Saturday — November 20th

The Turkey race, the last of the racing for 2021. The Junior Dragsters kicked it off with 11 entries, they were the real diehards too. It was 24 degrees at 9 am when the first time runs were made. We gave them three time runs as the cold natured cars would need it to run well. On the week of her 11th birthday, Braelin Bowie won the race over the several time winner this year, A. J. Heiner. Braelin picked up the $200.00 first place money and a turkey for her efforts, A. J. got $100.00 and a turkey for the runnerup spot. Connor Boyd was the third place racer. Way to go to Braelin and all our Junior Dragster racers for their racing and sportsmanship they’ve shown all year! Now the big cars, we got them underway right at 11:30 am, one time run and go, all classes were 1/8 mile. Super Pro was won by Rocky Moore who was dead on the dial in the final over Carrie Witman’s 4.50 @ 149 mph dragster in a close one. Mark Coover and Dave Slusher Jr. were the semi racers. Pro was the big class, 55 entries and Rocky Moore won this class too over Dave Raser, Danny Hoff took third place. Sportsman had Carlos DeJesus over Roger Dalton Jr. Chris Hammond was third. Finally in Trophy it was Marshall Wardrope over Bobby Myers. All winners and runnerups received turkeys with the usual money payout. We finished up about 4:15 pm and by then it was windy, cloudy, raw and cold about 40 degrees. A really great last day of racing though the cold temps kept some at home.

Another really good year, some rainouts, probably an average amount but most races were well attended, good car counts and a good number of race fans. We can’t thank everyone enough, racers, their family and crew members, our race fans, sponsors, track staff and lastly our top shelf owners, Elmer & Cathy Wachter for another excellent year at Mason Dixon Dragway. Please everyone stay safe and have a great holiday season, we’ll back next March! Are we ready to start yet??

Saturday — Nov. 13th

Well we gave it a shot. We opened the gates though sprinkles and light showers were forecast just ahead the 11:30 am start time. The rain arrived and heavier than predicted and we cancelled out for the day.

Sunday — Nov. 14th

Yes it was chilly and breezy but we got through the day just as light showers / snow flurries rolled in. The Stock / Super Stock racers put on a great show with hard launches and amazing high and long wheelstands, even the stockers on 9″ wide tires stood ’em up on many of the passes. 28 cars made round one and in the final it was Bob Bender in his P/SA 69 Chevy Kingswood wagon winning over the quick C/SA Chevy Camaro driven by Wallace “Pie” Dent. Both these cars were a full second under their indexes today and ran strong. The semi racers were John Evans in his COPO FS/B Camaro over Ron McClelland in his N/SS 66 Dodge Coronet. By the way the winner purse $2,000.00 runnerup money $500.00 and semi racers got $200.00. We did run a Test & Tune day with 78 cars racing and halfway through the day we ran the no entry fee 1/8 mile race. Fred Shipley III won the $500.00 over J R Starliper, Pat Hahn was third. Stuart Hirsch got to make several passes in his newly purchased 68 Pontiac Firebird running 11.10 @ 121 mph on the quickest pass. Lester and Pat Holtzapple were there and crew chiefed the whole deal for Stuart, thanks Lester and Pat. We finished up at 4:15 pm.

One more!! This Saturday Nov. 20th The Turkey Race. Junior Dragsters 9:30 am big cars 11:30 am, one time run and go, ALL CLASSES 1/8 mile! Super, Pro, Sportsman, Bike and Trophy contested. Sunday would be used as the rain date only. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this Saturday!

Saturday — November 6th
This was the last Street Nite event for the 2021 race season and it was a really good, well attended event. A cool day in the low 50’s as we got underway right at 11:30 am. We decided quickly to go with one time run in the bracket classes because of the large turnout of those cars. Quick 16 had a 5.70 bump. in the finals it was Marcus Henry over Jerry Williams with Remy Eagan and Darlene Staub the semifinalists. 5.90 Index was won by Pat Hahn over Rodney Eichleberger. The biggest Index class, 25 entries, was the 6.50 group. Todd Haskell won over Wayne Shultz. 7.10 Index is growing, Mark Gray took the win over Ted Leatherwood. How about Pro Street, yep, Nancy Kovack killing the tree again won the class over Michelle Plasterer. This is Nancy’s third win in the last four Street Nite races. She hammers the tree and Nova runs the number! Sportsman had 53 entries, James Standifer won over Eric Dubois. Finally in Drive In Street was taken by Dean Harmon over Charles Witherow. Great racing and cooperation from the racers as in the last hour of racing the temperature dropped to 40 degrees just as we finished at 6:40 pm. We really pushed to get done before it really got cold and we pulled it off. A big thanks to all that have supported the Street Nite events, racers, crew and family members, fans and to our track staff and owners, these are fun events, watch our schedule for next year’s race dates.

Sunday — November 7th

Another Test & Tune event getting underway at 11:30 am it was cool and windy too. We had over 100 entries so we did run our no entry $1,000.00 to win 1/8 mile race. Mark Gray, who won the 7.10 Index the night before won over Roger Bard. Lots of passes made by everyone, we stayed a little longer than scheduled wrapping this up at 4:10 pm. Another good Test & Tune day.

This weekend, Tes & Tune Saturday and Stock / Super Stock and Gamblers on Sunday. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Wednesday — Oct. 13th

Day one, near perfect weather, sunny and warm, temps in the 70’s. We ran a Gamblers race with everyone getting one time shot starting at 10 am. Pro driver had 110 entries with Doug Lindahl winning over Lance Howdyshell. Super had 90 entries with Colby Imes winning with Troy Breeden taking the runnerup spot. We finished up at 4:45 pm.

Thursday — Oct. 14th

Same great weather, we got under way with Race of Champions. After on time run we got going. In Junior Dragster it was Rylee Brown the winner over Peyton Bunch, Semi racers were Dylan Moore and Nathan Grill. Pro had Lance Howdyshell winning over Chris Bunch. Super was won by Glen Reese, runnerup was Glen Seward. Finally in Bike it was Harvey Powell over Brian Moore.With 404 Entries we began the Gamblers races @ 2:30 PM . In Junior Dragster it was Gage Hill over Cameron Boyd. Pro had C J Neese over Mark Harbaugh. Super had Jacob Matis over Rick Clay. Lastly in the Bike class it was Harvey Powell over Mike Charcalla. We finished up at 11:30 pm.

Friday — Oct. 15th

Day three, ditto on the weather. Really nice again. 42 Junior Dragsters took the track, no time runs now, Calvin Weaver the winner over Cole Foskey. 174 Pro cars got going at 11:30 am, Jeff Flick won out over Mike VanDenhueval. Super had 162 cars racing Darrick Sutton won over Scott Campbell. The Bikes had 26 entries with Brian Snyder winning over Tom Dunham. We finished up at 10 pm.

Saturday — Oct. 16th

Weather messed with this one. It was cloudy, windy and cooler with rain approaching. We called Junior Dragsters to the lanes and to their credit 42 racers completed the entire class in just over 2 hours, outstanding on their part. Cole Foskey won over Hagen Keyes. Yes we got Pro started, 40 pairs went down the track but then the light but steady rain moved in. The action stopped, the rain didn’t and we had to call it a day after waiting it out for a good while.

Sunday — Oct 17th

Now it was darn right chilly, temps in the 50’s, gusty breezes and partly cloudy skies were with us all day. 46 Junior Dragsters started at 9 am sharp, with 100 % buybacks they completed two rounds in less than an hour. At 11:30 they were done, Isabella Ritchey won over Roman Balaska, Madison Stotler took third. Pro driver had 154 entries an the final Nikki Adams won over Scott Lenig, Kate Roth was third place racer. Super had 115 entries Kendall Payne won over Kevin Warren, Matt Powell and Randy Krause were the semifinalists. Bike had 35 entries, Mike Shulz over Tom Dunham, Wes Garman on his sled took third place. 353 racers competed and finished up the event at 7:30 pm.

Final thoughts, many good things and people I’ll miss but here goes. The whole SBRA thing works, all seven tracks were well represented, the racers, track owners, team captains the race fans and sponsors all make this a really good event each year. $72,000.00 purse is really good without sky high entry fees or expensive buy backs. Track prep / maintenance excellent. Timeliness of racing each day was right on time for each day of racing activities. Having Gary Gore and Hayne Dominick with us is always a big plus. Great performances by all the racers, numerous .000 lights and dead zero runs. Minimal clean up / down time for the 7,000 plus runs and 1,700 entries over 5 days. How about the points, it was once again Team Beaver Springs with 93, Mason Dixon 85, Eastside 65, Summerduck 60, Keystone 58. South Mountain 55 and US 13 49. Now lastly for the Mason Dixon track staff starting at the top. Elmer and Cathy Wachter who own the track, Trish, Cheryl, Don, Bub and Becky, Karen, Jasmine, Linda, Jess, Brittany, Suzette, Troy, Jake, Scott, Walt, Fran, Josh, Ronnie, Justin, Lance, Connor, Hannah, Angie, Joe and Ashley. Also helping with the announcing was Courtney Suders, Ray Thurston IV, Steve Dickey, Rick Zeigler, John Binkle. Tony Tumberello and Elmer too. Joe Martz and Brian Kuhn did the invocation before our National Anthem each day. I’m sure I missed something or someone, an age thing I guess. Anyhow, another great SBRA Bracket Finals in the books!

See you this Saturday for a Street Nite race, time runs start at 11:30 am, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — Sept. 25th

This was a Test & Tune day plus Outlaw Pontiacs last race of the 2021 race season. Weather, no problem, partly cloudy, temps in the mid 70’s, really nice racing weather. We got under way at 11 am sharp with the Test & Tune cars, 105 entries for this day. Outlaw Pontiacs had 17 entries with round one getting underway right after their second time run. Troy Tribby just turned 80 years old and came to race after a three year break from driving. He had his 69 Grand Prix running well, both time runs were in the 11.60s @ 113 mph. Great having Troy in the mix today. In the final it was Wayne Skelly in a double breakout win over Ed Hartman. Wayne ran 12.47 on the 12.50 dial, Ed 10.95 on his 11.00 prediction. Ed was here for the first time ever, making the long trip from north Jersey. Hopefully he’ll run with us next year. Semi racers were Shawn Miller and Rodney Eichleberger who also wrapped up his Outlaw Pontiac series 2021 championship. Great job Rodney! The No Enrty Fee race paid $1,000.00 to the winner with Callie Kline winning over Brian Henry, both drive Dodge Demons, in a good final. Paul James Sr. was third. We added an hour to the day, finishing up at 4:10 pm. Great day, excellent turnout of cars and race fans. Thanks to all that were with us today!

Good luck to all heading north for the Summit ET series bracket finals at Lebanon Valley this weekend. The track is closed this weekend then we are back for the Mutt & Jeff three day race 10/8 thru 10/10, then the SBRA bracket finals 10/13 to 10/17. Still a lot of racing to go, see you Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — Sept. 18th

This was a Summit ET and SBRA duel points race. We got underway right at 9:30 am with our Junior Dragsters. 21 racers made round one, A. J. Heiner getting the win over Carleigh Forrest. Right on time at 11:30 am the big cars took the track. Pro had 57 entries Mark Harbaugh won out over Ray Thurston IV, George Stanley and Dave Raser were the semi racers. Super had 40 entries with Kevin Moore winning over Mike Daymude in a great final, Kevin going .002 at the start. Ed Talbert took third. Donnie Myers took the win over former Sportsman champ Dave Toms, Robbie Hamilton took third, there were 23 racers in Sportsman. Trophy was won by Mike Fenslau over the Civic driven by Juan Jose Mesis. Great day, minimal down time, excellent track, we wrapped up racing at 4:30 pm.

Sunday — Sept. 19th

Same race as yesterday, Junior Dragsters kicked off the day at 9:30 am with 23 entries. This time it was Madison Stotler over yesterday’s winner, A. J. Heiner with Shelby Nick taking third place. Big cars were underway right on time at 11:30 am. Again 57 Pro cars entered, this time Doug Lindahl winning over Dan Roberts, semi racers were Clayton Garber and Tony Bonnano. Super had 50 racers with the big win going to Joe Martz over Mike Boyd, both drivers were dead-on, Joe a bit better at the start. Brad Doss took third place. Sportsman had Brian Lind winning over Kelly Flemming in the final, both drivers were sharp all day, Brian had the better light in this race. Trophy was won by Jordan Shultz over Tom Johnson. Another good day, weather cooler and less humid, everyone was fast, a fun day. Again we finished like yesterday right at 4:30 pm.

We race just Saturday this coming weekend. Outlaw Pontiacs and Test & Tune, 11 am to 3 pm. A free no entry race for the Test & Tune racers, 60 cars wins $500.00 or 100 cars $ 1,000.00. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!
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Saturday — Sept. 11th

This was a Street Nite event on a nice day / evening, partly cloudy only in the upper 70s when we got underway right at 2:30 pm. We had 23 cars try to make the Quick 16 field that had a 5.76 bump. Mike Daymude won in a close one over Mike Shoop. Bobby Spielman and Dahrl Clark were the semi racers. Jason Staub’s 66 Mustang made two good qualifier passes, a 4.83 and a 4.84 both at 147 mph. He was a bit off the dial in round one. Cory carper was the low qualifier at a 4.74 @ 146 mph. We had eight N/A cars, Charlie Booze won over Aaron Wartsell. The 5.90 Index class was won by Will Woodward over Dan Shaffer. In the 6.50 Index group, 22 entries it was Darrell Law over Dave Slusher Jr. in a close final. The 7.10 Index class had Joe Maggtti over Ron Stidham. Pro wasn’t won by Nancy Kovak though she won two rounds, it was a pair ov Bikes in the final, Paul James Jr. won over Dad, Paul James Sr. The Bike racers can hang with the cars, regardless of the class contested, nice work. Sportsman, the biggest class with 35 entries was won by Ken Barron over Glenn Estelle. In Drive-in Street Glen Estelle did take the win over Nathaniel Huffman. Great racing by all, a pretty good turnout of race fans were with us for this race. We finished up about 8:40 pm.

Sunday — Sept. 12th

This was a much warmer and humid but at least breezy day, temp hit the high 80’s. We got underway at 11:30 am with the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Series cars 20 entries strong. It was Randy Peer over points leader Rodney Eichelberger in a dead close final, both cars in the low 9.20s. Shawn Miller took third. Butler Performance of Tennessee, an all Pontiac engine builder and related parts business supplied racers with shirts and $10.00 foodstand coupons. Thanks Butler Racing Engines. Now the $50.00 to enter $1,000.00 to win all run race. Michael Shoop jumped in dad’s car and won in the final over the no-box car of Dan Slusher, Mark Harbaugh was third. Of note, Dan went the furthest in the no-box entries and picked up an extra $200.00 bonus. Kind of a small turnout, about 60 cars total, still fun though, we finished up at 3.40 pm.

This weekend is a little different, both days Summit ET races but ARE 1/8 mile all classes. You can claim SBRA or Summit points or both if you are in both programs. 9:30 am Junior Dragster, 11:30 am big cars. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — Sept. 3rd

This was a well attended Test & Tune event, the last one for the season and what a night. 130 racers with the usual mix of street cars, full on drag cars, junior dragsters and bikes were out on the track from 6 to 10 pm. A huge thanks to all that were with us, probably the most Friday night race fans all season too. Excellent night!

Saturday — Sept. 4th

Weather, no problem for this day, Junior Dragsters took the track at 11:30 am with 31 entries in round one. Hailey Bowles took the big win over Jaiman Dietz in the final, semi racers were James Paylon and Carley Bauman. Rudy’s Transportation, BNM Performance, Mayne’s Well Digging and our Pro Driver racer who wants to stay unknown for their extra money added to the purse for the Juniors all weekend. Now the big cars, they got rolling on time at 2:30 pm. In Pro it was Ken Dick over Harli Myers in the final. Sadly Phil Maouzawicz broke in the semifinal win but couldn’t make the final, he took runnerup, Harli got third spot. 95 cars were in this class. In Super we had 92 entries with Sean Serra taking the win over Jason Amey, Chuck Wishard was third. Jason’s getting closer to winning Super all the time, it’s coming. Bike had 10 entries today, Brian Moore beat Kevin Hamilton in the final. Lastly in the Al’s Body Shop Trophy class Josh Sisk won over Alex Lindahl. We had 240 racers today, we finished up at just after 9:30 pm. Great racing all day / evening long.

Sunday — Sept. 5th

Showers moved in over night, still sprinkling / light rain in the morning, then heavier stuff arrived just after noontime. Had cancel this one.

Monday — Sept. 6th — Labor Day

Weather was fine, a bit humid, temps in the 80’s but no rain, all good. We started on time with the Junior Dragsters right at 9:30 am with 26 entries. Harley Ely the big winner, Nick McGowin was runnerup, Cameron Bauman and Nathan Mendenhall were the semi racers, chalk up two victories for girls this weekend! We got the big cars going at 11:30 am. Pro had an even 100 cars and bikes in round one. Well, we’ve been predicting for a good while that a Bike would finally win the Pro class and it happened, Brian Moore was sharp all day on his Suzuki and in the final he he beat Danny Hoff in a Tesla. Both drivers ran the number all race long, Danny went red in the final though. Clayton Garber took third. Super had another stout field of 87 cars, in the end Michael Shoop in his dragster won out over Chuck Wishard. Michael’s dad Mike Shoop took third place. In Trophy it was Stephanie Morgan over Scott Himes, Eric Bowles was third. The Hi-Roller Super 16 car field race had Paul Burruss winning with Mark Decker runnerup, this paid $1,600.00 to win and each round one winner got $200.00 We had 231 racers today, we finished up at 7:40 pm.

Notes on the weekend. Thanks to all the extra money thrown in for our Junior Dragster drivers and to Mutt & Jeff Promotions for the $300.00 additional money that went to Super car winners and semi racers. Again our race staff did a great job all weekend keeping things moving, giving racers a great track and our to foodstand gang doing their excellent work as they always do. How about Toni Smith singing the National Anthem on Monday, WOW, Awesome!! Our EMT Joe Bradley got to make his first drag strip passes. He made two easy ones, the last one was in the 14’s at 106 mph. I think he liked going down the track. The Mason Dixon deal really is a “family”, it starts at the top with Wachter family, the staff, racers, race fans and our sponsors. This is a good place to work and race! We are here Saturday, Street Nite and Sunday an all run $1,000.00 to win event and Outlaw Pontiacs. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — Aug. 27th

This was to be a Test & Tune night but weather again won out, rain hit before the track was to open, lightning and storms were in the area forcing us to cancel out the racing.

Saturday — Aug. 28th

This was a Test & Tune event starting at 2 pm. With threatening weather again in the forecast the turnout was down some but we did have 51 cars making many passes. About 4:45 light rain rain moved in then a few minutes later it got serious and the rain dumped on us. We did try to run the $500.00 no entry fee race earlier even though we were several cars short of the 60 car minimum. Weather sort of won out on us again.

Sunday — Aug. 29th

Gloomy, yes, low clouds, humid but no rain! First off a big thanks to all that came out to the 24th Annual Mid Maryland Ford event. We had 101 show cars, Mt. Lena Pool group did their food stand deal with great breakfast and lunch menus, 100 Ford race cars made round one of eliminations, there were many parts vendors and a good group of race fans too. The drag racing got underway at 11:30 with everyone making two time runs. In Super it was Cory Maloney getting the win over Mark Decker. Pro Ford was won by John Maloney over Kristen Suders. Sportsman was won by Greg Connors over Chris Waters. Trophy Ford was won by Mike Socks over Hailey Bowles. In the Mustang class it was Paul Kuhn over Robert Kirkland. The last run of the day was a grudge race, Jen Decker in her Mustang against husband Mark Decker in his dragster, Jen got the win as Mark went red, probably a smart move on his part. Good racing by all, an overall good event. We finished up at 4 pm.

This weekend is the big Labor Day race, Test & Tune Friday night, SBRA points races, Sat. Sun. and Mon. Check the flyer for all the details, see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — Aug. 20th

We had threatening weather all around us but we were lucky as it stayed dry start to finish. 41 racers came out to run with us. Everyone made plenty of passes, no issues, we finished up right at 10 pm. We thank all those that participated, racers and our race fans.

Saturday — Aug. 21st

This was our Street Nite event for August that was well attended though threats of rain / storms were in the forecast. Quick 16 had 29 entries vying for a start in the field that had a fast 5.40 bump spot. In the final Mitch Willingham won it over Kalvin Kline, Darlene Staub and Joe Richmond were the semi racers. The 5.90 Index cars had a good field of entries with Pat Hahn winning over Will Woodward. 6.50 Index had 23 entries with Les Tobery winning over Brian Lesher. The 7.10 index class the winner was Randall McNamee over Garret Suders. In the Dial-in classes it was Nancy Kovak in a good one over Gary Kelican. A word on these two, Nancy about owns this class in her mid 11 second Nova and Gary Kelican was out for the first time this season driving his high 9 second Maverick as if he’d been racing every weekend, nice work by these two racers, oh it was Gary’s 74 birthday today as well. Sportsman was won by Brett Barney with Mike Cleary as the runnerup. Drive-in Street had truck 870, missed his name but will add it later over Joe Myers. This was some really fine racing all night, we finished up at 8:30 pm. Again a good turnout considering the crappy weather forecast, 142 racers and a decent number of race fans participated.

Sunday — August 22nd

This was another SBRA points race. We hate to keep talking about the bad weather but sure enough tropical storm Henri dumped rain all over eastern Pennsylvania and everywhere east of the track in Maryland. Many tracks were rained out though overcast we got underway. 21 Junior Dragsters made the first time run right at 9 am sharp. Dylan Moore was on it all six rounds winning the final over McKenna Brinkley, Wyatt Coffee took third place. We had several Eastside Dragway Junior racers with us today. Really good Junior Dragster racing from start to finish. The big cars and bikes took the track at 11:30 am. Super had Randy Krause in his S & W dragster winning over Dahrl Clark in the “Felix the Cat” Dodge Dart. Justin Crider had a good third place finish, 53 Super cars made round one, good turn out. Pro Driver was 62 cars and bikes in the opening round, in the end Brandon Skelly was on kill each round winning over world champ bike racer Brian Canoles. Ken Dick and Brian Lind were the semi racers. In the Al’s Body Shop Trophy class, Mike Fenslau won over Caleb Cunningham, each getting the “Xmas Tree” trophy.

Of note, yeah, the topic of weather. We had some very light / mist sprinkles the last half hour or so of racing, the track stayed good and sure enough as soon as the last pair went down the track, it got serious and started to rain steadily. We couldn’t have raced 5 more minutes. A huge thanks to our racers as we “politely” encouraged them to keep it moving or we couldn’t have finished the race. The staff….we had some on vacation and several did different jobs and did a great job anyway. Suzette and her daughter Kathryn worked the food stand filling in. Mason Dixon Dragway really is a great place to work and race. Thanks to all that were with us this weekend! This weekend, Friday nite Test & Tune and another one Saturday 2 to 6pm with the no entry fee race. Sunday the big Ford race and show. Check the website for all the details. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — Aug. 13th

Yeah it was Friday the 13th, acted like it too. Rain showers, storms and lightning rolled in just before we were set to open up. We had to cancel.

Saturday — Aug. 14th

Weather entered in this race also, but we got the entire program in though we had three rain shower delays that slowed us down a bit. Besides weather issues we had our biggest ever VW race. Show and race cars, vendors and and race fans rolled in early to get set up for the car show and the drag racing. Right on time at 11:30 am we got underway with the VW race cars numbering 110 entries in seven classes. We also had our Pro Stick racers with us and they brought along 48 racers. Everyone made two time runs and then we went racing. Limited Street was won by P Santos over J Paglioua. All Motor had J Abrams over A Fiasserto. Pro Mod had C Shaeffer over the low qualifier S Hawes. Steve ran a 5.38 @136 mph in his first time shot, low ET and best MPH of the day. The ASA racers had B Robertson with a rocket fast 6.17 @ 112 mph over J Winhoven. Pro class was won by A Dalton, D Wegner took runnerup. Super Pro was won by C Woolar over B McKean. Lastly Super Stock was won by J Farguhar over W Farquhar. In Pro Stick Mark Charcalla cut a .016 light and dead on 8.68 to win over Dave Slusher, Andy Stone took third place.

Thoughts on this one. A huge thanks for a great job of promoting and handling the VW portion of the event goes to Scott Pocaro. He has done an outstanding job each year that we’ve hosted this event, it grows bigger each year. I talked to him last week, he’d predicted 110 VW racers and that’s exactly how many competed in round one. The racing itself was great, nice looking, well prepared cars that were fast and very little breakage or oildowns occurred all day. The car show part had great and some unusual VW models on hand. Our race fans were out in huge numbers to support this event. Hats off to the Pro Stick racers and their captain Eric Kitchen. The usual, fast paced, hard launching, wheel standing stick cars did their job round after round. Pro Stick is a good fit with our VW friends for sure. Our staff….Great job by all, the rain delays were handled and track was good to go quickly, track prep / maintenance was excellent, food stand staff were swamped all day but the kept pace right til the last pair went down the track. We had announce help from Steve Dickey, he’s very knowledgeable about both VWs and Pro Stick cars. He always adds something good to any day he’s here. Oh, we finished up 7:30 pm, what a day!

Sunday — Aug. 15th

This was a Test & Tune event starting at 11:30 am going til 4 pm. 62 cars, bikes and Junior Dragsters made plenty of trips down the track. Brand new Junior Dragster racer Luke Stern made all his license runs look easy, his dad Jason and grandpa Matt were with him as the crew members. Well done Luke. At 2 pm, we did our no entry fee $500.00 to the winner 1/8 mile race. Dahrl Clark won out over Mike Rodgers in the final. Eldon “JR” Baum in his 68 SS/AH Hemi Dart made the first runs since converting to a 4 speed manual transmission. You would think the learning curve would be steep….not so, first pass, an 8.71 @ a lifting 141 mph. Next and final pass, 8.53 @153 mph with a 1.20 sixty ft. time. Really fast for shakedown runs on a warm and humid day. All went good today, we did finish up right at 4pm. Great weekend other than losing Friday night racing. Ok, Test & Tune Friday, Street Nite Saturday and SBRA race Sunday. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Friday — Aug. 6th

This was a Test & Tune event getting underway at 6 pm, and yes it was hot to start. As the sun got behind the trees it cooled off quickly and turned into a nice night for racing. We had 71 cars and bikes and a good turn out of race fans. All went well, we finished up at 10 pm.

Saturday — Aug. 7th

This was a Summit ET Series event less the Junior Dragsters as they were in NY for the Division 1 ET finals. We started on time at 2 pm. It was another hot one, temps in the low 90’s early then clouded up and was breezy and cooler as the day wore on, a lot of breakout runs in this race. All racers made their one time run and we went racing. In Super it was a dragster final as Paul Burruss won out over Randy Krause, Michael Shoop in his dragster took third place. Pro had Chris Crawford getting the win over Brian Moore in a close one, Mark Harbaugh and David Kline were the semi finalists. Sportsman was won by Dylan Moore over Brian Lind, Donnie Myers took third. Taylor Everson won the Trophy class. We finished up about 7:30 pm. Good close racing all day long.

Sunday — Aug. 8th

Another hot day, no Junior Dragsters again, we got underway right at 11:30 am.
Everyone got their one time run and we were racing. Super had Todd Welzel winning over Nathan Etzler, Kalvin Kline and Randy Krause were the semi racers, all driving dragsters. Pro had Doug Lindahl over Troy Gerhart in the final, semi racers were Mark Harbaugh and Chris Crawford. Sportsman had Dave Toms winning over Cody Roberts, semi racers were Tanner “Leadfoot Jr.” Shaffer and Dylan Moore. Brian Canoles went the furthest of the Bikes in Pro and put in the “King of the Track” finals for the “Wally” trophy. It was Todd Welzel winning over Dave Toms in a really close final. Elmer Wachter, track owner handed the “Wally” to Todd as he picked up his time slip, a happy guy winning this trophy for the first time. He had all the track staff in his winners circle photo, a nice gesture on his part…..outstanding work Todd! We finished up about 4:45 pm. Great racing by all all today.

This Friday, Test & Tune 6 to 10 pm. VW race and Pro Stick cars Saturday starting at 11:30. Sunday another Test & Tune event, a no entry fee race if 60 cars are in attendance pays $500.00 or if we have 100 cars it jumps up to $1,000.00. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Sunday — August 1st

This was a SBRA event that got underway at 9 am with our Junior Dragsters starting the day. Weather played into this event as it was raining east of us everywhere causing other tracks to cancel out. We had three rain delays while the Juniors ran but we still got their racing done by noon. With 14 entries it was Shelby Nick winning out over Eric Bowles, Miles Raffa and Cameron Bauman were the semifinalists. The big cars were next, 58 entries in the Pro class with Rocky Moore winning over Troy Gerhart in the final, taking third place was Heather Boyd. In Super we had 44 entries with Dahryl Clark over Dylan Moore. These two are as good as it gets in Super, great driving all day. Jason Amey with another good outing took third place. Of the 44 entries, nine were dragsters, great racing in our Super class. Over in Al’s Body Shop Trophy it was Josh Sisk over Alexis Crawford in a Camaro final. We finished up at 4:30 pm. Real good racing all day long, a fun day.

This weekend, Test & Tune Friday night, Summit ET series racing Sat. and Sun. No Junior Drasters as they will be in New York for the Division 1 Junior Dragster ET finals. Hope to see everyone this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday July 23rd
This was a well attended Test & Tune event. It was warm, temps starting out in the low 90’s as we got underway right at 6 pm. We had a good turn out 90 cars and many race fans too. A really good mix of street cars and full on race cars. We appreciate all that participate in these Friday night events even when it’s hot. We finished up right at 10 pm.

Saturday — July 24th

This was a SBRA points race getting underway with our Junior Dragsters taking the track at 11:30 am. We had 16 cars starting the day, in the final it was Eric Bowles over A J Heiner, Cameron Proctor and Carleigh Forest were the semi racers. At 2pm we got going with the big cars. Pro had 81 entries with Ken Dick winning over John Binkle, Dylan Moore took third spot. Super also had 64 entries with Dahryl Clark winning over Paul Burruss, the semi racers were Joe Martz and Alan Thatcher. Al’s Body Shop Trophy was won by Brian Lind over Jamie Talbert. Great, close racing all day, we did have two brief rain / sprinkle delays but finished up at 8 pm.

Sunday — July 25th

This was day 2 of our SBRA weekend. Junior Dragsters took the track right at 9 am with a 20 car field. Great final…..Miles Raffa went .016 at the start to hold off A J Heiner who was close with an .023 light. Really good well run final! Cameron Boyd took third place. James White III made all his license runs today, nice work James. Now the big cars, right on time getting underway at 11:30 am. Pro with 64 entries had the same two in the final as yesterday….same result too. Ken Dick winning over John Binkle in the final, what’s the odds of this happening on consecutive days? Fred Johns and Mark Harbaugh were the semi drivers. In Super it was Michael Shoop over Mike Daymude in a spectacular final. Shoop was .0001 and .001 off the dial while Daymude was .005 at the tree and on his dial. Dead close, nearly a perfect race, doesn’t get better than this final! And Jason Amey had a good day with his 3rd place finish. In Al’s Body Shop Trophy it was Alexis Crawford winning over T J Everly, both getting the Xmas tree trophies provided by Al’s Body Shop. Another great day of racing, all three in fact were excellent, nice turn outs of race cars even though each day was hot and humid too. We finished up at 4 pm.

This weekend…., Saturday is a private track rental and Sunday is a SBRA race. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — July 16th

This was at Test & Tune event starting at 6 pm. It was hot too, 94 degrees when we got underway. Despite the hot day we still had 61 cars and bikes making many passes. There was a decent amount of race fans were there as well. Everybody made plenty of passes as we finished up at 10 pm. A big thanks to all that participated.

Saturday — July 17th

Another real hot and humid day with storms predicted for the early evening. No doubt the less than great weather forecast kept a lot of racers away but we got underway right at 2:30 pm with all the racers getting two qualifying time shots for this Street Nite event. As round one got underway the storms were heading our way with lots of lightning in the air. We completed round one and as round two started we had to stop the action. Way to much lightning with the fast moving storm closing in we halted the racing, not long after, rain arrived and that was it.
We tried!

This weekend, Test & Tune Friday and SBRA events Saturday and Sunday, see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — July 9th

This was a Test & Tune event getting underway at 6 pm. It was really hot and steamy with storms in the forecast no doubt contributing to a smaller than usual turnout. Around 7:30 pm we had a brief rain shower that only took us down for about 20 minutes. Once track drying was done we kept racing. Stu Beaden and his Top Sportsman Camaro made some test hits, the last one netting a 4.67 slowing to a 136 mph top end as the car lost high gear. When totally sorted out this car will be real fast. Max and Jane Naylor were helping the Beaden team again on this visit. Max and Jane were the former owners of Numidia Raceway for many years, love having them with us anytime they can be here. Rich Lyle’s 63 Pontiac Tempest Promod made one test pass just before we finished up, this car is a wicked ride. Just a short hit was made after long and loud smoky burn out. We concluded the night on Rich’s pass at 10 pm.

A NOTE FROM THE TRASH MAN….an ever increasing amount of glass bottle is appearing in the trash, I do not need this job and you are risking it for all racers and spectators that this track may go away… I am to the point that I would rather do things other than cater to those who do not follow the rules….getting very close to losing a place to play.

Saturday — July 10th

A Summit ET series event kicking off with Junior Dragsters at 12:30 pm. The weather was better, less humid and slightly cooler than Friday. Only six cars due to most already at the preliminary races at Bristol Tn. which is hosting the Eastern Regional event. In the final A. J. Heiner won over Cameron Bauman, Cameron Proctor took third place. Now the big cars. We started them at 2 pm. with Outlaw Pontiacs that had a 22 car field. In the final it was Rodney Eichleberger winning his third event of the year, he won over SS/GT car driven by Chet Fincke. Third place was Craig Berkheimer, the original founder of the eastern division of the Outlaw Pontiac group that he presided over in the beginning in 1999. Craig had not raced for 17 years and yet made five rounds of racing with this tough bunch in a borrowed car. Great to have Craig and his wife Melanie from New Oxford Pa. racing again! Troy Tribby was in attendance along with Tom and Kim Bunty of York, Pa. helping out the Pontiac racers. Joel Larkin the west coast original founder of the Outlaw Pontiac Series raced with us, he now lives a bit closer in Mansfield Ohio. Now for the Summit classes, in Super it was Colby Imes winning over Dave Slusher Jr. Pro had Ken Dick over Mark Harbaugh. Sportsman had Dave Toms over Carlos DeJesus. Mike Fenslau won another Trophy class over Richie Burns. Junior Street had one entry making a bunch of passes, Justin Jones with dad Joe as the co-pilot. We finished up about 7:15 pm. Good racing all day long.

Sunday — July 11th

We started on time at 9 am with again six Junior Dragsters. It was really hot and humid for this race, worse than Friday, more storms predicted for later in the day. With Juniors we ran a double elimination race. You were still in til your second loss. Stretched things out a bit and fun for the six racers. In the final it Steven Morgan, no losses against Miles Raffa, one loss. Miles needed to win two straight and sure enough he won the first to force another face off with Steven. This time Steven Morgan won, Miles Raffa the runner up. Now the big cars, winners to get the Wally trophies. Super had Mike Hoff in his 4.80s dragster win over Mark Gray. Pro had Rocky Moore over Ray Thurston IV. Sportsman had Mike Fenslau winning his first ever Wally over Garrett Suders. Justin Jones and dad Joe again ran more Junior Street passes. Again we were pushing along to beat storms that eventually rolled through as I drove back to Pa. We finished just about 3 pm.

This coming Friday, Test & Tune 6 to 10 pm, Street Nite on Saturday! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Friday — July 2nd

This was our Friday Nite Test & Tune event, much nicer and cooler than mid week, great evening for being at the track. 80 cars made numerous runs, a great mix of newer cars, Mercedes, BMWs, Audis, late model Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers too. Some of the weekends Summit ET racers also made passes. We had a really good turnout of race fans, a really good evening, we finished up at 10 pm.

Saturday — July 3rd

We got our Junior Dragsters underway at 12:30 pm with 22 entries on another low 80 degree day. We had several cars from Eastside Raceway and sure enough in the final Hunter Crawford from Staunton Va. squared off against Miles Raffa, Hunter scoring the win in a good race. Gavin Cramer took third place. Extra money from Rudy Transportation and an anonymous Pro class racer upped the winner and runnerup purse plus an extra $25.00 went to the best losing package, Hunter Crawford got the money in his first round loss. Thanks to those the added money to our Junior racers. At 3:00 pm we got time runs underway for the big cars, 95 Pro cars, 88 Super cars, 18 Trophy cars got their runs in. We got part way through round one when a heavy rain shower moved in and soaked the place, track drying efforts for an hour half or so got us close but just not good enough to resume racing. We called it 7 pm as started to sprinkle again. We tried.

Sunday — July 4th

Junior Dragsters took the track at 9:30 am, just a bit warmer but still great for July. 25 entries raced with Dylan Moore winning over Connor Boyd, Miles Raffa was third. More money came from Rudys Transportation, our anonymous Pro racer, Steve Henry’s Coppermine Stump Removal company, The Mutt & Jeff Promotions team and Semper Fi Transport, Shelby Nick’s grandfathers company. Dylan ended up with $500.00 for his win! Good, close racing from a Junior Dragster drivers. The big cars, Super had 77 entries, Scotty Bodmer won over Mike Daymude in the final, Mark Gray was third. Pro driver had 80 cars and bikes. Dave Heaton won in a dead close final over Dave Goode’s Dodge Shadow that runs 11.60s in the eighth mile, both Dave’s drove great all day. In Trophy it was Josh Gamber over Taylor Everson in a 12 car field. We finished up just after 6 pm. Oh we had fast cars in the house 16 four 4 second cars each day. Bobby Spence was the fastest on Saturday with 4.40 @ 156 mph. We thank the big numbers of South Mountain and Eastside racers for coming to race with us this weekend! A really good day of racing.

This weekend, Friday Nite Test & Tune, Saturday and Sunday Summit ET series races and the Outlaw Pontaics racing on Saturday. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — June 18th

This was a Test & Tune event running from 6 to 10 pm and yes it was hot, temps in the low 90’s as we got underway. We had 52 entries, everyone made plenty of passes. No issues for this event.

Saturday — June 19th

This was our all GM car event and again it was really hot and steamy with temps again the lower 90’s. We had a fair amount of show cars, apparently we were bucking several other fairly local car shows causing a lower car count of show vehicles. We started the drag racing at 11 am, in the Super class Michael Shoop won over Clayton Garber. Pro was the biggest field, Chris Crawford won it over Nick Lindeman, Chad Pauley and Darious Wenger were the semi racers. Trophy was won by Mike Younker over Mike McClary. Corvette/Firebird/Camaro had Doug Whipkey over Mike Fenslau. “G” Body was won by Cody Clites over runner up Chuck Ball. Lastly S-10/Blazer had James Knipple over William Via. We finished up just past 4 pm. Very good racing, a fun day.

Sunday — June 20th

This was another Test & Tune running from 11:30 to 4 pm. Yes, low 90’s and humid day again. We had 62 entries and we did run our no entry fee $500.00 to win race getting underway about 2:30 pm. Travis Hill beating Tony Bonano with Brian Henry and Paul James Sr. the semi racers. How about Mike Fenslau’s dad visiting his son from Michigan, he got to drive the SS Chevy in the no entry fee race. He won the first round and ran a career best 12.05 @ 115 mph. Any kind of decent air and the 11 second timeslips would have been recorded. Nice Fathers Day present. Overall good day.

Friday — Rocking Chair Nationals Eve — June 26th

A great Test & Tune night, people rolling in all evening for the big event the next day, some unloaded and made passes, 122 entries in all.

Saturday — Rocking Chair Nationals — June 26th

Let’s do the racing part first, Super had Dahrl Clark over Shawn Barrett in a 40 car field, Pro was won by Mark Harbaugh over Kalley Kline in a 61 car field. Outlaw Pontiacs had Mark Harbaugh winning this class too over a redlighting John Gunter. There were 16 Pontiacs in this class. Nostalgia Eliminator was an 80 car field with Earl Sager’s Nova with new gorgeous paint work over Jonathan Engleman. MANDRA had 27 cars, in the final Mark Santee’s Comet ran dead on and it was a good thing too as Bill Smith had a slightly better light but broke out by .002, close and well run race. Lastly the Pro Stick gang, 64 entries strong had Andy Charcalla getting the single when Colton Kirchner’s car developed an engine fire coming up the return road after his semi final win. Great racing we finished up about 9 pm.

Now for everything else. What a turnout, the show car field was packed 172 entries, we also had 288 racers competing. In fact parking was tough and we opted to turn all racing to 1/8 mile as many cars were way down in the shut down area field, a good call there. We did one time run and no buy backs. Race fans were everywhere, all seemed enjoy the whole event. We had help from Mt. Aetna Fire Co. serving breakfast sandwiches and lunch, they sold all there stuff mid afternoon, Our food stand staff served everyone right til the end. They were kept hopping all day. Cheryl’s Shirt Shack nearly sold out the event shirts, everybody busy all day long. Track prep / maintenance excellent as always, only one oil down to clean up. A big thanks to Hayne Dominick and Gary Gore their help and promoting the event. Steve Dickey announced a lot in the earlier part of the day doing a great job, Bill Pratt former long time announcer at MIR also announced the exhibition cars, a good guy and very knowledgeable too. Butch Mori’s Chevwagon ran an incredible 5.82 @ 120 mph. The Funny Car match race had both cars in the mid 4’s @ 160 mph. Rick Osborn’s 38 Special did the big wheel stands. Awesome show from all in the exhibition group. At the morning awards / interview session many got their plaques and talked to the crowd, Gary Gore handling most of the “mic” work, I did some too. Many Funny Car teams represented and Modified Eliminator and Super Stock drivers, crew and family members were in attendance. Very fun day. Will certainly look forward to the next years event. Got to give a shout out to the Wachter family that owns the track, they put in the hard work, skills and money to keep Mason Dixon Dragway alive so we have a place to go drag racing! I know I missed some stuff here, I’ll add it in later.

This week, Test & Tune on Friday and SBRA racing Saturday and on the Fourth of July, Sunday, check the flyer for the details! See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — June 11th

All day light rain caused us to cancel our Test & Tune event.

Saturday — June 12th

Good weather for this race, we started at 12:30 pm and a great turnout of Quick 16 cars with a quick 5.38 bump to make the program. In the final, Jeremy Curry ran dead on on 4.73 to Jerry Williams who broke out by two with a 4.77. Mitch Willingham and Darlene Staub were the semi racers. Marcus Henry in his new Camaro won the 5.90 Index class over Will Woodward. The late model New Generation cars had Greg Orris over Jake Landes. The 6.50 Index class had a big field with five rounds of racing, Ken Kovak took the win over Ricky Payne. 7.10 Index had another nice field of cars with Ashley Ross over Wes Warthen. Pro Street had Nancy Kovak over Paul James Jr. Sportsman was won by Caleb Kline over Tony Bonnano. Drive-in Street was won by Mike Fenslau over Daron Stidham. Great, fast paced show. We had 152 entries and finished up at 7 pm. Well done!

Sunday — June 13th

This was Summit ET Series race with our Junior Dragsters kicking off the event. We started at 9 am sharp, 23 entries strong, in the end, Mason Bean took the win over Abby Norment who made the trip from Charlotte Hall, Md. as our runnerup. Miles Raffa took third spot. We had an anonymous racer throw in $100.00 to the Junior Dragster racers. This generous racer was with us last night in our Street Nite race. And of course Rudy Transportation has been adding $50.00 to the winner and $25.00 to the runnerup in each Junior Dragster points races this year. Now the big cars. We got them going at 11:30 am a sure enough after the Pro cars and some of the Super cars made their time shots the heavy rains moved in drenching the place. We had to call it a day about 12:30 or so.

Friday night Test & Tune, Saturday the GM race and car show, Sunday another Test & Tune event with free $1,000.00 to win no entry fee race with 100 entries in the Test & Tune. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — May 28th and Saturday — May 29th

The Friday Test and Tune and Day and one of the three day SBRA Memorial Day race events were a wash out. Both days were rainy and cold, not a good start.

Sunday — May 30th

Weather much better but still cloudy, damp and cool and rain still all around us. It hurt the turnout some yet 160 racers competed. In Junior Dragster we had 18 cars, Dylan Moore the winner over Rayleen Sanchez, Cameron Bauman and Eric Bowles were the semi racers. The big cars were next, Super was won by Michael Shoop, Andy Dolan was runnerup. Pro had Dan Roberts winning over Heather Boyd. Al’s Body Shop Trophy was won by Mike Fenslau over Mary Elizabeth Bannister, good to have MEB with us this weekend.

Monday, Memorial day — May 31st

Now the sun came out! we started with 23 Junior Dragsters, Dylan Moore winning again over A J Heiner, Carleigh Forrest was third. The big cars next, in a big 81 car Super E T field it was Darlene Staub taking the huge win over Randy Krause. Pro Driver was a 100 car field, Chris Crawford winning over Dave Raser. Trophy was again won by Mike Fenslau over Tristan Simpkins. We ran a 16 car Super and Pro Hi-Roller race. Super big winner was Andy Dolan over Mark Decker and in Pro it was Dylan Moore over Chris Crawford. great racing both days, with 233 racers we still finished up at 8:15 pm. Great racing and really good work by all the track staff.

We made the best out the rained shortened event for sure. Great close racing all weekend long, well done.

Friday — June 4th

This was the first Friday night race of the year, we started at 6 pm and raced til 10 pm. It was really hot, never did cool off much all evening, 42 cars made plenty of passes.

Saturday — June 5th

This was another Test and Tune event, we started at 3 pm. A better turnout, 65 cars, everyone got plenty of runs.

Sunday — June 6th

We started at 11:30 am with a Test and Tune day plus the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Series cars were with us, 18 entries in all. Rodney Eichelberger won out over Mark Harbaugh, Chad Ely and Mike Clay were the semi racers, we finished up about 4:15 pm, we had about 80 entries today. Of note all three days were into the low 90’s each day, tough on racers, race fans and staff. We got through it though.

Street Nite coming with Wally’s for the New Generation and Quick 16 winner, qualifying starts at 12:30 pm June 12th, Summit ET race on Sunday. Big GM race next Saturday June 19th. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Saturday — May 15th

Weather was excellent, temps in the 60’s, great for our Test & Tune race, and what a turn out, 192 entries. We started at 11 am with time runs and about 2:30 pm round one of our $1,000.00 to win no entry fee race, !00 cars and bikes in round one filled the lanes. Also the Slant Six Mopar racers had a tune up race, six entries for that fun group. It was Travis Hill over Scotty Bodmer in a close one, third place was Dicky Bodmer. Slant Six race was won by Brian Droschak over Phil Stoneback. We ran til 5:45 Pm, well past the 4 pm time to make sure everyone made several passes today. What an excellent day.

Sunday — May 16th

This was the 37th Annual Mid-Atlantic Mopar Meet that the weather looked like it might play a big part in the day, though cloudy cool with rain closing in we were able to complete the entire event. Whew! We had over 100 show cars, numerous vendors, Mt. Aenta Fire Co. with their food stand, lots of race fans and 108 competing Mopar and AMC cars drag racing too. Great racing, with Super Pro winner Kevin Moore in his Cuda a winner over Michael Bauman in his mid 7 second dragster. Kevin hasn’t raced the Cuda in four years and he ran a string of 8.70 @ 154 mph passes to take first place. Dan Henderson in his B/SA ’63 Dodge ran 10.40’s to win the Pro final over Melvin Unger. The Slant Six racers were ten entries strong, Ken Anderson won over Rick Covalt who was unable to make the call for the finals. What a great event, big turnout and we lucked out, just after all finals were run, light rain moved in. We finished just after 4 pm.

This Saturday May 22nd, Street Nite race, Sunday is a Summit ET Series race. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Saturday — May 1st

This was day one of our all Junior Dragster / Junior Street event. Bright sunshine and clear skies greeted our racers as we got underway with an hour open time run session that got underway right at 9:30 am. Next we had our racers make their qualifying pass in the all run race. In the end Francis “FJ” Vignola took the win over Brandon Deale in the final of the seven round race. We ran three Index classes, biggest by far was the 7.90 Index class run with a .400 pro tree. Steven Morgan was on kill, winning over Jake. Harvanek who also was excellent through out eliminations. In the 8.90 Index group it was Eric Bowles over Rayleen Sanchez. 11.90 Index class had Mallory Dietz over Madison Boyd, these younger drivers were excellent all weekend. Junior Street had Madison Stotler over Jaina Embly. In the 60 ft. foot race Hayden Everson took the win. We had great and close racing all day today, minimal issues, minimal breakage too. We finished up at 5:45 pm.

Sunday — May 2nd

Warmed up a bunch, hit mid 80’s and a bit sticky, best off, no rain. Now we are running for Wallys! Again we got running at 9:30 am with one time run and one qualifier to get the open to all race underway. In the end it was Nathan Mendenhall over Mallory Dietz in the final. Jumping over to the 7.90 Index it was Braylin Deale over Hailey Bowles. 8.90 Index had Charlie Blittersdorf over Sam “the man” Harvanek. We had two of our “regulars” in the 11.90 Index class, it was Cole Rudy over Cameron Boyd, both left together, Cole went 11.88 to Cameron’s 11.86 in the double break out race. Back over to Junior Street and Madison Stotler did it again, winning over Josh Sisk. Again we ran a 60 ft. foot race won by Gavin Cramer. Another smooth fun day, great racing and nearly no issues or down time. We would like to thank all that participated, drivers, the moms, dads, brothers, sisters and grand parents. The racers put on quite a show, well done! We wrapped it up about 4 pm.

This Saturday, Test & Tune and the Outlaw Pontiacs will be with us for their first points race, event runs 11 am to 4 pm. Free race for all with 60 cars or more, $500.00 to win, with 100 cars $1,000.00 to win. We are closed Mothers Day, May 9th. Hope to see you at Mason Dixon Dragway this Saturday!

Saturday — April 24th

This was our first Street Nite race and weather played into this event. We started on time at 11:30 am with partly cloudy skies temps in the low 60’s. We got qualifying shots done and as eliminations progressed the clouds moved in. We did finish Quick 16, Mitch Willingham with low 4.90 passes defeated Bobby Dunn in the final, Lance Kreiger and Dennis Hammond were the semi racers. The bump spot was a 5.69. The 5.90 Index class had Pat Hahn over Rob Bower. All the other classes got to semis or quarters. The new 7.10 Index had a nice turn out. Overall great racing til about 4:30 pm when a steady rain moved in, after waiting it out a bit we finally had to call an end to the day.

Sunday — April 25th

Though the rain quit before the start time we had some track drying time before we could start. We got underway a half hour late at 10 am with 17 Junior Dragsters in round one. Dylan Moore took the win over Cameron Boyd who was deadly at the tree right to the sixth round final. Close final, congrats to both racers. Madison Stotler took third. By the way, Madison also won the Junior Street class in the afternoon. The big cars took the track at high noon. Super had Joey Harrison in his Chevy Blazer running 6 flat ets. winning over Nathan Englar, Mike Daymude was third place racer. Pro had the biggest field with Dicky Bodmer just winning over long distance Bethany Beach Delaware racer Steve McCully. Dave Clinedinst and Ed Talbert the semi racers. Sportsman was won by Dylan Moore, his second win of the day, over Mike Garber with Dave Toms taking third spot. Dylan is starting out red hot this year. Trophy was won by Mike Fenslau over Randy Allen in the final. Taylor Everson licensed in a big block Chevy Dragster, high 4.90 passes in the eighth and a nearly full pass of 7.92 in the quarter, she drove exceptionally on all passes, well done. We finished up about 5 pm with close mid season like racing in all the classes. An overall good weekend though the weather did affected us no doubt.

This weekend it’s all Junior Dragsters and Junior Street, both days, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway!
A Note From The Owner….. I am still disturbed at the lack of respect several racers and spectators give for the rules of no glass bottles. If I have to make an example of those I find bringing in bottles I will, I will cancel the street events for the classes I find not following these rules. As it looks now there are at least two street classes that may go by the wayside.

Saturday — April 17th

This was a Test & Tune event under cloudy, windy and cool temps. that reached the mid 50’s later in the day. Jace Warner made his Junior dragster licensing runs with no problems. We had the usual no entry fee race that paid $1,000.00 to the winner as we hit the 100 cars needed to make the big payout. Jason Day in his Comet won out over Roger Bard in the final, Brandon Skelly took third place. We extended the day to get everyone numerous passes down the track, we finished up at 5 pm.

Sunday — April 18th

We started at 11:30 am with our $1,000.00 to win $400.00 runnerup racers each getting two time shots. Much better weather, mostly sunny and temps hit 60 degrees later in the day. All others that paid for Test & Tune made many runs during the day. Really good racing in this one, 50 cars entered and with the buy backs we had a seven round race won by Ed Talbert over Mike Shoop Jr. with Chuck Wishard taking third place. A real good day, we finished up about 4:45 pm.

How about our first Street Nite race coming up on Saturday, the New Generation late model cars racing heads up 1/8 mile for the first time, also the new 7.10 Index class along with all the other classes being contested. Sunday a Summit ET Series event. Hope to see everyone at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Saturday — April 10th

We got lucky, everywhere was wet and damp except at the track today, though low clouds and times some very light mist fell early it finally brightened up as the day wore on. We had a nice turn out also 95+ entrants all made many runs and we had a nice turn out for the $500.00 to win no entry fee race too. Gage Cramer made hi Junior Dragster license runs with no problems, running high 11’s at 50+ mph speeds, well done. The No Entry Fee race had 47 cars and bikes, in the final Rick Wenger won out over Patrick Myers, Dylan Moore was third. That’s two of these races Rick has won already…He’s on a roll! Steve Dickey helped announce the racing doing a great job as always. Once again great track prep / maintenance as always. We did extend the day finishing up about 4:50 pm. Another good outing today.

Sunday — April 11th

It rained hard in the early morning and just wouldn’t stop drizzling / misting through late morning, we had to cancel the Test & Tune day.

Next Saturday, Test & Tune 11:30 am to 4 pm. Sunday a $1,000.00 to win all run, no crosstalk race $50.00 to enter, Test & Tune also, we start at 11:30 am.
Hope to see everyone this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — April 3rd

This was another Test and Tune event, weather again excellent, mostly sunny and low 60 temps. We started at 11:30 am with a nice turn out of 83 cars, bikes and junior dragsters. Braylin Bowie licensed in her Junior Dragster with high 11 second 50+ mph passes. She did a great job handling the car on all her passes! Jason Staub has been testing his 66 Ford Mustang for the second week sorting out suspension / lauching issues, on his last pass they found it , a 4.92 at 146 mph 1/8 mile pass with a 1.15 sixty foot time. Nick and Todd Thoman had Bob Carlson’s 77 Camaro running several 10.50 at 128 mph passes which was fast for that car. Taylor Everson had her Chevy coupe running 11.30s at 120 mph, best ever for her car. Cory Carper’s Quick 16 GTO made five 60 foot hits, all at 1.02 and on one run managed a 1.01, yes that car leaves hard! At 2:30 pm we had round one of our six round $500.00 to win no entry fee race. In the final Mike Shannon took the win over Heather Boyd in a close one. Brandon Lowe took third. We finished up at 4:30 pm. Another good Test and Tune day, great track prep for our racers today, a big thanks also to our race fans who come out to see our racers go down the quarter mile.

This Saturday another Test and Tune 11:30 am to 4 pm and on Sunday our first SBRA points race. Junior Dragsters kick off the day at 9 am, big cars take the track at 11:30am. Hoping to see everyone this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — March 27th

Another Test and Tune day with a free entry $1,000.00 to win event went well today, Temps hit the high 50’s and hazy sunshine greeted 104 racers, crew members and race fans. We had a nice mix of all out race cars, street cars, bikes and Junior Dragsters. Nine year old Gavin Cramer successfully made his Junior Dragster license runs with zero problems with several high 11 second 55 mph passes. His parents Josh and Lindsay Cramer both raced for years and will also have their two sons Gage and Garrett license soon. Well done. Mike Rodgers made his license passes in his big block Chevy Monza with 9.80 passes with no issues. The track worked really well as we have had three race days in the books and a lot of passes made. We ran a $1,000.00 to win no entry fee race, it went six rounds with Darius Wenger holding off Justin Crider in the close final, both ran on their dial-ins, a real good race, Steve Heffner took third place. Because of the big turnout we ran an extra hour finishing up at 5 pm. Another good day.

Sunday — March 28th

Rain was predicted to move in the early morning and it did, an all day rain forced a cancellation of the Test and Tune day.

Easter weekend coming up, we will run another Test and Tune on Saturday, April 3rd, on Easter Sunday we are closed. A big thank you to all that participated, were off to a good start, we look forward to seeing you this Saturday at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — March 20th 2021

Opening day! Finally. We had a nice first day turn out. 70 cars made many passes on the freshly “diamond ground” racing surface. The Swank Co. did a great job on the track last Monday and Tuesday, then Jake Landes and Bub Casto spent all week preparing the racing surface for the weekend. The weather was great, temps in the hi 50’s and sunny. We got underway at noon and around 3 pm we ran a N/C $500.00 to win Gambler Race. Rick Wenger took the win over Mike Fenslau, Darius Wenger was third. An overall really good opening day. We finished up about 4:15 pm.

Sunday — March 21st

Another Test and Tune day, perfect weather, temps hit low 60’s and sunny. More cars today, over 80 racers. Again another N/C Gamblers race paying $500.00 to win. Mark Decker won in his dragster with mid 4.90 passes each run winning over the street driven Camaro piloted by Glen Estelle. Roger Bard placed third. Another good day, we finished up at 4:10 pm.

A big shout out to Mason Dixon Dragway for the diamond grinding of the track, it got better as more cars have run on it. A nice improvement for the 2021 racing season. This weekend we again run two Test and Tune events, we start earlier, 11:30 am to 4:00 pm both Saturday and Sunday. It’s great to be back, what a long winter! See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!