Saturday  —  Oct. 21st
This was the Kenny Malllow Memorial Junior Dragster event. This event was to start at 11.00 am but was delayed by about a half hour due to track drying from early morning rain showers. It was a cloudy, windy and cool day but good enough to go racing. All 55  of the racers got two time shots. The 6 to 9 year old group was won by Carly Bauman over Blaze Skoblov. The 10 to 12 year old group was won by Cameron Bauman over Danica Dustin. The biggest group, the 13 to 17 year olds was won by Carleigh Forest over A J Heiner. Each winner received $1,000.00 runner ups $400.00 and the semi and quarter finalists were money winners too. Now for an overall champ we ran all three class winners / runner ups for an additional $1,000.00. Cameron Bauman won out over A J Heiner. How about an “Aged Out” race of former Junior Dragster drivers. Nathan Mendenhall was the winner over Michelle Palmer. A really well attended race with many Mallow family members, friends and former Junior Dragster drivers. A big thanks to all the sponsors and those that donated to this event. More shout outs go to Newman Sisk for the nice invocation and the Ely family for organizing the event, the signs and banners and their all day efforts on race day! Well done everyone!
Sunday  —  Oct. 22nd
This was a well attended Test & Tune event with 84 racers making many passes. Today was better, more sun but still windy temps in the high 50’s. We got rolling right at 11 am. Everybody was fast today, cool air and a great track made it happen. Around 1 pm we ran the no entry fee 1/8th mile race, 39 entries were in round one. In the end Logan Mathias was nearly flawless all day on his Suzuki winning out over Steve Price in his 64 Mercury Comet. Hailey Bowles licensed in her Dodge powered dragster. The last three runs, dead straight and in the low 5.30s @ 132 mph. Nice job! We finished up right at 3 pm. We thank all that raced with us AND a big shout to the many race fans that hung out with us, can’t do it with out you.
Ok, Saturday is the 3,000.00 to win, $1,000.00 runner up Foot Brake race. It starts at 10:30 am. $75.00 entry $40.00 first round buyback. Sunday is another Test & Tune event. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!