All right — Day 1 of the 2023 SBRA Bracket Finals is underway! Weather was perfect, temps in the 60’s with partly cloudy skies, great racing weather. At 9 am sharp we started with one time run for all four classes. In Pro with 83 entries it was Logan Martin taking the win, Bob Klock runner up. In Super with 80 entries Devin Dudley won out over Denny Cooper. In Bike / Sled it was Jeff Santin over Danny Boyer. Junior Dragster was won by Mallory Dietz over Mackenzie Bell. Since things moved smoothly we went ahead and ran a consolation race. Pro had Travis Ritchie over Jen Decker. Super was won by Joe Martz, Paul Burruss was second. In Bike it was a father daughter final, Kevin Hamilton winning out over Hailee Hamilton. Junior Dragster was won by Brooklynn Bunch over Jaiman Dietz. We finished up right at 7 pm. Great racing, minimal down time.