Friday  —  July 5th
This was a Test & Tune event on an exceptionally hot and humid evening. We got underway way right at 6 pm. Everyone got plenty of passes. Atlee Roberts made her Junior Dragster license runs and did a really good job too. She actually ran all three days and on Sunday was running low 14 second passes at 47 mph. Well done! Despite track temps that were in the mid 140’s everyone got down the racing surface just fine. Bob Jansen ran full quarter mile passes in his big block dragster, two 7.34 s and one 7.35 @ 182 mph. Not bad at all. 54 racers participated, many were coming and setting up for the Saturday and Sunday races.
Saturday  —  July 6th
We got going with our Junior Dragsters right at 12 noon. there were 23 entries and in the end Mallory Dietz won over Harley Ely, Cole Rudy took third spot. Pro got the big cars going at 2;30 pm with Scott Drayer winning over Ronnie Proctor Jr. Brad Keyton and Paul Costley were the semi racers. Super had Kevin Warren over Danny Hoff, Ryan Jordan and Steve Morgret were the semifinalists. Trophy was won by Jason Burrier over Shane Schepps. We finished up about 8 pm.
Sunday  —  July 7th
The weather still hot, was better, much less humid than Friday and Saturday. The Junior Dragster racers got underway right at 9 am with 22 entries and again Mallory Dietz took her second win of the weekend defeating Cole Huth in the final and Jamain Dietz took third place. The big cars got going around 11:15 am. This was a NHRA Maryland State Championship race with the “Wally” plaques given to all class winners. Pro was won by Jarrod Thompson over Cliff Peddicord. Scott Drayer and Brian Lind were the semi racers. Super was won by upstate Pennsylvanian Ray Thurston over Brian Morrison. Buddy McGowin took third place. Bike was won by Logan Mathias as a last man / woman standing in Pro, Hailee Hamilton was runner-up. Sportsman was won by Brian Lind over Dave Toms. We finished up about 5:30 pm.
Notes on this event…..First off a big thanks to all that participated, the weather on Friday and Saturday was just gruesome, stifling heat and humidity was tough on everyone, racers, race fans and our tough track staff. Temps in the mid 90’s and dewpoints in the 70’s probably kept some home. Sunday though well into the 90’s was drier and much more tolerable. Great close racing in all the classes. Ryan Jordan recorded a perfect run, a .0000 light and a dead on 4.730 run, amazing. We see an average of one or maybe two perfect runs per race season! Brian Morrison donated a $50.00 round money check to the third place Junior Dragster racer on Sunday, a very nice gesture. Talking about Junior Dragster racers, they are pleasure to work with and watch. They are always ready at their start time and get ready each round quickly with no issues. Oh, and Mallory Dietz had a pretty fair outing winning Junior Dragster both days. They are the future in our sport. As hot as it was our guys gave us a hard hooking track despite the high track temps, well done Bub and track staff. An Update on Steve Dickey….he is doing well after his recent shoulder surgery and he may be down with us this Saturday for the Street Nite race. Don’t forget this weekend, Test & Tune Friday night, Street Race on Saturday and a Test & Tune on Sunday. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!