The weather still really good, nearly like Wednesday. A lot more cars today. Again we got underway with Race Of Champions, all got one time run. In Pro it was Ed Talbert over Dwight Shelley. Super was on by Mark Decker over Colby Imes. Bike was won by Boyd Mathias, Mike Charcalla was the runner up. Finally in Junior Dragster it was Peyton Bunch over Calvin Anders. Now we ran one time run for the Gamblers race. In Pro it was Devin Dudley, his second win, over Brian Cool. Super had Jared Brungart over Joe Martz. Bike was won by Kevin Hamilton, his second win of the event, over Brian Snyder. Junior Dragster had ROC winner Peyton Bunch over Mackenzie Bell. Another excellent day with nearly no down time, we finished up about 10:30 pm.