Congrats to:
Randy Krause (Super ET) Winner of 2019 Division One Bracket Finals

Roger Lewis Runner Up Race of Champions Super ET

James Moore Runner Up Sportsman  Race of Champions

Track Finished 5th Place
A BIG “Thank YOU” for those who supported
Mason DIxon Dragway at the Bracket Finals

2019 – Changes in Class Designations and Rules
1. Street will change to Sportsman and follow their Rules 11.50-19.99
Allowed Tires other than DOT (Slicks Permitted); Still need to be mufflered
2. ProDriver – Now Allowed Two Steps; Now Allowed Trans Brakes; Now Allowed Air Shifters
3. Motorcycles – Now Allowed Delay Boxes
These changes bring unity with  the other 6 NHRA Divisions

In an effort to provide the most advanced and user-friendly solution for our racers and followers to buy and sell,
Mason Dixon Dragway is proud to announce our new partnership with RYNO Classifieds!

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RYNO Classifieds is the newest creation from the founder of RacingJunk,
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Being a lifelong racer myself, I understand how often cars change hands,
parts are broken or upgraded, trailers are bought for hauling,
and how challenging it can sometimes be to buy and sell those things.

With over 20 years of experience shaping the classifieds industry,
RYNO is the perfect solution to bring the Mason Dixon community even closer!

Go to and click the “Classifieds” tab!
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We also have a RYNO Classifieds iPhone app available at the app store!

September 18-23, 2018
Hosted by Atco Dragway:  Can you Qualify? 32 Entries
What you get if you Qualify for Team Mason Dixon:
Pre-Paid Entry to Event $100 Value, Top 32 Team Jacket, & a Mason Dixon Finals Team T-Shirt
Chance to Win each day Gamblers Race

Parking Map – Mason Dixon to use Area 5


Test and Tune, will now be broken into classes (Classes listed below).  The change comes with an attempt to improve quality, safety and
insure that all Tuners have an equal opportunity to make the same number of runs.  The number of runs may very
depending on car count, weather and/or clean ups.

During the Test event, cars will be called in a rotation.  (Listed in order below)
Pro Session, Hot Lane, Test & Tune (Full Tree, Pro Tree, N/T), Hot Lane
Cars will be given 10 minutes after first call of each class to fill the lanes before the lanes will close.
Cars will make a single pass and return to the pits until their class is called again.

Oil down/Clean up will result in void of tech card.  To re-enter a new card and re-tech will be required.

Entry Fees: 3 Choices Available
$35 Test and Tune = Slicks/Drag tires; Juniors; Bikes; Street Tires, N/T, Pro Tree, Lic Runs (No Change in Price)
(New) $50 Pro Prep = Extra prep race cars, fresh prep track  (These Vehicles will run directly after Track Prep each round)
$60 Hot Lane = Hot lanes, are called 2 times per rotation

Race Day Test & Tune = On all race days $60 Test and Tune

Mason Dixon Dragway welcomes Mod Racers in Footbrake SBRA and Summit ET Pro Driver Classes.
SBRA Bracket Finals Guarantees $6000 to win in Footbrake with a Free Entry to the points qualified Cars.
Plus Join the Best Young Racer Program, both Jr Dragster and Jr Street

TRUE START – Compulinks Explanation
Will Be used in Summit Bracket Finals

Do you have old car racing slicks sitting around in your garage that you no longer use?  If you want a
place to get rid of them bring them with you to the track.  We will use them when we drag the track.

SBRA Bracket Finals a Huge Success
Over $68,000 Paid out to the racers.
2016 Dates Set:  Oct 19th – 23rd
Welcoming US 13 (Delmar, DE) for the 2016 Event

1st Annual SBRA – Eastside Dragway 1994
2nd Annual SBRA – Elk Creek Dragway 1995
3rd Annual SBRA – Eastside Dragway 1996
4th Annual SBRA – Natural Bridge Dragway 1997
5th Annual SBRA – Eastside Dragway 1998
6th Annual SBRA – Colonial Bridge Dragway 1999
7th Annual SBRA – New London Dragway 2000
8th Annual SBRA – New London Dragway 2001
9th Annual SBRA – Old Dominion Dragway 2002
10th Annual SBRA – Elk Creek Dragway 2003
11th Annual SBRA – Elk Creek Dragway 2004
12th Annual SBRA – Colonial Beach Dragway 2005
13th Annual SBRA – Eastside Dragway 2006
14th Annual SBRA – Old Dominion Dragway 2007
15th Annual SBRA – Elk Creek Dragway 2008
16th Annual SBRA – Elk Creek Dragway 2009
17th Annual SBRA – Old Dominion Dragway 2010
18th Annual SBRA – Rained Out 2011
19th Annual SBRA – Mason Dixon Dragway 2012
20th Annual SBRA – Natural Bridge Dragway 2013
21st Annual SBRA – Colonial Beach Dragway 2014
22nd Annual SBRA – Mason Dixon Dragway 2015
23rd Annual SBRA – Mason Dixon Dragway 2016
24th Annual SBRA – US 13 Dragway 2017
$68,000.00 Up For Grabs 2018

Reminder – Sign up for text messages to your phone.  This will notify you of changes to the schedule, weather closures, time changes, and more.
Know before you go:  Text 21003 to 84483

Mason Dixon Dragway is proud to announce our partnership with Tracktivity.  Tractivity is an app available for ios and android that allows you to see all of the tracks schedule and any and all messages for changes and additions to the tracks schedule.  Also gives you a place to post pictures and comments.  Click on the Banner Above to be taken to Tracktivity Website for more information.

13-16 Year Olds – Youth Initiative Program
If you ever wanted to race and thought you had to wait till age 16, click here for all the NEWS and applications to begin you Drag Racing Career.