwight Shelley. Super was on by Mark Decker over Colby Imes. Bike was won by Boyd Mathias, Mike Charcalla was the runner up. Finally in Junior Dragster it was Peyton Bunch over Calvin Anders. Now we ran one time run for the Gamblers race. In Pro it was Devin Dudley, his second win, over Brian Cool. Super had Jared Brungart over Joe Martz. Bike was won by Kevin Hamilton, his second win of the event, over Brian Snyder. Junior Dragster had ROC winner Peyton Bunch over Mackenzie Bell. Another excellent day with nearly no down time, we finished up about 10:30 pm.

Friday — Oct. 13th

Today it cooled off a bit. Temps in the hi 50’s everybody was really fast. We need to go back to Thursday though. With very high chance of a rain out on Saturday the track operators got together and decided to run the main event on Friday. They also felt we could pull off a Gamblers race also. So right at 9 am we ran one complete round of the Gamblers, then onto the Main event. In Pro Mark Fornwalt won over Robert Copsey. Super had Troy Cooper over Kevin Warren. Bike had Jeff Santin over team mate Dave Carpenter. Junior Dragster was won by Madison Stotler over Isabella Ritchey. Now back to Gamblers round two, and yes they had buybacks there. Pro had Mark Harbaugh over Scott Lenig. Super was won by Steve Burler over Andrew Feltman. Bike was won by Dale Hamilton over Paul James Sr and lastly Junior Dragster had Cody Schondelmyer over Isaiah Moore. Another great day. This one took us to curfew, last cars down the track at 11:55 pm. what a day or should say three days.

Some thoughts here……I know I’ll miss stuff….The SBRA concept and it’s Bracket Finals work! There is flexability here, the track owners make the decisions on everything about how racing is run. We ran six races in three days and all of them were completed. The racers….they came to the lanes when called, the pace was fast really rapid fire. In the later rounds the cool down time was short. The racing itself was incredible. More .000 zip lights than you could count, dead close races almost every time two went down, great job. Not one big down track oil down, very little breakage which is always nice to see. And yes once again Team Beaver Springs took home team honors with 95 points followed by Mason Dixon with 88, Summer Duck 81, Eastside 71, Keystone 51, and South Mountain 29. Now people to thank, once again Gary Gore and Hayne Dominck of Eastside, Hayne was the stat man and the track staff of Mason Dixon Dragway, Elmer and Cathy Wachter track owners. The track was dynamite thanks largely goes to Bub Casto who also is our track photographer and Jake Landes our track manager. Cheryl Landes who has the “Shirt Shack” sold almost all the event shirts / sweatshirts. Becky Casto was there Friday in the photo booth and made many prints for the racers. There were several extra staff members added for the event and they are Deena Moore in the food stand, Ashley Kastner and Alison Smith who handled all the race entries and buybacks. Mike Smith who helped in the staging lanes. I had announcer help on Thursday, long time announcer before I came on board Butch Long, Racers for Christ Chaplain Bill Smith and as on many big events my buddy Steve Dickey all did great work. The real saver helped on Friday, Courtney Daymude, she announced and worked the staging lanes from 11 am til 11 pm. I wouldn’t have got through the day without her help! How about the purses over $41,000 alone on Friday, over $72,000 for the three days. Congrats to all those that competed, what an event! Thanks to all that were with us, racers, crew and family members, staff and track owners! Hope to see you soon, this Saturday the First Annual Kenny Mallow Junior Dragster race, Test & Tune Sunday.

Saturday — Oct. 7th

Another Street Nite once again affected by the weather. It was raining steadily right up to just after 10 am and things looked pretty grim to get the event going. Our track staff got right on the drying process as soon as the rain let up and sure enough at about 1:30 pm we were ready to race. The Nasty Nines were flying, they picked a 9:75 ET as their index. In the final it was Devon Holder getting the Wally over Dan Ryntz, Michelle Plasterer was third. McCoy Auto Sales Modern Muscle was won by sponsor Josh McCoy in his BMW over last events winner Jake Landes, George Stanley took third. This class is growing and most entries were in the nines in the quarter mile. Quick 16 had 25 entries vying the 16 car field, George Forster had the low qualifier honors with a rocket fast 4.51 ET. Mitch Willingham won out over Jerry Williams, semi racers were Joe Martz and Mike Daymude. 5.90 Index was won by Chuck Wishard over Todd Haskell, 6.50 Index had Denny Cooper over Rick Ebersole. 7.10 Index was won by Joe Magetti Jr. over Bruce Suders. Pro winner was John Moser over Randall McNamee. Sportsman was won by Tony Gruver with Lane Baker taking second spot. Lastly Drive-In Street it was won by Glen Estelle, Josh Sisk runner upped. We finished right about 7 pm.

Of note. A huge shout out to our track crew for the three plus hours of track drying / prep to get us going. Once done the track worked very well, everyone was fast too. We did have some staff that filled in for others not there, all did a great job. A big thanks to all that participated on what looked like a washout for sure!

Sunday — Oct. 8th

Partly cloud skies, wind and temps in the 50’s greeted 101 Test & Tune racers and the Outlaw Pontiac gang, their final points race of the year. Chuck Hutzler won the Outlaw Pontiac class over Mike Clay, Dave Roarty was third in the 25 car field. A pleasure to host this group’s 8 race series. The no entry fee $1,000.00 to win race it was Scott Drayer in a close one over Brandon Skelly, Lane Baker took third. We did run til nearly 5;30 pm as we had a large field of racers and one very nasty oil down from the starting line til the first turnoff. Very difficult clean up for sure. Cars were very fast today, great track and great air.

Ok, SBRA Bracket Finals, Oct. 11th through Oct. 15th. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this week!
Saturday — Sept. 30th

This was a well attended Test & Tune event with the Outlaw Pontiac gang with us for their next to last race for them this year. We started at 11:00 am under partly cloudy skies and temps in the mid 70’s, great racing weather. 26 Outlaw Pontiacs competed and 130 Test & Tune cars made their runs also. In the Outlaw Pontiac finals Lucien Payne left the line with a .005 light which was enough to win over Chuck Hutzler in the final. Bruce Garber took third place. In the no entry fee $1,000.00 winner take all 1/8th mile race there were 69 entries and in the finals it was Dahryl Clark over Lin Bowie, Terry Eriksen was third. Because of the big turn out we ran two hours longer all the way to just about 5 pm. The track was excellent all day. A big thanks goes out to our many race fans who watched the action today! By the way Bub Casto and Jake Landes both spent time at the track doing maintenance during the week to the grounds and track, the Jersey barriers have been power washed to the 1/8 mile. They looked great! Well done!

Ok, big Street Nite event this Saturday, Test & Tune Sunday with the Outlaw Pontiacs too. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!
Saturday — Sept. 16th

This was by far the best Street Nite event of the 2023 race season. Weather, nearly perfect, sunny, temps in the low 70’s greeted the 199 racers and a nice turnout of race fans with the show getting underway right at 1 pm. The Nasty Nines had 14 entries, the Index was set at 9.80. Michelle Plasterer’s wheel standing Camaro got the win over Bryan Wright in his Nova. Dave Mizell and Tim Bard were the semi racers. Modern Muscle, the street driven class of 2008 and newer cars was next. Seven entries were chasing the $1,000.00 to win, $250.00 runner up money put up by McCoy Auto Sales of Chambersburg, Pa. Jake Landes was low qualifier in his 2019 Corvette with a 9.79 ET blast on his first pass. In the finals it was Jake Landes getting the win over last events winner Greg Orris. This is a fun heads up no break out 1/4 mile class, it’ll grow too. Now Quick 16, 57 cars made passes trying to make one of the two 16 car fields. It took at 5.32 ET to get in the first group. In the end Jerry Williams beat Mark Decker in a really close one, Marcus Henry and Shane McQuay were the semi racers. Now in the second field it had a 5.58 ET as the bump spot. Derek Dellinger took the win over Dahryl Clark, Dale Jackson and Pat Han were the semi finalists. Chesapeake Automotive Detailing and Storage was the sponsor for this second field. 5.90 Index was won by Chuck Wishard over Dan Shaffer, Mike Shoop took third. 6.50 was won by Dave Slusher over Denny Cooper, Darrell Law and Mark Gray took the semi spots. 7.10 Index had Bruce Suders winning over daughter in law Kristen Suders. Pro was won by Michael Herb over Gary Kelican. Kaleb Kilne won over dad Kallie Kline in Sportsman class. and lastly in Drive In Street I missed the winner, Josh Sisk was runner up. We finished up the event at about 9:30 pm.

A wrap up here. What a great show. Dynamite racing, a very fast field of 32 cars in the two Quick 16 groups where the bump was 5.58 ET, our biggest Nasty Nines field of 14 cars, Modern Muscle is growing, fun heads up racing. Our racers put on a great show for sure. We had some staff members that weren’t available tonight but our group stepped up and did a great job filling in where needed. Ronnie Lesher did the bulk of the tech duties and Bub Casto was the starter, both did a great job. Allison Smith filled in with the buy backs and making up the ladders in all the classes. Steve Dickey was with us and did a good bit of the announcing and did his usual fine job. The track had plenty of fast door cars and all hooked hard and went straight, several big wheel stands….everybody likes them. A shout out to McCoy Auto Sales and Chesapeake Automotive for the sponsorship of Modern Muscle and Quick 16 field number two. And as always, we can’t do this with out our race fans. Thanks for hanging out with us! Lastly, we are closed this weekend as our Summit ET racers are heading to Numidia Dragway for the NHRA Summit ET Series Bracket Finals…..good luck Mason Dixon racers, see you there Saturday!

Saturday — Sept. 9th

This was a Test & Tune event along with the Outlaw Pontiac racers. Weather messed with this one, rain chances were high all week for today and yes there were showers around but no rain for us right up til we finished up at 3 pm. The turnout was light, everyone made plenty of passes. The Outlaw Pontiacs were the first cars out, they made two time runs and then went to eliminations. In the final Rodney Eichelberger defeated Chuck Hutzler, both ran on the dials, Rodney was .022 to Chuck’s .038, a close one. Bruce Garber and Mike Clay were the semi racers. Aside from the smaller turnout than hoped for the day went well.

Ok, A big Street Nite race this Saturday, racing underway at 1 pm. Some important info here….There will be two Quick 16 fields. We will post the ladder for each on the bulletin board at the front of the lanes each round……It WILL be your responsibility to find your opponent and line up with them. Your cooperation will make this work! A big thanks to Chesapeake Automotive for sponsoring the second Quick 16, $750.00 to win, $250.00 runnerup and $75.00 semifinalists. Oh, if the first field is a all 4 second field the payout to win will jump to $2,000.00. Modern Muscle….This is a Street Legal car class, MUST BE driven into the track, not trailered. McCoy Auto Sales Chambersburg Pa. is the sponsor, $1,000.00 to win $250.00 runnerup. On Sunday it is the Kenny Mallow Memorial race with three classes of Junior Dragsters and a big car Test & Tune. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — Sept. 1st

It’s September already….This was a Test & Tune event starting at 6 pm, with a great turnout. 106 entries made passes til 10 pm. Cooler conditions and a great track had everyone going fast. A nice event for sure, we wrapped it up at 10 pm.

Saturday — Sept. 2nd

Day one of the three day SBRA Labor Day event. Another nice day, low 80’s and low humidity greeted the 264 entries getting underway with the Junior Dragsters right at 11:30 am. We had 35 entries with Mallory Dietz getting the win in the Junior Dragster class. Eric Bowles was runner up, Gavin Cramer took third. At 2 pm the big cars took the track. Over 100 cars were in Super Pro with Bobby Spence winning over Nathan Etzler, Alan Glatt took third place. Bobby’s dragster was the fastest car on the property laying down dead on runs, mostly 4.36 Ets @160 mph. Impressive. Pro also had over 100 entries and in the end it was Stevie Dustin winning over Herbie Sullivan, Chris Crawford was third. Trophy had a great turn out, 19 entries, Jamain Dietz won out over Stephanie Morgan. It took awhile to run this one, we finished up right at 11 pm.

Sunday — Sept. 3rd

Now the weather turned on us, it got hot, temps hit the mid 90’s and more humid too. The Junior Dragster class had 38 entries getting underway right at 9:30 am. Gavin Cramer won over his brother Garrett Cramer. Braelin Bowie was third. Braelin’s car broke right before her semi final run, would really have liked to see her get a shot at winning this race. Big cars took the track at 11:30 am. Super Pro had another nice turn out with Randy Krause winning over Steve Morgret. Scotty Bodmer took third place. Pro had Steve “Soggy” Dunn over Greg Ecker, Brandon Skelly was third. Again Trophy had 23 entries, Hailey Bowles won over Jason Burrier, Caleb Peddicord was third. We finished up about 6:45 pm.

Monday Labor Day — Sept. 4th

It was even hotter and really steamy, temps climbed to the upper 90’s. A somewhat smaller turn out but still good. Junior Dragsters, 30 strong got going right at 9:30 am with Cole Huth winning over Jaiman Dietz. A J Hiner and Mallory Dietz were the semi racers. Big cars hit the track at 11:30 am. Super Pro was a door car final, Mark Decker won over Roger Lewis, Dan Roberts was third. Pro had defending track champ Mark Harbaugh over Jim Berry, Travis Hill was third. Trophy was won by Caleb Peddicord over Desirae Roberts. Ronnie Proctor Jr. had his new race car out for it’s first shake down passes, looked good, ran a 6.15 @ 112 mph on the third pass. It will be good to have him racing again. We finished up just after 4 pm.

Thoughts on the weekend. Despite Sunday and Monday with really trying weather conditions the track was dynamite all four days, great hook, run after run racers hit the dial in and had .00 lights in each lane, everyone kept their cool through out the long days, the three bigger cleanups were handled really fast, minimal down time. On Saturday we had fourteen .000 lights, 2 were quad zip lights. On Saturday and Sunday we had entries from seven states. Many racers that typically run elsewhere came to our house for the weekend. Good to have all of them here…..Come back anytime! Steve Dickey helped announce most of the day Sunday, always a better day when he’s with us. Dianne Ford also announced some on Monday, she’s been around our sports since the 80’s, I’ll try get her to do some announcing again real soon. The entire Mason Dixon staff / owners worked hard and put in the long hours to make this holiday race a success. A big thanks to all the racers, their family and crew members, our sponsors and lastly our dedicated race fans! Test and Tune this Sunday with the Outlaw Pontiacs. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — August 26th

This was a Test & Tune event starting at 11 am. A moderate turnout for sure on hot and humid day. Everyone made many passes, several of the Ford event racers got ready for tomorrow’s race and raced this today. Long time Ford racer Jeff McMillen wheeled his 65 Mustang to a win over Justin Crider’s Nova in the $400.00 winner take all no entry fee race. a good race day overall, we finished up at 3 pm.

Sunday — Aug. 27th

Very early many show cars rolled in for this excellent 26th Annual Mid Maryland Ford event. A number of vendors were with us along with Mt. Lena Pool staff serving up breakfast sandwiches and a big lunch menu all day long. Our food stand crew was there very early also serving up the usual great food. Track staff did a great job of giving the racers an excellent race track from start to finish. We had a good turn out of quality race cars and drivers, 84 entries in all. The racing got underway at 11:30 am, all classes getting two time runs. In Pro Leslie Uphole won over yesterday’s winner Jeff McMillen, Tom McMillen took third spot. Super was the biggest class, in the final it was an all Taylor race, Chris Taylor over brother Nick Taylor. Brian Cool was third. Street Ford had Dan Roberts over Caleb Peddicord. Trophy Ford had Mathew Pryor over Colin Rinker. This was a really nice event, stunning show cars and trucks, nice vendor turn out, great racing and a good number of race fans hung out with us til completion. Oh, Carleigh Forrest one our fine Junior Dragster racers helped us with the announcing duties, her first time in that role. Did really well too! Another thanks goes out to the Mid Maryland Ford Club staff that did all the car show related work. We finished up about 4:30 pm.

Summer nearly over, Labor Day weekend nearly upon us! SBRA classes Sat. Sun. and Mon. Test & Tune Friday night 6 to 10 pm. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!
Friday — Aug,. 18th

This was very well attended Test & Tune event running from 5 pm to 10 pm. Many of our VW racers and Pro-Stick racers were rolling in to set up camp for the big 9th annual VW event the next day. Many also unloaded their cars and made test passes. A 16 car Hi-Roller race had Clint Woolard over Brandt McKean, winner got $1500.00 and runnerup money was $300.00. Just over 100 entries raced and we had a nice turn out of race fans too. No weather issues, a great evening for racing for sure.

Saturday — Aug. 19th

Great weather greeted a nice turn out of race fans who showed up for all things VW, show cars, vendors and great racing. There were eight VW classes plus the always popular Pro-Stick group. We got going at 11 am with the racing. All Motor class was won by Ben Zarpentine over Anthony Fiasserto. Limited Street had Franky Criner over Ryan Koenig. Pro Outlaw was won by Herbert Strengberger over Austin Johnson III. Herbert was low ET by far, a 4.81 @ 151 mph in the 1/8th mile, crazy fast! ASA had James Carroll over Jason Goodyear. Pro was won by Bren Hartman defeating Jess Farquhar. Super Pro had Tim Norwood’s stunning Altered over Todd Taylor. Super Stock had Jess Farquhar winning over Joe Rollins. Hard Tire had Mark Spires over Jason Rothiske. Now Pro-Stick, 50 cars entered, Mark Charcalla won over John Whorton. Derrick Clites took third. This was a terrific event. 107 show cars, 100 Vws racing and a good Pro-Stick turnout too. The racing was really good. Minimal down times, some breakage but quick cleanups kept things moving. Mt. Aetna Fire Co. did their usual burgers, hot dogs and fries thing along with our real busy foodstand kept everyone fed for sure. The track itself was outstanding, Chris Powers made a couple of test hits in his 800+ cubic inch Camaro. His 60 ft. times were all sub one second, best a .97 and .98, very quick for sure. A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Scott Pocaro and family for once again putting this huge event together this year. Plans for the event in 2024 already are in the works. Many sponsors also put up money for the different race classes and show cars, we thank them too. Steve Dickey helped again with the announcing Saturday, he loves clutch cars and all things German too. Thanks Steve! Great job. Lastly we’ll thank the track owners and staff for a really nice event. We finished up about 7:15 pm.

Sunday — Aug. 20th

This was a Test & Tune event staring at 11 am going til 3 pm. A bit warmer but the humidity still lower, not a bad day to race. Not a great turn out but all that were here got to make many passes today. The no entry fee race paid $300.00 winner take all. Earl Lapole and Sam Boyd Jr. made the finals. We had one pretty big oil down going all the way past the scoreboards. The new track equipment and staff made short work of the clean up.

A really good three days of racing! This coming weekend a Test & Tune 11 am to 3 pm on Saturday and the big Ford event on Sunday! See you at Mason Disxon Dragway this weekend!

Thursday — Aug. 10th

This was day one of the Division 1 JDRL Summit ET series for Junior Dragsters. The weather really messes with us and nearly won out….but didn’t. We started at 10 am with 95 Junior Dragsters and 7 Junior Street entries running all run Gamblers races. As we got underway we got a moderate shower, now we’re down, tracking drying then more rain. This happened four times, the last shower had us nearly give up but we got after it once more and finished the day about 11 pm. Now the racing, the marathon final had Chris Faraca over Paul Stalba. In Junior Street, Sam Luecke won over Allen Kohr Jr. Let’s thank Allen Kohr adding $200.00, The Serrano family putting in $100.00 and Stephanie of New England Dragway adding another $100.00. A good start considering what Mother Nature put us through, hats off to the Mason Dixon staff for that not fun track drying deal.

Friday — Aug. 11th

Weather no issue today, hi 80’s and mainly sunny. Another Gamblers for Junior Dragsters getting underway at 10 am. Tyler Beaulieu won over Madison Schonberger with semis going to Mallory Dietz and Gavin Roth. Junior Street was won by Matthew Serrano over Charlie Blittersdorf. Haley Powers was third. Race Of Champions followed with Gavin Roth over Anthony Magliocco, Semi racers were Cole Huth and Logan Anderson. Now dinner, served up by Putting on the Feedbag group. the 400 plus dinners were paid for mostly by Rudy Transportation and Anthony Bongiovanni and his Micro Strategies Co. After dinner we ran the 7.90 Index race that was to run Thursday. 48 cars entered and Heather Ludwig won out over Mike Logan. Oh, once again we added more money to our racers, Allen Kohr added $100.00 Steve Lueke $100.00, Mike Serrano $100.00 and Todd Vignola put up $500.00 more. We finished up at 11 pm. great day!

Saturday — Aug. 12th

Final day got going at 9 am. By class, 6 to 9 year old winner was Christian Handwerk over Garrett Cramer, 10 to 12 year old winner Cody Cumming over McKenna Mason, 13 to 14 year old winner Madeline Torchia over Emily Stalba, 15 to 17 year old winner Jamain Dietz over Michael Ulrich and finally in Junior Street it was Tyler DePascale over Charlie Blittersdorf. We ran a consy race, 49 entries for all first round losers and Madison Schonberger won it over Zachary Zibella. Great close racing from start to finish. New England Dragway won the Team Sprit award, well deserved too. We finished up about 4 pm.

Thoughts on this race, let’s see…..great patience from all during the 7 hours of rain delay down time on Thursday. The track staff worked hard all week especially on day one. Great having Crag Curdie NHRA Division 1 director and two other NHRA staff members Scott Sayers and Steve Jefferies with us all weekend. Craig asked our opinions about our sport and offered his thoughts too. The money and Amazon gift cards put up by many including Myersville Exxon to add to the event. Once again a big thanks to all that participated, racers, family and crew members, track staff and owners and our race fans for their part in this event. Excellent event!

Sunday — Aug. 13th

This was a Street Nite event getting underway at 11:30 am. Nasty Nines had nine entries, the Index was set at 9.90 ET. In the finals Scott Milhimes won over Jason Henry. Quick 16 had 18 entries. In the all Mopar final it was a good one, Darhrl Clark won out over Darlene Staub in a close one. Mike Daymude and Casey Carper were the semi racers. 6.50 Index was won by Dave Slusher Jr. over Travis Hill, Darrell Law was third. 7.10 Index was a real close one, Eric Bowles over Lester Holtzapple, Ralph Finney was third. Pro was won by Dan Shaffer over Mike Younker, Cory Myers took third place, Sportsman was won by Stevie Dustin over Mike Cleary, Paul O’Brien and Randy Allen were the semi racers, Drive In Street was won by Dylan Moore over Brian Kuti, Emma Henry was third. Greg Dahl had his fast Harley make 4 passes, all in the 7’s, last and best 7.71 @181.50 mph. Awesome passes! We finished up about 4:15 pm. A big thanks to Steve Dickey for the announcing help today, Yeah we have fun working together. Very warm and humid day but still good, close racing.

Test & Tune Friday night, VW event Saturday, with Pro Stick cars, Test & Tune Sunday. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!
Saturday — Aug. 5th

This was a SBRA race getting underway at 2 pm with 23 Junior Dragsters taking the track. Gage Cramer won out over brother Gavin Cramer, Emma Henry was third. The big cars took over at 4 pm. Pro was won by Cliff Peddicord over Brandon Skelly, Steve Henry was the the third place driver. Super had Joe Martz in his fast and new S-10 Chevy ride won out over Paul Burruss. Laury McGown and Kaitlin Krause were the semi racers. Both Pro and Super had nearly identical entries at 57 and 58 respectively. Trophy was won by Caleb Peddicord, Bruce Garber runnerup and Sean Herrick was third. Real good racing, weather no issue, high 80 temps, an overall good day. We finished up about 10:00 pm.

Sunday — Aug. 6th

Day two of our SBRA weekend started right at 9:30 am with 20 Junior Dragsters entered. Gavin Cramer won this time over Bella Henry, Emma Henry was third. The big cars got going at 11:30 am. Pro was won by defending track champ Mark Harbaugh over Chris Crawford, Dickie Bodmer was third. Now in Super it was Kaitlin Krause over Calvin Kline. J R Starliper was third. This was Kaitlin’s first win with us after several semi final finishes. Great lights every round and nearly dead on runs shut everyone else out from start to finish…..great win Kaitlin! Finally Trophy was won by Caleb Peddicord, again, over Taylor Everson

Saturday — July 29th

This was a Test & Tune event with a 5 pm start time. With temps in the mid 90’s starting in the early evening was a good call. We didn’t have a big turn out but all that competed made many passes on a really good track. About half way through we did the usual no entry fee 1/8th mile race with winner take all purse of $300.00. Danny Brown took the win over Brian Lind. Overall a good event. We finished up right on time at 9 pm.

Sunday — July 30th

What a difference a day makes. The humidity was way lower and temps topped out at about 85 degrees. Now this was a combination King of the Track / TV Challenge Summit ET Series race. Right 9 am we got the Junior Dragsters going with a 24 car field. Mason Blumenauer got his first victory and a “Wally” winning out over Gavin Cramer. Garrett Cramer took third. At 11:30 am the big cars took the track. Pro had Dylan Moore, who is red hot of late, winning over Scott Drayer, driving Tammy Skelly’s Chevy Blazer. Chris Crawford took third place. Super was won by Mark Decker over Brian Bogle, Colby Imes was third. Sportsman was won by defending class champ Jim Berry over Tammy Gray. Trophy had Mark Kaliscz over Stephanie Morgan. Now for King of the Track….we included all class winners including Junior Dragster in a “Bogey” race, single passes best “Package” wins. George Stanley was the Bike that went furthest in Pro laid down a .012 package good for the win. Overall a really good day, a fast track, super close racing and everybody was much faster than they have been in awhile, finally some decent weather to race in. We finished up about 5:45 pm.

A big thanks to all that supported us this weekend, be it a racer, crew or family member, our track sponsors and especially our dedicated race fans! The new recently purchased track really worked well. The tire drag works better but wears out the tires more quickly, we are in great NEED of used drag slicks, help us out if you have used slicks, thanks a head of time on this. Steve Dickey made the trip down from wilds of Berkeley Springs, WV and did his usual great job of announcing, a pleasure to have him with us as always. SBRA racing this Saturday and Sunday. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — July 22nd

This was day one of a two day SBRA series event. Weather was a non issue both days, temps in the upper 80’s and not real humid, good summer race conditions. We got underway with our Junior Dragsters right at 2 pm. 20 entries with Madison Stotler winning over Garrett Cramer, Gage Cramer took third place. At 4 pm the big cars took the track with a good turnout in all the classes. The East Coast Impala group running two events in one day. They had 12 entries, race one saw Jason Butler winning over Karl Ellwein and in race two it was Fred Gramry over Dan Fahey. Pro was the big class with 73 entries Dylan Moore won over Britt Olsen. Super with 50 entries was won by Mike Daymude over Colby Imes. Trophy had Brian Lind taking the win over Caleb Peddicord. We finished up about 10:45 pm. Good, close, fast paced racing all day and evening long.

Sunday — July 23rd

As usual the Junior Dragsters got things going right at 9:30 am with 23 racers. This time the boys took the win with Gavin Cramer over Parker Fields. Good racing in this class, good to see Parker going all the way to the finals, his best finish so far this season. Big cars got going at 11:30 am and Pro was the big class again. Carlos DeJesus won out over Wayne Skelly. Super had Steve Whitman over Jim Day in a great final. A huge win for the Whitman’s both dad and daughter Carrie Norton have gone a lot of rounds this year and now a big win. Well done. Trophy was won by Liz Bailey over Stephanie Morgan. We finished up about 4:30 pm. Another good race day for sure.

With the loss of a fine racer and dad, Kenny Mallow the Junior Dragster racers and family members dedicated the racing to Mallow family, daughters Jo Jo and Charlotte in particular. Many different racers put up extra cash in Kenny’s name for the the Junior racers both days. A nice gesture from everyone this weekend. We did do two time runs both days, something a little different. The rest of the line painting was also completed by Jake and Bub, looks great too. Now Saturday Test and Tune will go from 5 pm til 9 pm. That might change if the weather calls for rain late day. Sunday is the King of the Track Summit ET points race. Keep checking the website as the weekend nears. How about almost no breakage or cleanups, a great track, a fast paced event and terrific racing all weekend. Ok, see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!
Saturday — July 15th

This was a Street Nite race getting underway at 4 pm. The weather was again an issue, it was plenty hot and humid with storms predicted later in the day, it held down the car count some but we did have some great racing. Everyone got two time shots and we went to round one. The Nasty Nine class set their Index at 9.95 and their were 11 entries. Charlie Booze Jr. won over Jason Henry. Scott Milhimes was third. In round three, Charlie Booze Jr. launched hard into a giant, long and controlled wheelstand. The car stayed high in the air through first and second to nearly the 330′ mark. Elmer Wachter, track owner quickly went out to the time slip booth and handed Charlie a $50.00 bill for his entertaining run. What a ride, yes he won the round too. Quick 16 had a smaller field than usual, the bump was a 5.85. Robert Pitcock was the winner over the barely redlighting -.0001 Mike Daymude, semi racers were Mike Shoop and Mark Decker. 5.90 Index was won by Cory Maloney over Dan Shaffer. 6.50 index was won by Howard Lawson over Wayne Shultz. 7.10 Index had Bruce Suders over Joe Maggetti Jr. The Pro class had Terry Wetzel winning over brother Brian Wetzel. Sportsman was won by Glen Estelle with Cullen Hormes the runner up. Drive In Street had Tammy Gray over Glen Estelle. Good racing, a real good track especially considering the track temps and we had many of our loyal race fans hang out with us tonight. An overall good race.

Again more improvements, Elmer made a new winners circle banner, 8ft X 32ft, Jake and Bub helped hang / install, a big job….looks great too. Oh we did mention the weather, light rain / sprinkles started just as we finished at about 8:40 pm. Good timing again.

Sunday — July 16th

Well again rain showers over night and rain predicted for later in the day affected the turn out. Those that came made many passes on a real well prepped track. We did run a no entry fee 1/8 race Mike Boyd won over J R Starliper winner take all, $400.00. Three racers made their license run passes, all done well. We finished up at 3 pm. And yes it started to rain some as we finished up the day.

A big thanks to all that supported us both days this weekend! A shout out to all my co-workers, management and owners who are always a pleasure to work with week in and week out! See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!




Saturday — July 8th

This was the Maryland State Championship Summit ET Series event. We got underway with the time runs right at 12:30 pm. Super was won by Todd Welzel over Amy Tate in an all dragster final. J. R. Starliper was third. Pro had Dylan Moore over last weeks winner Cliff Peddicord. Greg Ecker was third. Sportsman had Tammy Gray over James Standifer, David Kline was third. Yes we raced but again the weather messed with us some, very high humidity and temps in the low 90’s kept the entries and race fans down some for sure, but as always we thank all those that participated with us anyway.

A HUGE shout out to track manager Jake Landes and Bub Casto for the great job with painting lines in the staging lanes, down track and the starting line area, it was done in one day, another hot and humid one too. Elmer Wachter’s son Andy and grand daughter Brownwyn spent the day with us. Brownwyn lives in down east Maine and is spending some time with her dad during her summer break. Glad to have them with us! The track in the extreme heat held up well, many racers started making break out runs in the later rounds. Another overall good day!

Sunday — July 9th

Big rain storms were predicted and we cancelled out about 6:45 am. The rain arrived right about noon, a very good call.

This weekend, Saturday is Street Nite, start time 4 pm. Sunday Test & Tune event gets going at 11am. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Friday — June 30th

This was a Friday night Test & Tune event. We had 60 cars that made many passes, the track worked well though we did have to stop a couple times for light rain sprinkles. Overall a good night finishing up right at 10 pm.

Saturday — July 1st

We got the Junior Dragsters going at 12:30 pm. We had 24 entries and in the final it was Gavin Cramer over Emma Henry, Cole Huth took third place. At 2:30 pm the big cars took the track. Before the invocation and national anthem we made a presentation of an award to Linda Cline, who manages our food stand for her hard work and dedication to her job despite battling health issues for the past two years. What a hard worker she is, a big part of the Mason Dixon Dragway team! Now the weather…..storms were predicted for later in the day, we got three rounds in, then the rain took over forcing us to end the day. Remaining Super racers got $190.00 each and the Pro racers $165.00. We are glad we did get at least that far. Could have been worse.

Sunday — July 2nd

The Junior Dragsters, 26 entries, got underway right at 9 am. Jamain Dietz took the win over Ayden Robinson. The semi racers were Sophie Cooper and Braelin Bowie. These two got $25.00 each from Don Cline who put up the $50.00 cash for the semifinalists. Now the big cars, they got underway at 11 am. Pro had Cliff Peddicord over Brandon Skelly, Ben Snouffer was third. Super had Shawn Barrett over Scotty Bodmer, Buddy McGowan was third. Trophy it was Tyler Simpkins winning over Liz Bailey. We did have a rain delay after round two that the track staff and mother nature dried pretty quickly. Another good day. We really did fight the weather, the rain itself and the week long weather forecasts of rain and storms all weekend long….they don’t help much!

This coming weekend are Summit ET Series races Saturday and Sunday, Junior Dragsters are off as the compete in Bristol Tn. for Eastern Regional championship. Bring home another team championship, we’re rooting for you! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — June 23rd

All day mist and rain showers caused a cancelation of this Test & Tune event.

Saturday — June 24th

The Rocking Chair Nationals! Weather forecasts probably hurt attendance some but despite possible afternoon storms we still ran 193 race cars and about 115 show cars. We started with awards being given to many drag racing media, all those recipients said a few words about their involvement in our great sport. Gary Gore and Bill Pratt did the honors of MCing this part of the day. A fun and interesting part of the day. Now the drag racing, we kicked off the time runs right at 11:30 am as scheduled. Outlaw Pontiacs had 18 entries, Lucien Payne won out over Jeff Raff. Footbrake class had Scott Vaughn and Carlos DeJesus in the final. Super was won by Mark Decker of Randy Teed. MANDRA class had Brian Wallace and Merritt Snyder in the final. Rick Wenger and Carlos DeJesus made the finals in Nostalgia. Pro Stick Stick had Dave Slusher and Colton Kirchner in the final. Then rain caught us at about 6:20 pm and caused some of the finals not be able to be contested, one time run and go, good fast paced racing with nearly no downtime from breakdowns or oil downs saved the day. A big thanks to all that helped us today, Gary Gore, Hayne Dominick, Steve Dickey my announcing partner, the Mt. Aetna Fire Co. staff our track management and staff and our sponsors. A big thanks also to all the car show folks, racers, family and crew members and especially all of our race fans! An overall very good event.

Sunday — June 25th

This was a Test & Tune event getting underway at 11:30 am. The Nasty Nines ran their race, nine entries, a 9.90 Index was the number, Charlie Booze Jr. won over Steve Kurimchak in the final. The no entry fee race had 22 entries Vince Fourcade Jr. won over Lin Bowie, they split the $400.00 purse. Everyone made plenty of passes, 54 cars raced today, we finished up at 3:30 pm. and yes it was very warm and humid today.

This weekend, Test & Tune Friday night, SBRA racing both Saturday and Sunday. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Friday. — June 16th
This was a Test And Tune event no doubt affected by the weather forecast calling for chance of rain showers. Yes we did get a brief rain shower that only caused us to start the racing at about 6:10 pm. After that no more rain, all that raced with us made many passes. We wrapped up our racing at 10 pm.
Saturday — June 17th
Street Nite… weather issues, we got underway right at 1 pm. The new Modern Muscle heads up 1/4 mile class sponsored by McCoy Auto Sales of Chambersburg Pa had six entries. Greg Orris won it with his Dodge Demon over Josh McCoy in his BMW, Matt White was third. An entertaining class for sure! Quick 16 had 30 entries, 8 cars in the 4’s and a fast 5.27 bump. Jerry Williams won over Casey Carper, George Forster and Johnny Miller III were the semi finalists. 5.90 Index had Chuck Wishard over Mike Shoop. Once again Nathan Jacobson won the 6.50 index class over many time winner Darrell Law. Make it two in a row for Nathan! The 7.10 Index group was won by Garrett Suders over Joe Magitti Jr. Pro had John Moser over Troy Gruver. Sportsman was won by Tony Gruver over Randy Allen. Sportsman winner was Josh Sisk over Glenn Estelle. An overall good event, fast paced very minimal down time. Steve Dickey helped with the announcing too. How about the fast field of Quick 16 racers, well done.

Sunday. — June 18th
Ok, this was a Test and Tune event getting underway at 11:30 am. Yes it was Father’s Day but we had a smaller than expected turnout. Puzzling, though it was warm and very humid. We ran the $500.00 to win no entry fee race won by Christian Kellican over Hailee Hamilton. This is a winner take all deal but Elmer kicked in another $250.00 for the runner up. We finished up at 3:30 pm.

Friday night is the Test and Tune event. The Rocking Chair Nationals on Saturday and Sunday is the rain date if needed, check the flyer for details…..don’t miss this event!! See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!!

Friday —. June 9th
This was to be a Test & Tune event but the rain showers hit before starting and just the hour long drying process was ending another shower hit us. Sadly we had to cancel, we hit a good turnout of race cars too.
Saturday. — June 10th
This a Summit ET series event with the Junior Dragsters getting underway at 11 am. We had 21 entries. A J Hiner won over Carley Bauman, Damian Waters took third. Now the big cars, the Outlaw Pontiacs had 18 entries with Chuck Hutzler the winner over Mike Clay, Jeff Raff took third place. Pro was the biggest class, Kevin Hamilton winning over Garrett Suders, Carlos DeJesus was third. Super had Andy Dolan over Carrie Norton. Lastly Sportsman was won by Carlos DeJesus over Andy Stief. Jeff Meleo was third. We finished up about 6:30 pm, great racing today.
Sunday — June 11th
This was again a Summit ET series race with the Junior Dragsters starting at 9:30 am. How about Cole Rudy getting the big win over yesterdays winner A J Hiner. Cameron Bauman took third. At 11:30 am Pro got underway with Tony Bonnano over Dylan Moore. This win was overdue, great work Tony! Super had Eric Bowles over Kali Kati. Semi drivers Chris Cepelka and Carrie Norton. Sportsman was won by Dave Toms over David Kline.
Great racing both days. A big thanks to Jake Landes for his work putting up and wiring the new entrance sign. Also Steve Dickey helped with the announcing Saturday. Friday night Test & Tune, Saturday is the Street Nite event and Sunday Test & Tune. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — June 2nd

This was Test & Tune event that ran 6 pm to 10 pm. When we arrived the temps were in the mid 90’s. Yes it was hot. Once we got going it did cool off some. 41 racers made many passes down the track, Caleb Peddicord drove his dad’s Ford Bronco reeling off 29 runs during the event. No doubt the high temps kept the car count down a bit. Overall the though the racing went well.

Saturday — June 3rd

This was a SBRA race along with the Nasty Nine cars. The Junior Dragsters took the track at 11:30 am with 16 entries, Emma Henry won out over Cameron Bauman. The semi racers were Rayleen Sanchez and Carley Bauman. The Nasty Nines had 8 entries, the Index was set at 9.90 in the 1/4 mile. Charlie Booze Jr. won when Steve Kurinder who couldn’t make the final, Jason Henry and Michelle plasterer were the semi racers. Pro had Mark Harbaugh winning over Blaine Keys, Lane Baker was third. Super was won by Kevin Warren over Steve Morgret. Marker Decker took third place. Trophy was won by Tristin Quinn over Caleb Peddicord. The threat of storms and the very humid muggy weather conditions kept the car count down some. We also had a huge oil down that slowed us down too. A kind of tough day, but safe, and the close racing was excellent as always.

Sunday — June 4th

Much cooler and less humid weather greeted our races for this SBRA event. The Junior Dragsters got underway right at 9:30 am. Emma Henry made it two straight getting the win over A J Hiner. Mason Blumenhauer and Madison Boyd were the semi racers. Big cars, starting with Pro got going at 11:30 am with Mark Gray getting the big win over Brian Henry, Lane Baker and Ryan Bruce were the semi racers. Super was won by George Hoff who was deadly all day won out over Josh Johnson. Roger Lewis was third. Brian Lind won Trophy over Greg Orris. How about Walt Sewell our chief Tech inspector’s son Luke made his first passes on his Kawasaki, nice easy ones, a 14.20 at 103 mph was the best of three. Well done. A fun day today, no issues, great racing, we finished up at 4:30 pm. Cars ran hard, faster by a good bit from Friday and Saturday, a very fun day, many more race fans and race cars too. All good!

Friday night, Test & Tune, Summit ET racing Saturday and Sunday with the Outlaw Pontiacs racing with us Saturday. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!
Friday — May 26th

A nice cool evening, clear skies greeted 120 Test & Tune racers. Most were those that were going to compete in the SBRA Memorial Day weekend races. We got underway at 6 pm with everyone getting several passes, we did have some down time from oil downs and a top end incident so we did extend the racing til about 10:20 pm. Racers were rolling in for the weekend all evening long. A good Test & Tune event, lots of race fans too.

Saturday — May 27th

The first of three SBRA races, again, weather was fine, mid 70’s and partly cloudy conditions greeted our racers as the Junior Dragster racers took the track at 11:30 am. There were 30 entries, with Cameron Boyd winning over Gage Cramer, semi racers were Eric Bowles and Gavin Cramer, quarter finalists were Madison Stotler, Mason Blumenhauer, Emma Henry and Mallory Dietz. A huge thanks to extra money, $300.00 kicked in from BNM Performance, Jeff Brady Drywall and Nuts Is Us. These Junior Dragster drivers were awesome today. Now the big cars, they got underway at 2:30 pm with the Pro class starting first. There were 107 entries at the end Mark Harbaugh won out over Dylan Moore. Kaleb Kline took third. Terry Neiman made the trip down from Pottstown Pa. A long time Maple Grove and Numidia racer double entered and did really well going several rounds, this was his first visit with us, some health issues hasn’t slowed him down much. We’ll see him again soon! Super class was loaded too, 97 entries in round one. Marcus Henry beat Larry McGowin Jr. in the all dragster final, Brandon Lowe was third. The Trophy class had 24 entries, Leanne Redrow won over Jamain Dietz. Al’s Body Shop owner Chris Crawford sponsors the class with the really nice Xmas tree trophies to winner and runnerup racers. We finished up about 10:30 pm.

Sunday — May 28th

The weather a non issue, upper 70’s and partly cloudy day with the Junior Dragster getting underway at 9:00 am. Now we’ve got more racers, round one got underway with 37 entries. In the final Mallory Dietz was .002 against Braelin Bowie’s .022 light in the final, it was close, Mallory getting the win. Camden Berry took third. Oh, yesterdays Pro winner Mark Harbaugh shared some of his winnings giving the Juniors an extra $100.00, thanks Mark! Pro class again had a good turn out, 102 cars in round one. Nathan Mendenhall won over Matt Sayers, Dale Hamilton took third. Super had 86 cars, Robert Ford with his giant wheelstanding 67 Camaro won over Lee Chronister getting the runnerup spot. Sheldon Danley was third. All were door cars. Trophy had 18 entries with Steve Sladek over Ed Connor. we finished up about 8:30 pm.

Monday — May 29th

Last day! Weather got warmer, humid partly to mostly cloudy with temps in the low 80’s. The Junior Dragsters got going at 9 am and now the field really grew, 47 cars in round one. This race was for a Wally trophy. Madison Stotler took the win over Jordan Denny, Cole Rudy took third place. Pro field had 77 entries, Shane Sweigart over Cobi Toliver, Dylan Moore and Travis Hill the semi racers, Super had Brian Bogle in his Chevy Colorado truck double entered, in the semis he beat Lin Bowie with one entry and Josh Johnson with the other, he took first AND second place, couldn’t figure out how to run himself, what a day for Brian! Trophy had Jamie Talbert over Jason Burrie. The 7.90 Index Junior Dragster field also was running for a Wally and it had Madison Stotler over Emma Henry in the final. Two Wallys in one day for Madison, what a haul! We finished up about 6:15 pm.

Saturday — May 20th

This was a Test & Tune event along with Outlaw Pontiac Drag Race Series cars and the Nasty Nines class. Weather once again played into how this event did. First off rain was predicted to hit us in the mid afternoon probably causing some not to show up. First off it was mainly sunny and hit 80 degrees in the early afternoon. We got the track and racers to start just a bit early as cars went down the track starting at 10:50 am. The Pontiacs with 14 entries made their deal a one time run and go and the Nasty Nines, 7 cars entered made two time runs but no buy backs. Test & Tune entries hit about 70 cars, the usual mix of fast full on drag cars, street cars, bikes and junior dragsters. Doug Farace had his blown 63 Corvette running two full quarter mile passes, both were 7.27 @ 188 mph. Loud and fast. Bob Jansen had his dragster in the low 4.70s @ 147 mph in the eighth mile. Once again, great track prep / maintenance so these cars could run big numbers. In Outlaw Pontiac it was Bruce Garber over George Walker in a well run close final. Mike Clay took third place. Steve Dress normally heads up the Pontiac gang but could only stay a short time, Bill Bolin, Paul and Anne Beard ran their program the rest of the day. The Nasty Nines were quick, they set their Index at a fast 9.90 ET. Dan Ryntz won over Joe Conway, the semi races were Michelle Plasterer and Jason Henry. These cars are fun to watch, small tire hot rods that launch hard and often do big wheel stands. The no entry fee $500.00 to win 1/8 mile race was won by Travis Hill over Mark Decker, Randy Allen took third. We finished up right at 3 pm as advertised…..and beat the the rain that did there about an hour later. Oh, thanks goes out to Steve Dickey, he spent most of the day with us and did a good bit of announcing too. We thank all the racers, their crew and family members, our dedicated race fans, sponsors and our track staff for making this a really good event.


This Friday night is a Test & Tune event 6 pm to 10 pm. The Memorial Day event runs Saturday, Sunday and Monday featuring all the SBRA classes, check the flyer for the details right here on the website. See all of you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — May 5th

This was a private rental Test & Tune day with 46 entries, everyone got plenty of track time. A good day for all that ran with us.

Saturday — May 6th

This was our first Street Nite event which got underway right on time at 12 noon. The weather was excellent, partly cloudy temps in the high 60’s. First out was our Quick 16 class with 23 entries making their first time run. George Forster, Jerry Williams, Jeremy Curry and John Moton all logged low 4.70 passes, The bump was a quick 5.48. In the end George Forster won out over Mark Decker, Darlene Staub and Jerry Williams were the semi racers. 5.90 Index was won by Jeff Hunter over Chuck Wishard, Pat Hahn took third place. The 6.50 Index group had 22 entries with Nathan Jacobson winning over Dave Slusher while Darrell Law was third. Nathan did a great job in winning in this very tough class loaded with really sharp drivers, well done! The 7.10 Index class was won by Christian Kelican over Garrett Suders, Lest Holtzapple was third. Once again in the Pro final it was Nancy Kovack winning over Michelle Plasterer. Nancy starting off where she finished last year with a win. Sportsman was won by Hailey Hamilton who beat her dad Kevin in the semi final then Greg Orris in the final, nice job Hailey! Drive In Street had Outlaw Pontiac regular Bruce Garber over Vinson Battle. The Slant Six Mopar gang were here for race one, Greg Ondrayko over Ryan Covalt. We finished up about 6:15 pm. Great racing, excellent track and a fast paced show. Well done all!

Sunday — May 7th

39th Annual Mid-Atlantic Mopar event got underway early as show cars, 136 strong and vendors filled the Route 40 side of the race track property. Mt. Aetna Fire Company set up their food stand and helped feed the big crowd along with our excellent food stand. Both were busy all day long. As often comes into play the weather was part of the story. Rain was predicted to hit a bit earlier than first forecasted so we moved up racing to an 11:30 am start time. Every class made two time runs and about 1:30 round one got underway. In Super, Mike Daymude over Dahryl Clark. In Pro Kaleb Kline won over Danny Householder. Street had Greg Orris over Charles Augustine. Trophy class was won by Dalton Wine over Greg Orris. Finally in Slant Six Rick Covalt in a dead close race won out over Greg Ondrayko in the final. there were 106 Mopar entries today. We finished less than 5 minutes ahead the light rain that moved in pretty much as predicted just before 4 pm.

Some thoughts on this weekend. Street Nite had many excellent cars and bikes, a fast paced entertaining show for sure. A great track too, fast cars going quick and straight. Steve Dickey helped with the announcing, always fun when he’s here! The Mopar Event. We had an engine let go at 1/4 finish line, a bigger clean up yet our gang had us up and running again in 20 minutes, that’s fast. We did push the pace because impending rain showers, the racers bought into it and were in the lanes quickly after each round. The staff was moving along quickly too so we could finish the event. Great job by all. Oh, and we can’t forget our race fans. a nice turn out both days, thank you for supporting Mason Dixon Dragway!! This Saturday May 13th is a Summit ET series race with the Outlaw Pontiacs with us too. Sunday Mother’s Day we are closed. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this Saturday!

Saturday — April 22nd
Another rain out. Racing was cancelled very early in the day as the rain was predicted to roll in about 12 noon….and it did. A good call for sure.
Sunday — April 23rd
This was a Summit ET series event and because of the Saturday rain out we made this a double points race, points could also be earned even for those that bought back after losing first round. We also took a vote on the Sportsman class racing to run 1/8 or 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile racing won out. A 7.35 dial is the cut off ET. Now for the racing, the Junior Dragster racers, 24 entries strong got underway at 9:30 am. Sure enough Cole Huth made it to another final and won over Cameron Bauman making two races and two wins for Cole. Third place racer was Jamain Dietz. Big cars got going at 11:30 am, the NASTY Nines took the track first, Charlie Booze over Joe Conway, Shane Stymest was third. These cars are fast, wheel standing hot rods, their dial in today was 9.80 in the 1/4 mile, fun class to watch. Pro was the big class, 61 entries, Dave Heaton was the winner over Dave Myers, Bike racers Joe Stanley and Hailee Hamilton were semi racers. Hailee was sharp all day and got close today! Super Pro had 45 entries, Roger Lewis the big winner over Colby Imes, Todd Welzel was third. In Sportsman 20 racers made round one, Dave Toms won out over Carlos DeJesus, Kelli Flemming and Dave Myers were the semi finalists. Trophy was won by Joe Stanley Jr. over Greg Orris. A really good event, fast paced, nearly no down time all day long. We finished up at 5 pm. And yeah, no weather trouble today, partly cloudy, breezy and temps hit the upper 50’s.

This coming weekend, both days are SBRA race series events, Saturday is also the Outlaw Pontiacs first race of the year and East Coast Impala Racers are with us as well. By the way, this was another well run event, started on time, fast paced, really great hooking track with very fast passes from most everyone. So many super close well run races from all racers. Steve Dickey gets a thank you for helping with the announcing, always fun having him around! We also want to give big shout out / thank to all our race fans for spending their day with us! See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

A special Thanks to Richard B. Rudy Inc. for the Major Sponsorship within the Jr Dragster Ranks and Named Major Sponsor of the Northeast Division Jr Dragster Championship Event.

Saturday — April 15th

This was to be the first Street Nite event for the 2023 race season. Sadly showers and storms hit on and off through out the morning and afternoon causing us to cancel racing.

Sunday — April 16th

This was a well attended Test & Tune event getting underway right at 11 am. This was a really warm and very humid day with temps hitting the low 80’s, but no rain!. 120 cars, bikes and junior dragsters made passes through the afternoon. At 1 pm we ran our no entry fee $1,000.00 to win 1/8 mile race with 52 entries in round one. Colin Hammond in his S-10 truck won over the fast Ford Maverick driven by Chris Kelican. Dahryl Clark and J. R. Starliper were the semi finalists. Keith Pifer in his Camaro made all his license passes today with no problems. Another nice turn out of racers and many race fans too. We welcomed a new staff member in training from Boonsboro Md. Aiden Gregg. He is learning the timing specialist position working with Angela, he did really well on his first day. His dad Andrew also hung out with us. Once again another great job by all the Mason Dixon staff members to make this a really good event. We finished up just before 4 pm.

This coming weekend on Saturday is the first Summit ET points race with all classes contested and he Outlaw Pontiacs first race of the year and the Nasty Nines with their first race will be with us too. Sunday is day two of our Summit ET series races with classes contested. We hope to see all of you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!




Saturday — April 8th

This is the first SBRA points race of the 2023 race season. Weather, no problem, mid 50’s and partly cloudy, perfect for racers to make very fast passes all day long. Right at 11am the Junior Dragsters took the track, 27 entries. Cassie Fields started her license procedure with her 60 ft and 330 ft runs, she did them perfectly. In the end Cole Huth was .014 on the tree and won out over Braelin Bowie who was even better with a .005. Dead close race, congrats to both of these Junior Dragster racers on a race well run! BNM Performance kicked $50.00 each for the semi final racers, Cole Rudy and Madison Stotler. Junior Dragster drivers were really sharp today, great job! Big cars got going at 12:30 pm with the biggest class, Pro with 68 entries, in the end Brian Henry won over Brian Moore. Cliff Peddicord and Nathan Mendenhall were the semi racers. Super had 47 entries with a battle of Dodge Demons squaring off in the final, Colby Imes took the win over Mike Daymude, Steve Ryan was third. Trophy was won by Greg Orris over George Stanley, Hailey Bowles was third. We had ten Test & Tune cars making laps also. A really good day overall, minimal issues, a fast paced event, a great track, close mid season form racing and a fair number of race fans too. Well done everyone.

Model A club will also be with us on Street Nite from 10 am til noon
Don’t forget Saturday is Street Nite racing getting underway at noon. Sunday is a Test & Tune starting at 11 am. Great job by our track staff and owners and a big thanks to Steve Dickey for sharing the announcing duties, he adds plenty to our day when hangs out with us. Always fun! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Sunday — April 2nd
Another Test & Tune day got underway at 11 am sharp. Weather again was good, very windy, cloudy and cold as the racers and race fans arrived but it did clear off later and was just fine for the 82 racers to make many passes. We had several Junior Dragsters and a number of full on race cars, bikes and street cars making many passes. We had 38 cars entered in the no entry fee $500.00 to win 1/8 mile race. Nathan Englar squared off with Travis Hill in the final, Nathan picking up the win. A good day overall. Again a shout to our race fans for again supporting racing at Mason Dixon Dragway! The usual excellent work by our staff members kept the program moving, we finished up at 3:30 pm.

This Saturday, April 8th is our first SBRA event getting underway with the Junior Dragsters at 11 am and the big cars at 12:30 pm, We are closed Easter Sunday. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this Saturday!

Sunday — March 26th

Opening Day! Mother nature was kind to us, temps in the 60’s and sunny skies greeted 137 racers on this Test & Tune event. This was also day 3 of the NHRA chassis certifications over 40 cars were checked today with a total of 100 cars for the three days of inspections. Racing got underway way right at 11:30 am with a mix of full on drag cars and bikes, street driven cars, junior dragsters and junior street cars too. We also ran the $1,000.00 to win no entry fee 1/8 mile race with 70 entries which got underway about 2:30 pm. In the end right after 5 pm, Dahrl Clark wheeled his quick Dodge Dart to a win over Brian Canoles on his Suzuki. Dahrl was in mid season form with an .016 light and a 5.52 ET, Brian went red. The track worked well and towards the end hard launches and big wheel stands were the norm. A great start to the 2023 race season. A big thanks to all that participated and an extra big shout out to the large turn out of race fans. Oh, great work by all the track staff as always, minimal issues, good to be back with our track worker / owner family.

Next weekend we have another Test & Tune event on Sunday April 2nd, the first points race is a SBRA event on Saturday April 8th, Junior Dragsters kick things off at 11 am and big cars go at 12:30 pm. We will be closed Easter Sunday April 9th. see you next week at Mason Dixon Dragway!