Day one of the three day SBRA Labor Day event. Another nice day, low 80’s and low humidity greeted the 264 entries getting underway with the Junior Dragsters right at 11:30 am. We had 35 entries with Mallory Dietz getting the win in the Junior Dragster class. Eric Bowles was runner up, Gavin Cramer took third. At 2 pm the big cars took the track. Over 100 cars were in Super Pro with Bobby Spence winning over Nathan Etzler, Alan Glatt took third place. Bobby’s dragster was the fastest car on the property laying down dead on runs, mostly 4.36 Ets @160 mph. Impressive. Pro also had over 100 entries and in the end it was Stevie Dustin winning over Herbie Sullivan, Chris Crawford was third. Trophy had a great turn out, 19 entries, Jamain Dietz won out over Stephanie Morgan. It took awhile to run this one, we finished up right at 11 pm.