This was by far the best Street Nite event of the 2023 race season. Weather, nearly perfect, sunny, temps in the low 70’s greeted the 199 racers and a nice turnout of race fans with the show getting underway right at 1 pm. The Nasty Nines had 14 entries, the Index was set at 9.80. Michelle Plasterer’s wheel standing Camaro got the win over Bryan Wright in his Nova. Dave Mizell and Tim Bard were the semi racers. Modern Muscle, the street driven class of 2008 and newer cars was next. Seven entries were chasing the $1,000.00 to win, $250.00 runner up money put up by McCoy Auto Sales of Chambersburg, Pa. Jake Landes was low qualifier in his 2019 Corvette with a 9.79 ET blast on his first pass. In the finals it was Jake Landes getting the win over last events winner Greg Orris. This is a fun heads up no break out 1/4 mile class, it’ll grow too. Now Quick 16, 57 cars made passes trying to make one of the two 16 car fields. It took at 5.32 ET to get in the first group. In the end Jerry Williams beat Mark Decker in a really close one, Marcus Henry and Shane McQuay were the semi racers. Now in the second field it had a 5.58 ET as the bump spot. Derek Dellinger took the win over Dahryl Clark, Dale Jackson and Pat Han were the semi finalists. Chesapeake Automotive Detailing and Storage was the sponsor for this second field. 5.90 Index was won by Chuck Wishard over Dan Shaffer, Mike Shoop took third. 6.50 was won by Dave Slusher over Denny Cooper, Darrell Law and Mark Gray took the semi spots. 7.10 Index had Bruce Suders winning over daughter in law Kristen Suders. Pro was won by Michael Herb over Gary Kelican. Kaleb Kilne won over dad Kallie Kline in Sportsman class. and lastly in Drive In Street I missed the winner, Josh Sisk was runner up. We finished up the event at about 9:30 pm.

A wrap up here. What a great show. Dynamite racing, a very fast field of 32 cars in the two Quick 16 groups where the bump was 5.58 ET, our biggest Nasty Nines field of 14 cars, Modern Muscle is growing, fun heads up racing. Our racers put on a great show for sure. We had some staff members that weren’t available tonight but our group stepped up and did a great job filling in where needed. Ronnie Lesher did the bulk of the tech duties and Bub Casto was the starter, both did a great job. Allison Smith filled in with the buy backs and making up the ladders in all the classes. Steve Dickey was with us and did a good bit of the announcing and did his usual fine job. The track had plenty of fast door cars and all hooked hard and went straight, several big wheel stands….everybody likes them. A shout out to McCoy Auto Sales and Chesapeake Automotive for the sponsorship of Modern Muscle and Quick 16 field number two. And as always, we can’t do this with out our race fans. Thanks for hanging out with us! Lastly, we are closed this weekend as our Summit ET racers are heading to Numidia Dragway for the NHRA Summit ET Series Bracket Finals…..good luck Mason Dixon racers, see you there Saturday!