Saturday  —  June 1st
Something different….We had a car parts and yard sale type flea market out on the route 40 side of the track getting underway early with a pretty good turnout of vendors and shoppers. Things slowed down in the early afternoon then we got ready for our scheduled Test & Tune event that got underway at 5:pm. This was well attended with 106 Test & Tune racers plus a Nasty Nine race with 11 entries. The index for the Nasty Nine cars was a fast 9.80, in the end Charlie Booze Jr. took the win over Justin Fogelsonger, John Moser took third place. We also ran a no entry fee Gamblers Race with 58 cars entered. This was an all dragster final as Mike Boyd beat Ryan Jordan, semi racers were Dave Slusher Jr. and Cody Roberts. Runs of the night, Mike Motto and Greg Dahl made the trip from the Pittsburg area to test their Harleys and did they fly. A side by side pass had Greg Dahl run 7.59 @185 mph and right behind was Mike Motto running a 7.77 @ 182 mph. Both these bikes hit 150+ mph to the 1/8 mile…rockets for sure. What a nice show by all, great racing with many of our loyal race fans enjoying the nice evening. We finished up at 10:15 pm.
Sunday  —  June 2nd
This was our Run What You Brung event and an Outlaw Pontiac race. The weather a non issue though it was warm and humid, temps in the mid 80’s with one or two very light sprinkles that caused no down time. Run What You Brung had a moderate car count racing for cash and the first time beautiful Steel Mason Dixon trophy, first ever of its kind to the winner. We got underway right at 11:30 am. Everyone one got two time runs. We kept Box and No-Box cars separate til the semi-finals. The final had the No-Box entry of Rick Wenger winning over Ryan Jordan and the semi racers were Joe Martz and Caleb Peddicord. Outlaw Pontiac had 16 cars with some really nice cars, in the end Lester Holtzapple ran points leader Chuck Hutzler, Chuck ran dead on, 8.67 to Lester’s one off 11.48. Lester had the better light and took a real close win. Bruce Garber took third place. The Pontiacs will be back for the June 22nd Rocking Chair Nationals. A big thanks to Steve Dickey for coming down and announcing a good bit, always a better day when Steve is with us. We finished up about 4 pm.
This weekend on Saturday “The Just Jeeps” event which has racing and show cars with us. We are closed on Sunday. See everyone this Saturday at Mason Dixon Dragway!
Friday  —  June 14th  —  Flag Day
This was a Test & Tune event getting underway at 6 pm. The turnout was down some, light showers were around and heavier rain and storms predicted for 8 or 9 pm. We got going on time and everyone made plenty of runs. At 7:30 we had a couple of minute rain delay as we had a few sprinkles then we resumed the racing. About 8 pm it turned black, lightning in the distance and just as we ran the cars out of the lanes it just dumped on us. the good part, those that came out made many passes.
Saturday  —  June 15th
Our first Street Nite finally happened after the first two were rained out. We got underway right at 1 pm starting the Josh McCoy Auto Sales sponsored MD275 Drag Radial heads up 1/8th mile cars. We had 7 cars and in the final Justin Bowmaker in his turbo Mustang barely caught the harder leaving Jack Williamson in his nitrous Chevy Nova. Bowmaker 5.04 against Williamson 5.12. with a better light, margin of victory .01, close on for sure. The Modern Muscle class also sponsored by Josh McCoy Auto Sales had two Dodge Demon 170 cars in the finals, Greg Orris over Joe Stanley, both cars in the 9.40’s @145 mph. Quick 16 had 24 entries, the bump spot was a quick 5.39. What a race this was, Darlene Staub dialed a 5.31 and ran dead on with a teen light, Jerry Williams made it close with a .00 light but was two off the dial. Darlene and husband Bernie got their first Quick 16 win! Way to go! Rob Bower and Jeremy Curry were the semi racers. The 5.90 Index was won by Dan Shaffer in his Vette over Mike Shoop in his Nova. 6.50 Index had 23 entries Tom Bard in the “Weekend Warrior” Nova won over Bill Johnson. 7.10 Index was won by Joe Magetti Jr. over Jeremy Manford. Jess Goodman over Mark Myers in Pro. Dave Toms over Glen Estelle in Sportsman and lastly Bruce Garber over Josh “Shorty” Sisk in Drive-In Street. We wrapped up the racing at 8.30 pm. Weather was good today / evening breezy and temps hit 80 degrees, really nice racing weather. And yes we had many race fans watching a really good show, thanks for coming out to Mason Dixon Dragway!
Sunday  —  June 16th
This was a Test & Tune event getting underway right at 11:30 am. We had 72 entries, everyone made numerous passes. We ran a $500.00 to win 1/8th mile race and in the end Rick Wenger won over Lane Baker, Roger Lewis and Pat Hahn were the semi racers. We finished up right at 3:30 pm.
This coming weekend is the 11th Annual Rocking Chair Nationals on Saturday. Check the flyer for all the details, the racing starts at 11:30 am. Friday night and Sunday are Test & Tune events. More stuff, thank you Steve Dickey for your help announcing some on the Street Nite race, a funner day with Steve hanging out. We want to thank our racers for keeping the program moving on Street Nite, there was 10 classes to run and some were running multiple classes, yet it still ran pretty smoothly. Track  prep and conditions were excellent as cars were quick in the fast classes. Ok, hope to see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!