Saturday  —  Oct. 28th
This was a big No-Box $3,000.00 to win race with a really nice field of a 161 cars and bikes. It was a really warm day for the end of October with temps in the low 80’s, more like Labor Day conditions. We got underway right at 10:30 am with one time run then straight into round one. Before round one commenced Newman Sisk did the invocation and Joe Bradly cued up the Oak Ridge Boys performing the National Anthem. Many racers doubled entered so we ran them against each other every round. Most racers that didn’t get the win light in round one bought back and went into round two. In the finals it Martin Flegal Jr. winning over Mike Bryson. Ken Dick took third. John Pinno and Martin Flegal’s other entry were 4th and 5th. What race, great close racing, almost zero down time, rapid fire action round after round. The track worked great as always, many cars ran dead on their dials all day long. We had a nice group of race fans and all of the SBRA tracks had entries and many more entries came from Maple Grove and Numidia also. An excellent event…period! Oh, we wanted to not race needing track lights, even with a nice turn out we finished at 5:20 pm. We thank all that raced with us and all the family, crew members and our race fans for being part of this event!
Sunday  —  Oct. 29th
Rain got us again, light showers moved in early and a dreary on again off again showery afternoon caused us to cancel out the Test & Tune day.
This Saturday, Test & Tune. The Harry Huntzberry Stock / Super Stock race, the Modern Muscle sponsored by Josh McCoy Auto Sales class and an all run Gamblers race on Sunday. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!