Today it cooled off a bit. Temps in the hi 50’s everybody was really fast. We need to go back to Thursday though. With very high chance of a rain out on Saturday the track operators got together and decided to run the main event on Friday. They also felt we could pull off a Gamblers race also. So right at 9 am we ran one complete round of the Gamblers, then onto the Main event. In Pro Mark Fornwalt won over Robert Copsey. Super had Troy Cooper over Kevin Warren. Bike had Jeff Santin over team mate Dave Carpenter. Junior Dragster was won by Madison Stotler over Isabella Ritchey. Now back to Gamblers round two, and yes they had buybacks there. Pro had Mark Harbaugh over Scott Lenig. Super was won by Steve Burler over Andrew Feltman. Bike was won by Dale Hamilton over Paul James Sr and lastly Junior Dragster had Cody Schondelmyer over Isaiah Moore. Another great day. This one took us to curfew, last cars down the track at 11:55 pm. what a day or should say three days.

Some thoughts here……I know I’ll miss stuff….The SBRA concept and it’s Bracket Finals work! There is flexability here, the track owners make the decisions on everything about how racing is run. We ran six races in three days and all of them were completed. The racers….they came to the lanes when called, the pace was fast really rapid fire. In the later rounds the cool down time was short. The racing itself was incredible. More .000 zip lights than you could count, dead close races almost every time two went down, great job. Not one big down track oil down, very little breakage which is always nice to see. And yes once again Team Beaver Springs took home team honors with 95 points followed by Mason Dixon with 88, Summer Duck 81, Eastside 71, Keystone 51, and South Mountain 29. Now people to thank, once again Gary Gore and Hayne Dominck of Eastside, Hayne was the stat man and the track staff of Mason Dixon Dragway, Elmer and Cathy Wachter track owners. The track was dynamite thanks largely goes to Bub Casto who also is our track photographer and Jake Landes our track manager. Cheryl Landes who has the “Shirt Shack” sold almost all the event shirts / sweatshirts. Becky Casto was there Friday in the photo booth and made many prints for the racers. There were several extra staff members added for the event and they are Deena Moore in the food stand, Ashley Kastner and Alison Smith who handled all the race entries and buybacks. Mike Smith who helped in the staging lanes. I had announcer help on Thursday, long time announcer before I came on board Butch Long, Racers for Christ Chaplain Bill Smith and as on many big events my buddy Steve Dickey all did great work. The real saver helped on Friday, Courtney Daymude, she announced and worked the staging lanes from 11 am til 11 pm. I wouldn’t have got through the day without her help! How about the purses over $41,000 alone on Friday, over $72,000 for the three days. Congrats to all those that competed, what an event! Thanks to all that were with us, racers, crew and family members, staff and track owners! Hope to see you soon, this Saturday the First Annual Kenny Mallow Junior Dragster race, Test & Tune Sunday.