*Note if you a a spec car chassis certification, there must be a serialplate affixed to the chassis alpha numeric with the date of manufacturer. (If you are not sure of manufacture date you may estimate on your plate.) This new rule effects 8.50 and quicker cars Please note: Chassis Certification order is first come, first served because there are a limited number of cars that can be done per session.

If you sign up please make sure you show up.

Cost for 3 Year Chassis Cert $170.00
Check or Cash to NHRA + $20 to Track
Total Cost $190
Once 20 Certifications are Scheduled,
I will Post a New Sign Up For a
Second Cert Team on April 6th Saturday

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Full Name
Manufacturer /
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Chassis Certification Is Good for Three Years for the Sportsman Categories. Certification Team can only do 20 Certifications per Day so if you sign up, please be there.

Friday April 5th
(Tom Blair ) 9:30AM Start

1. Lucien Page
2. Wade Farner #1
3. William Woodward #1
4. David Roarty
5. Scotty Bodmer
6. Dave Richardson
7. George Milstred#1
8. Nathan Jacobson
9.Daniel Slusher
10.Andy Stone
11.Art Howell
12Jerry Williams
13.Dan Ryntz
14.Chris Shives
15.Chris Lynn Shives
16.Earl Burroughs
17.Brian Hoffman
18.Michael Shoop
19.Rick McKamey
20.Eric DuBois

Saturday: April 6th
(Tom Blair) 9:30 AM Start

1.Bobby Spielman
2.Dave Smith
3.Kenny Queen
4.Gary Athey
5.Ronald Miller
6.Carrie Norton
7.Josh Johnson
8.Jeff Eagan “Removed”
9.William Woodward #2
10.Ronnie Proctor Jr
11.Justin Cook
12.Wade Farner #2
13.John Moser
14.Tom Reyer
15.Boris Skoblov
16.Laura Forman
17.Daniel Hutton
18.James Knipple
19.Howard Anderson
20.Jeremy Hammond

(Curt Lasure &Scott))

1.Sam Hoffman
2.Scott Kline
3.David Tyler
4.Don Thomas
5.Justine Pence
6.Keith Warner
7.Brent Beachley
8.John Moton
9.Kevin Grasson
10.Rodney Kuhns (Cancelled)
11.Jason Fogleman
12.Brent Kearney
13.George Forester
14.Steve Jeffers
15.Cary Daniels
16.Wayne Hill
17.Jeffrey Mason
18.Sammy Carter Camero
19.Sammy Carter Mustang
20.David Lafferty

1.Walter Cofeill #1
2.Justin Cook #2
3.Shea Stouffer
4.Dakotah Socks
5.Glenn Whisenhand
6.Clark McGehee
7.David Lafferty
8.Fabrizlo Ziraldo
9.Dwayne Drish

Sunday April 7th
(Tom Blair) 9:30AM Start

1.Chuck Grassman
2.Travis Jones
3.Mike Bowles
4.Mike Daymude
5.Chris Kelican (Cancelled)
6.Newman Sisk
7.George Milstred #2
9.George Milstred #3
9.Ricky Payne
10.Eric Bowles
11.Chris Fletcher
12.Marcus Henry #1
13.Marcus Henry #2
14.Brian Wright
15.Wayne Pope
16.Rodney Eichelberger
17.Richard Perdue
18.Colyn Hammond
19.Allen Livesay
20.Jay Foley

April 7th (Curt Lasure & Scott)

1.Roger Testerman
2.Ricky Myers
3.Steve Hollingsworth
4.James Cook
5.Jack Zies
6.Jeff Bitner
7.Dale JAckson
8.John Folk
9.Cody Roberts
10.John Stull
11.Rob Morris (Withdrew)
12.Michael Brechbill
13.Bruce Herron
14.Andrew Hunter
15.Clayton Garber
16.Darrien Brunt
17.Jeff Raff
18.Carroll Allen
19.Don Miller
20.Wellington Crutchfeild

1.Johnathan Tregoning
2.Walter Cofiell #2
3.Donald Myers
4.David Shepard
5.Denny Cooper
6.Scotty Keys