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For sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to us by using the email form provided below. We look forward to discussing how we can collaborate and mutually benefit from a partnership. Your interest is valued, and our team will respond promptly to your inquiry. Thank you for considering a sponsorship with us.

Available Sponsorships
Right Lane (Now Taken By "TWIGG of Hagerstown")

$2000 per year with a 3 Year Contract includes:

*2 Season Spectator Passes
* Naming of the Lane
*Printed on All Time Slips
Preparation and Intall of Signage

Center Marquis

$1500 per year Contract includes:
Both Sides
*Most Photographed Sign on property
* 1 Season Spectator Pass

Timing Tower

$1500 per year Contract includes:

Front Face and Both Sides
*1 Season Spectator Pass

Center Starter VEE

$1500 per year Contract includes:

Both Sides
Banner  Material  Made New Each Season

4x8 Signs

$500 per year Contract includes:

Placement Front of Bleachers and Limited spaces (4)
on Winners Circle Area
* 1 Season Spectator Pass

Racing Classes
  • example: SBRA Trophy Class
    • AL’s Body Shop
      Available Classes:
  • *Jr Dragster
  • *Jr Street

Additional Classes For Street Events**

**SEE Jake or Elmer