Saturday — Nov. 23rd

We have to say the weather played into this weekend in a big way. When I arrived at the track at 9:30 am it was sunny, high 30’s and almost no wind but quickly that changed. As we got ready to kick things off with our Junior dragsters it clouded up and gusty winds moved in and now it was plainly cold. Temp only hit a high 41 degrees. No doubt that hurt the turnout today. Now the racing, we had nine hearty Junior Dragster drivers, family and their crews participating. Mary Elizabeth Bannister got the win over Ryan Ely, semi racers were Landon Palmer and Carleigh Forrest. By about 1 PM the big cars took the track. We opted to go with one time run only and go straight to round one. In Super it was a father / daughter final. Steve Whitman won over his daughter Carrie Whitman. Pro Driver had Troy Gerhart over Dave Clinedinst, Mike Rodgers was third. Sportsman was won by Kevin Barron over Mike Fenslau. Finally Trophy had Greg Orris over Mike Fenslau. Of note, John Dickson made the long tow from Rockaway N.J. to run with us in Pro and Sportsman, thanks for racing with us today. We finished up about 3:00 PM. As I left the track it started to rain, good call moving the program along. Right as we were getting close to end we cancelled Sunday’s race, another good call, it rained and snowed in the morning, would have taken us out for sure.

Can’t believe the 2019 racing season is over. I thinks we’ll all miss what we do nine months a year pretty quickly, though a break at the holidays is good. Keep checking our website for the 2020 schedule, it’s already coming together. Please be safe in the off season, Happy Holidays to all!

Bits from OUR Pits…… written by: Mike Bassin
Saturday — November 9th

This would have been a Test & Tune day but temps in the low 20’s in the morning and only in the high 30’s later forced us to cancel the event.

Sunday — November 10th

This was the Truck Warz event. A much nicer day that reached the mid 50’s late in the day, excellent for racing. The gas trucks had David Kline over Bill Cramer, semifinalists were Nicole Talbert and Kelly Flemming. Diesel class had Kevin Hamilton over Brian Canoles, Logan Mathias was third. We did have a Trophy class which was won by Ken Mallow over Steve Dustin II. In the overall champ final, David Kline won over Kevin Hamilton. We also had a good amount of Test & Tune racers, Jim Anderson Jr. finished out his license runs, mid 8 second passes at 155 mph, well done. Something really special happened today, Taylor Everson made several passes in her late grandfather Terry Schwartz’s 40 Chevy coupe, a best of 12.07 @ 110 mph. She had never raced before but with help from Terry Eirckson, she quickly figured it out making about 6 passes, each one quicker as the day went on. She’s keeping the memory ailve! Well done! A big shout out to the Cactoctin Fish and Game Association for putting up a food tent, serving over the top great, breakfast sandwiches, pit beef and ham, Md. Crab soup, pie etc. Profits made help to support their youth shooting programs, come back and do this again next year!

All right, almost done for 2019. We race again on Saturday Nov. 23rd and Sunday Nov.24th with all Summit Classes racing including the Junior Dragster, this is 1/8 mile racing. We are not racing Nov. 16 and 17th. Please make it a point to come out with us for the last weekend race of the year! See you on the 23rd and 24th at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — Nov. 2nd

This was day one for our Stock / Super Stock racers and a well attended Test & Tune event. The weather great to go fast, sunny, clear, light winds and temps getting to the low 50’s had everyone flying. The Stock / Super Stocks got two time runs and then the 31 cars went to round one. In the final Ryan Horensky won over Kyle Huntzberry in a close one. Kevin Anderson and Byron Worner were the semi finalists. We had two bigger oil downs which had us running a bit late. We finished up about 6:30 PM. 110 total cars and bikes competed today.

Sunday — Nov. 3rd

Day two, started slightly warmer but windy and partly cloudy skies were the order of the day, temps did hit in the low 50’s again. Best part, no rain! We started at 11:30am with Stock / Super Stock. We had 39 entries and in the end Kyle Huntzberry in another final and this time he won the $2,000.00 over Steve Long. Bunk Miller driving Kevin Anderson’s car took third spot. We ran Super and Jim Day won over Tim Humm. In Pro Driver Kenny Dick won over Dahryl Clark, Harli Bergeau and Cody Roberts were the semi racers. We had Test & Tune also, a total car count of the day was about 115 cars and bikes. We finished right at 5 PM, just as it started to get cold, a fast paced day too.

To wrap this up, first, a huge thanks to Mike Carr and his mom Wendy of the Tri-State Stock / Super Stock Assoc. and to helpers Tom Lang and Carl Schodde Jr. for helping both days start to finish. Mike Carr also received a beautiful engraved crystal bowl in recognition of his efforts over the past 25 years. Congrats to the Carr family. Great performances by most all of the cars today, some personal bests out there. The track was excellent both days, colder track temps and all. Wheelstands, yeah we had plenty, Ken Keir, Bob Ford and many others drug bumpers on the launch, very entertaining show. Yes, we’ll have them back next year! And finally a big thanks to the race fans, racers and crewmembers and the Mason Dixon staff / owners for making the event run smoothly. This week coming it’s Truck Warz time. Test & Tune on Sat. And the big event, Truck Warz (1/8th Mile) on Sunday, first time run is at 11:30am See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this coming weekend!

Saturday — Oct. 26th

This was a Test & Tune event to start at noon and go to 4 PM. Sadly the weather folks got this one wrong, no rain predicted til early evening but we had sprinkles just before start time and we were delayed about a half an hour. 47 cars and bikes made mostly three runs til we had an oil down and more sprinkles that eventually turned to a steady rain that forced us to cancel out about 3 PM. Racers that had two or less runs got rain checks for a future Test & Tune day.

This weekend on Saturday the Stock / Super Stocks will have a Gamblers race and there is a Test & Tune event along with it, start time noon til 4 PM. On Sunday, the main event for the Stock / Super Stock racers and Test & t Tune also. Also don’t forget the Diesel truck and gas Trucks on Sunday Nov. 101th. Lastly a big WELCOME to South Mountain Raceway, they now have joined the SBRA family and will compete at the SBRA Bracket Finals next October at Mason Dixon Dragway. Welcome aboard team South Mountain! They will be a great addition to the SBRA family. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Wednesday — Oct. 16th

Day one of the SBRA 5 day bracket finals had to be cancelled, a steady all day rain gave us no chance to race.

Thursday — Oct. 17th

What a day, very windy, gusty and cloudy almost the entire day, temps only in the low 50’s, but we went racing! We started at 3 PM with all classes getting one time run / qualifier pass. The Junior Dragsters had 18 entries and in the final, maybe the best race of the day, Corine Campbell had a .009 light to barely win out over Chase Huber who was right there with .012 light. Great race there. Bike had Dale Hamilton winning over Dave Clinedinst. Pro category was won by Britt Olson over Scott Drayer, both excellent second generation racers. Super had Blase Raia over Paul Burruss who fouled with a .0001 red light. Great racing all evening, minimal down time. 220 entries raced today. We finished up at 8 PM.

Friday — Oct. 18th

Another Gamblers Race, this time way better weather temps reached 60 degrees but still a pretty good breeze, not gusty though, good racing conditions. We got underway at noon. Junior Dragsters had a lot more entries, Brooke Harper winning out over Liberti Ferster. In Bike we had a repeat winner as Dale Hamilton won over Brian Canoles. Pro had Devon Dudley getting a win over Troy Gerhart. Finally Super had Kevin Romeo over Steve Lenig. 333 entries raced today. We finished up right at 10 PM. Another day that went well.

Saturday — Oct. 19th

Now we had a decision to make, with impeding rain forecasted for Sunday we made the main event points race to run on Saturday. Great weather today, low 60’s and the wind was gone, it did cloud up as the day wore on. We also included any Gamblers drivers to enter this race also, a good call there. We started right at 9 am and ran the entire Junior Dragster race before any other classes raced. In the final Bret Holston won over Steve Dustin. 35 Junior Dragsters competed in the 7 round race. With the Juniors finishing up about 11:30 am we were ready with the big cars. In a big field of Bikes Brian Snyder won out over Derrick Crawford. Pro was the big class, 146 cars it was Tim Foskey winning over Brian Cool and finally in Super Delbert Baldwin won over Clayton Garber. Again, great racing all day. 333 racers participated today. We finished up at 7:30 PM.

Now the notes on the 2019 SBRA event. Yes, we lost two days. The right call was made on not racing Sunday, as I type this, it’s raining here and at the track, a cold soaker too. No way we could race today. A shout out to Mason Dixon staff and owners. Everybody worked well all three days. We had a great track, the clean ups we had, luckily were smaller but were quickly cleaned up with minimal down time. We kept cars going at a good, fast pace. Our food staff staff kept everyone fed, race fuel was available all day long our “Shirt Shack” open all the days. Our track photographer team, Bub and Becky Casto did there usual excellent work. A big thanks to Courtney Suders for announcing a bunch on Friday and Saturday, she did great as always. Gary Gore and Hayne Dominick were with us and helped greatly with the Gambler races and tallying points…..Oh yeah, the Beaver Springs team did it again this year out gunning all the rest of the tracks. It was Beaver Springs, Mason Dixon, Eastside, US 13, Keystone and Colonial Beach. Great job everybody, we’ll do it again next year. We are still open all the way to Nov. 24th. Hope to see you soon at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — Oct. 12th

This was a “King of the Track” event and Test & Tune with our “Slant 6” racers running their fall event. The weather was good, temps in the upper 60’s and a bit cloudy, real good drag racing weather. In Super Justin Crider won over Steve Morgret. Pro winner was Dave Slusher Jr. over Dahryl Clark. Sportsman class had James Standifer winning over Dave Toms. And finally Bike had Dale Hamilton over Brian Canoles. The “Slant 6” gang had seven entries and Rick Covalt won over Ryan Covalt. Now for the “King of the Track” part of the racing. In the final, Dale Hamilton won out over James Standifer. An overall good day, a nice mix of our usual Summit ET racers and Test & Tune cars put on a good show, we finished up at 6:30 PM. By the way, we had former racer Vernon Cockrell getting his “Second Wind Dream” granted today as the 80 year old resident of senior living Elmcrest of Hagerstown got to make a ride along pass down the track in front of friends and family, a run in the low 14’s at 98 mph and then had a group photo taken in the winners circle too. Vernon was at Mason Dixon Dragway way back when the track opened in 1961, he raced with us up to the 2001 racing season. All this can be seen on video by pulling up local news on WHAG TV, channel 25, Hagerstown.

Sunday — Oct. 14th

Even better weather, low 60’s and partly cloudy conditions helped to bring out 120 Test & Tune cars and a nice turnout of race fans too. We got underway at noon and filled the lanes with racers, with all of them running the best numbers of the year. The “Slant 6” group ran their cars again, today Ryan Covalt beat Rick Covalt in the final, both ran personal best passes ever. Madison Stotler, one of our Junior Dragster racers licensed today in Junior Street, good job. An excellent day, great turnout! Excellent track prep / maintenance, good work by our staff members, a good show both days! We finished up about 4:20 PM.

Get ready for a big week, SBRA Bracket Finals and the accompanying gamblers races, Wed. Thru Sun. Check the flyer on our website for the details! See you this week at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — Oct 5th

This a very well attended Street Nite event starting with the first qualifying passes at 1:30 PM. The weather…what a turn around, last Saturday, nearly 90 degrees and real humid to this week having temps in the low 60s with a cool breeze and corrected altitude of about 400 feet most all day / evening long. We had a huge turn out of 190 racers and a nice race fan turn out too. Let’s start with Md. Performance Center Real Street, 14 strong with Justin Bowmaker making two great qualifier passes the first a 5.03 then a quicker yet 5.01 both at 141 mph. At the end Shane Stymeist won over Justin Reggio with Mike Berry and Justin Bowmaker the semi racers. How about Jack Williamson making his fastest pass ever, a 5.13 @ 135 mph. We had 33 cars in Quick 16 so we made two complete fields, the faster group had a 5.78 bump. Jerry Williams had another Quick 16 $1,000.00 win over Calvin Kline in a good one. Jerry Williams making 6 passes, all were 4.65 to 4.66 and all at 149 mph, deadly consistent car and driver. The second field had Jim Day winning over Ronnie Horwath. Jumping over to the 6.50 Index cars, a field of 19 making round one. Tom Bard’s Weekend Warrior Nova getting the win over Ted Barmont with Nathan Englar taking third spot. A big thanks to all supporting the 6.50 Index class, nice fields all year long! N/A cars had 7 entries and in the all Booze final it was Charlie Booze Jr. over Charlie Sr., both ran 10.09 ets, Jr. won at the tree having a slightly better light. Pro Tree had Brian Plasterer winning over Mark Myers, Limited Street was a huge class, 41 entries and in the end it was Tim Bard winning over Nick Lindeman. Great job by the Bard gang, two wins in the tough 6.50 and Limited Street classes, Nick Lindemann had a great outing with the runnerup finish, he ran several 10.61 @ 125 mph passes. Drive In Street….he did it again, Glenn Estelle over Greg Orris. Finally Outlaw Pontiac had their last event of the year with Eric Weigand winning over Mike Clay. Rodney Eichelberger wrapped up the points championship for this group, way to go Rodney! Great racing all day / night, we finished a 9.00 PM, getting cool at that point, temps down in the 50s. It’s October! A really good ending to the Street Nite races for 2019, and yes we intend to add a 5.90 Index class to the Street Nite shows in 2020.

A couple of things, we all mourn the loss of Bill and Toni Smith’s daughter Abby on Tuesday in Cheyenne Wyoming where she was stationed in the U.S. Air Force. A service for the family will be at the UMC Church in Rouzerville Pa. Located on 11977 Old Rt. 16 at 10:00 am on Saturday October 12th. We also have the NHRA King of the Track race that same Sat. Oct 12th, starts at noon, a Test & Tune on Sunday noon to 4PM. See you at the service and at Mason Dixon Dragway this coming weekend!

Friday — Sept 27th

Another very warm Friday nite Test and Tune session, well attended also, 90 cars and bikes made their runs right up to 10:00 PM. This was the last Friday nite Test & Tune for the year. Another good event.

Saturday — Sept 28th

This was another Street Nite race, weather warm but dry. We started on time at 1:30 PM. All classes making two qualifying passes. Special guests from World Products, manufactures of engine blocks and other components were with us, Brad Sauls and Bill Leaman. They enjoyed the racing especially as the class the sponsor, Md. Performance Center Real Street. Speaking of Real street, Mike Berry won over Jack Williamson, but it wasn’t easy. Jack has stepped up his game and out gunned Mike at the ‘tree with a better light and had the lead 1/2 down til Mike over took him with a 5.06 @ 137 to a game 5.16 @ 135. Great race, there were 14 entries in the class. Shane Stymiest and Eric Hendriksen were semi racers. We had an excellent Quick 16, the bump at 5.90. Michael Shoop against Mike Daymude in the final. Daymude with a .011 to .016 advantage at the tree to take the close win. The 6.50 Index had 20 cars and the racing gets better all the time. In round 2 with 10 cars left, the farthest any racer was to the Index was a 6.55. Close, well run races with Mark Gray winning over Pat Hahn, 6.52 ets for both racers. Pro had Henry George over Bill Smith, Limited Street and Drive In Street had the same two in the finals. Glen Estelle over Greg Orris in each. Big nite for Glen and real good showing for Greg. We finished up at 7:30 PM. A real good show, great close racing in all the classes. Look for next year adding a 5.90 Index class on our Street Nite races!

Sunday — Sept 29th

Another Test and Tune event that started at 11:30 am til 4;:00 PM. We had 55 cars making many passes, Antonio Smith made 20 passes in his 2010 Camaro, a high 12 second car. We had a nice mix of imports, diesel and gas trucks, street cars bikes, full on race cars and Junior dragsters too. It got warm today also, mid 80’s. Everyone had fun, an overall good day.

This weekend, October 5th is a Street Nite event getting underway at 1:30 PM. In addition to the usual classes, the Outlaw Pontiacs will be with us for their final points race of the year. We are NOT open Friday or Sunday this weekend. The schedule for the remainder of the season is on this website, some changes were made for November. See you all at mason Dixon Dragway this Saturday!

Friday — Sept. 6th

This was a Test and Tune event starting at 6 PM and running til 10 PM. Good weather greeted our racers and race fans, 89 cars and bikes made numerous passes, a good event again.

Saturday — Sept. 7th

Another street Nite race, again the weather cooperating for once. We were hoping to a have a bigger field of Big Tire cars but many were out with mechanical issues, we did have Gary Walker’s newer Nova making a couple of test hits with his son making his first ever passes in the car. Both launches were hard and straight, nice driving first time out. Quick 16 had David Tyler in his silver small bolck Nova winning over Dennis Hammond in his Mustang, Jerry Williams and Paul Burruss were the semi racers. We did have enough cars for a second field, Chuck Wishard won that one over Dahryl Clark. The NA Coyote cars had Dan Ryntz over Charlie Booze Jr. These cars are heads up 1/4 cars running 10.20s at 130+ mph, entertaining, wheelstanding close racing in this class, 9 cars were in the field. 6.50 Index had a big field again, Pat Hahn won it over Mark Gray. Pro Driver Rodney Smith over Chase Campbell. Drive In Street was won by Ken Barrow over Glen Estelle. Bike winner was R. Diggs over George Stanley. About 130 cars raced with a nice turn out of race fans, we finished up about 10:30 PM.

Sunday — Sept. 8th

Another Test and tune day with a nice turn out, many race fans were with us also. Weather again cooperating and it did all three days this weekend also.

Saturday — Sept. 14

This was a Test and Tune day along with our annual AMC Meet and Outlaw Pontiac race. Yhe AMC group also had a car show as part of the day. In the Pontiac group Rodney Eichelberger extend his points series lead with a win, two remaining Pontiac races to go, one on the road and one more with us at Mason Dixon Dragway. Weather again was good. A good event.

Friday — August 23rd

This was to be a Test & Tune event but all day rains made it impossible get the track in shape for evening racing. We cancelled late in the afternoon.

Saturday — August 24th

Much better weather for this Test & Tune race, clear and temps in the high 70’s greeted the 71 racers and the race fans that came out for this event. We started at noon and finished up about 4 PM.

Sunday — August 25th

Stunning weather for this 22nd annual Mid Maryland Ford event. Lots of vendors were on hand with a very big show car field of all types of Ford Motor Co. Cars and trucks On display. The track started filling up before 8 am by the first time run went down the track we had 125 racers entered in the 6 classes. We started at 11:30 am with racers getting two time runs. Pro was the biggest class with last weeks $1,000 winner, Bob Bair taking the win over Brian Boyd. Super Pro had Chris Chives Sr. over Jason Day. Street Ford was won by Randy Allen. Mustang Class had Bobby Smith over Dan Nussbaum. Comet / Cougar was won by Marshall Wardrope over John Speziale. Trophy’s big winner was Kathy Gerhart over David Hess. Great racing and many first class race cars and show cars participating. A really great day, we finished up at 5 PM. Oh, thanks to Mt. Lena Recreation for serving breakfast and lunch menu items to all that attended our Ford event. This was a really big turn out to this annual event, thanks to all that spent the day with us!

Can you
Believe Labor Day weekend is upon us? Where did summer go? Fri. Nite, Test & Tune, Sat, Sun and Mon are all SBRA 1/8 mile bracket races. Pro Stick is with us on Sat and Sun, Outlaw Pontiacs on Sat. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — August 16th

This was a Test & Tune event. A heavy ran shower caused us to start about 45 minutes late but once we got going we had a good night. 84 cars participated. Josh McCoy’s Mustang ran as quick as 4.96, Mark Decker had his Ford powered dragster making test runs with the new engine and ran well. We finally finished up about 10:30 PM.

Saturday — August 17th

This was a Street Nite race with qualifying runs getting underway right at 4 PM. And yes, it was warm, temps about 90 degrees and humid, once the sun got behind the tree line it was much nicer. Let’s start with Md. Performance Center Real Street. Justin Reggio was fast in all but his semifinal bye run as he drew Mike Berry’s 65 Chevelle in the finals. Both left together, Justin getting the win, 5.05 to a 5.06 both at 138 mph, great close race. Shane Stymiest took third place. Quick 16 had a bump spot of 5.67 Calvin Kline won out over Mike Daymude, a many time Quick 16 winner, semi finalists were Bill Stevens and Ken Colton. We had another Quick 16 car field of 8 cars, winner would get $250 and runner up $125. In the final, first time winner Terry Stewart winning over Chuck Wishard. Terry was “on” in the final, ran 6.39 dead on the dial with a .002 light, great driving Terry. The 6.50 Index class was 19 cars strong, Les Tobery won over Howard Lawson, John Reed was third. The NA factory Mustangs had 9 entries, Charlie Booze over Dan Ryntz who’s car broke. Carlos Sabrino from New Jersey was third. Pro Street had Michael Donnelly over Al Hite. Limited Street was won by Glenn Estelle, Donnie Myers was runner up, both cars are driven to and from the track. Dodge Challengers were the finalists in Drive in Street. Greg Orris in the Demon won over Randy Allen”s Hellcat Challenger. We had 115 cars and a lot of race fans with us, we finished up about 10:30 PM. Good racing by all, great show!

Sunday — August 18th

It turned really hot today, temps to 95 degrees, probably kept some away but still we had great racing today, The Outlaw Pontiacs were 24 entries strong, Rodney Eichelberger won over Randy Peer in a close one, both cars in the low 9’s. Doug Chell and Kyle Garber were the semi racers. The $1000 to win Pro driver class had Bob Bair getting the win over Colby Imes, it was Harley Bergeau taking third place. Marcus Henry”s dragster is way faster now with a new engine, Last run, 4.76 @ 144 mph with a 1.07 60 ft. Time, much quicker now! We wrapped up the day about 4 PM.

Let’s thank all our race fans for turning out in very good numbers all three days. Nice show by all racers and race fans and crew members. Next weekend is a Test & Tune on Friday night and Saturday, The big Ford race and car show, vendors and drag racing is on Sunday. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Thursday — August 8th

Let’s start with the weather….nearly perfect all three days, sunny, temps in the high 80’s and not real humid, finally! Thursday was day one, we had about 110 racers competing. We started right on time at 10 am with all entering the all-run Gamblers race, everyone getting two time shots. Round one saw 101 entrants. In the final it was Dylan Moore over Eric Khoury. Semi racers were Cory Ream and Lamar Lewis. How about a $1,000 to win, $500 runner up and $200 each to the semi racers. Loads of close races and on the dial passes and many 00 and teen lights. Next were the Index classes, Vaughn Dunn over Melissa Wilson in the 7.90 group. Lamar Lewis over Paul Stalba in the 8.90 class. Cameron Boyd won over Kahlial Lewis in the 11.90 class and Mallory Dietz won the 13.90 class. We did run a Junior Street gamblers race, not part of the schedule but we did so by racer’s request. Gianni Melendy won over Ryan Wruble. This was the longest of the three days, we wrapped things up about 8:30 PM. An overall great day, minimal issues or down time.

Friday — August 9th

We got started right on time at 10 am. This had 170 gamblers racers in the all run race. Landon Palmer picked up the win and $1,200 over Mike Ulrich who received the $600 runner up money. Paul Stalba took third and $200. We also ran the Race of Champions race and it was team Maple grove racer Chris Smolenski winning over Virginia Motorsports Park entry of Chris Marrs, Jaiman Dietz of South Mountain Raceway took third. Friday race. In Junior Street it was Dylan Moore over Josh Sisk in the final. We wrapped up everything by just a bit before 6 PM and were served dinner across the road at the go cart track by the Putting on the Feedbag group, about 500 racers, crew members, family and NHRA and Mason Dixon staff ate a great dinner, thanks Micro Strategies and Myersville Exxon for sponsoring the dinner!

Saturday — August 10th

Now the main event run by age groups. The winners got $600 and runner-ups $300 there was semi money added as well. First cars were in the water right on time at 9 am. The younger racers first. Seth Kershner got the win over Cody Cumming in the 6 to 9 yr. old group.
Gavin Shoemaker won over Sean Kershner in the 10 to 12 yr. Old group. Alexis Waid took the win over Travis Paquin in the 13 to 14 yr. old group. The last class had Bill Blakey over Lorelie Hoover in the 15 yr. old and up group. There was 171 cars in the Junior Dragster group. Junior Street had 12 cars, Ryan Wruble won over Dylan Moore. We did have a consolation race for all first or second round non winners, 91 cars entered with a $20 entry, Mathew Schell winning over Carter Jackson. We finished up about 5 PM. Another great race day.

Overview….always it’s the racers, we called cars to the lanes, they were on time, ready to race, they kept the racing moving at a rapid fire pace, everybody can really drive well and it was a safe race. I commend all the Junior Dragster racers, they are top shelf, it was a pleasure to announce the event! A big thanks goes to the Hubble family, Hubble Motorsports for being there all three days with parts and support as needed. Sponsors, Micro Strategies Inc, Myersville Exxon and Hubble Motorsports for helping with the event, let’s support these business that support Junior Dragster racing! Tip of the hat to Dave Mohn and his NHRA Division One staff for doing their great job. Back to Micro Straegies Inc. for sponsoring D1TV for the live feed on the web. My team mates, the Mason Dixon staff for the great track and doing our part in putting on the event. Because two days were work days for their through the week jobs, we had several staff members filling in performing work positions that they don’t normally handle on weekend events, yeah they are flexible. For sure was an excellent Junior dragster D1 bracket finals, well done all!

This coming Friday, Test & Tune 6 to 10 PM., Street Nite on Saturday, Test & Tune, Pro driver and Outlaw Pontiacs on Sunday, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — August 2nd

This was a Test & Tune event, about 70 plus cars and bikes made passes starting at 6 PM. We finished up the evening at 10 PM. Weather was on our side with this one, not overly hot and no rain!

Saturday — August 3rd

This was the 5th annual VW race and show and this was a stand alone event with a great turnout all around. We had 103 VW cars in competition running in seven different categories. There was also 50 show cars and a number of vendors selling all things VW. We started at 11 am and all racers got two time runs, we did have some down time with one major engine failure / oil down that took awhile to clean up. Once we got to eliminations things started to move guickly, The seven classes had these winners and runner ups. All-Motor had Ben Zarpentine over Joe Koenig. Limited Street was won by Ken Hartleston over Scott Shin. A/G winner was Brad McBride over Stephen Howes. ASA winner was Jason Goodyear over Clint Woolward. These classes were all heads up, no break out stuff. Very fast cars, low ET of the meet was a 5.49 @ 134 mph, eighth mile. Now bracket classes, there were three, I/Gas winner was Bruce Ridgeway over Richard Hill. H/Gas had Trey Sykes over Holly Smith. And finally Super Stock was won by Trey Sykes over Rick Laur. We wrapped up racing at 6:30 PM. This event keeps growing, racers represented 12 states, from as far south as Georgia, north to Massachusetts and west to Indiana. North Carolina was well represented with many entrants competing. A big thanks goes to Scott Procaro for his tireless and enthusiastic promotion and hands on work before and during the entire event. A big thanks going out to all the fans, racers, crew members, vendors and to the entire Mason Dixon Dragway team for putting together such a good event! Well done!

Sunday — August 4th

This was a Summit ET series race featuring “Wallys” to our Junior Dragster group. We started at 9 am with our Junior Dragsters split into two classes by age, 6 to 12 yr. Old racers and the the 13 yr. And up racers. We had 22 racers, 11 each in the two classes. In the 6 to 12 yr. old group it was Parker Fields getting the win on a solo pass as Camerson Proctor’s broke before the final, Parker was solid on all his runs up to the final, great lights and running close to his dial all day. Cameron Bauman took third spot. In the 13 yr. Old and up group it was Dylan Moore over Jo Jo Mallow with Josh Sisk taking third place. Dylan drove very well as usual, great job by the Moore gang! By the way, besides the winners getting “Wallys” they also won $200.00 and runnerups $100.00. Now the big cars, they got underway at about 11:40 am with two time runs. In Super Paul Burruss won over Randy Krause. Pro had Mark Harbaugh getting another win over the stick shift Pinto of Bill Smith. Sportsman was won by Rocky Moore over Dave Toms. Bike was won by Dave Clinedinst over Logan Mathias. Trophy had Glenn Estelle over Greg Orris. And finally we had Josh Sisk over Dylan Moore. In Junior Street. We finished up the day about 4 PM. Good racing as always.

This coming week we go four days with the Division One Junior Dragster Bracket Finals getting underway on Thursday, check the schedule for all related info on this race! See you this week at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — July 26th

Warm but dry weather greeted 120 Test & Tune drivers and we also had a good race fan turnout. Many runs made starting at 6 PM and racing finished up at 10 PM. An excellent Test & Tune Friday nite!

Saturday — July 27th

Another warm but clear evening for our Street Nite event. A whopping 187 racers competed and a very large race fan turnout saw great racing in all the classes. In Md. Performance Center Real Street we had 15 entries and most all were quick, Mike Berry, Justin Reggio J. C. Beattie were in the 5.0s with several others close to it with 5 teen passes. In the final, Mike Berry had a 5.05 Et to take out Justin Reggio who had been fast all night til the car spun in the final. John Turner and J. C. Beattie were the semi racers. A lot of great passes made by all in this class, great job Real Street racers. Quick 16 had 42 racers trying to make the two 16 car fields. Dave and Patti Smith’s Firebird driven by Bobby Demilt Jr. won out over Tom Morgan in the final. Semi racers were Mike Daymude and Jason Rudy. The second group of Quick 16 had Chuck Wishard over Jason Rudy, Sean Coffey and Jeff Dixon were the semi racers. The 6.50 Index class keeps growing and the racing gets tougher each event. John Reed and his wheel standing 67 Dodge took the win over Matt Bowie, Pat Hahn and Al Hite were the semifinalists. All the other classes had big fields, Joe Slifko won Pro, Steve McCulley Limited Street and Dave Clinedinst won Bike. We ran late, several track clean ups were needed but we kept at it til the last cars went down the track at 12:30 am. What a great show! Don’t miss the next Street Nite, Aug 17th.

Sunday — July 28th

Now it got hot and humid, temps just above 90 deg. No wet stuff though. We’ll take it. We started just after 9 am with the Junior Dragsters, 19 racers in all. In the final Travis Hill got the win over Parker Fields, Shelby Nick took third, by the way Shelby got the extra semi final money, $100.00 put up by Elmer Wachter and Jake Landes as he took third place.Good racing by all of our Junior Dragster racer today. Big cars were next starting at 11:30 am. All the Summit Class winners received Wallys, Super Alan Hess won over Mark Coover, Pro driver Tim Humm a winner over Troy Gerhart,Bike had Dave Clinedinst over Brian Moore and finally in Sportsman it was Debbie Boyer over Dave Toms. Junior Street was won by Dylan Moore over Travis Hill. By the way it was good to see York Pa. Racers Danny and Debbie Boyer compete with us. Danny went out early in the Bike class but Debbie was killer on the tree all day and took home her first ever “Wally” trophy. Great work Debbie. We finished up racing about 5:30 PM.

This coming weekend, Friday night Test & Tune, Saturday our 5th annual VW meet and a Summit ET race with Wallys for the Junior dragsters, see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

July 19,20. & 21st Were Cancelled DUE TO HEAT INDEXES well above 100 Degrees Keeping it Safe !!!
Friday — July 12th

This was another Test & Tune event that started on time at 6 PM. The weather was cooperative for a change, warm and dry, a nice evening with a moderate turnout of race cars. Everybody got plenty of passes down the quarter mile, no oil downs and almost no downtime. Boris Skoblov had his turbo six banger BMW rip an 8.22 @ 168 mph on his first pass, Bill Smith had the Pro-Stick Pinto make several runs, best 9.67 @ 137 mph with several 1.31 60 ft. launches. Gary Walker made one test hit with his Blue Nova but clicked almost right away. A real nice mix of cars, bikes and one Junior Dragster driven by Cole Rudy who made several straight clean passes by the seven year old new racer. Nice job Cole! We finished up on time at 10:00 PM.

Friday July 19th is a Test & Tune event, 6 to 10 PM. Saturday July 20th is a All-Access NHRA TV Summit Points race along with Outlaw Pontiacs and Coyote N/A heads up Mustangs. Sunday July 21st is another Summit ET Series race. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!
Friday — July 5th

This was a Test & Tune event and it was very hot temps in the low 90’s with sky high humidity. We started on time at 6 PM and almost right away we had a top end oil down that just as the clean up was wrapping up….it started to rain which was light and lasted about 20 minutes, it took over an hour to dry as the humidity was so high. About 8 PM we were back underway and finished up at 10 PM. Not a bad turnout all things considered. A tip of the hat to track management and staff for making a great effort to dry the track, many might have given up on the night’s racing. Thanks to our racers and race fans for sticking with us too.

Saturday — July 6th

It was a real scorcher today, very oppressive humidity but we got underway on time at Noon with our SBRA Junior Dragsters, 22 entries in the field. Chrisopher Burch got the win over Madison Stotler in the final, Miles Raffa took third place. We went to the big cars at 3 PM and everyone got in their qualifying runs and as eliminations got underway it started to rain. It did stop for a bit and then just poured a bit after we called it a day. Another tough day for all.

Sunday — July 7th

Much better day in the beginning anyway with cloud cover and cooler temps. SBRA Junior Dragsters got going at 9 am. Again a 22 car field, today it was Landon Palmer winning over Cameron Boyd. Cameron got the big head start with a fine .027 light and Landon giving chase with a .016 light, dead close at the finish line, well run drag race by BOTH drivers in this one! Now the big cars, they got under way at 11:30 am. Everyone got their qualifiers in and we completed round one. The Pro Driver class got in round two and the Supers got a couple pairs down track and showers moved off the mountain. The rain briefly stopped and track drying was underway when harder shower soaked the place and we called it a day, racers still got rain checks but Pro Driver class having completed two rounds, 18 drivers still in, received $135.00 each. Sooner or later we’ll get better weather to race, that’s the hope anyway.

Thanks Steve Dress and the Outlaw Pontiac gang for racing with us on Saturday and same for Merritt Snyder and the MANDRA racers for running with us also, hope they can figure out a reschedule date for later on this season. A special thanks to Scott Klovensky our tech man for hauling my Firebird down so I could make a couple passes Friday night, very fun. This coming weekend is a Test & Tune Friday Night July 12th, we are off Sat. And Sun. A Summit Points race July 20 th and 21 st. See you this Friday night!

Friday — June 28th

We started at 6 PM with a Test & Tune event on very warm muggy evening. Richie Stine and Josh McCoy had their Md Performance Center Real Street cars testing for a hot weather tune up and ran 5 teens on their best passes, very strong in the heat. We had about 55 cars racing, we finished up at 10 PM.

Saturday — June 29th — Cruise for the Cure Event

The racing part of this event was totally rained / flooded out on Mothers Day and this was the make up day. Slightly less humid today but still hot. Show cars cruised in from Hagerstown arriving about 10 am and after a bit all the show cars parked, vendors got open and our tech guys were inspecting cars for the racing action that started at 11:30 am. Most everyone was satisfied with making many test passes down the quarter mile. We did run a bracket class with the three top racesr receiving real nice trophies, winner was a 6 footer! All right you ask, how did we do? Well Cruise for the Cure made $10,424.00 for the two days going to Relay for Life. Sara Mulkey and the Stablemates car club and Relay for Life all thank everyone who participated in this fund raising event. Thanks all!

Sunday — June 30th

This was a Test & Tune event with a $1,000.00 to win Pro Driver class. Sadly many missed out on this well paying class, 21 were entered, full payout was made as Brian Henry beat Dicky Bodmer in the final, Troy Gerhart took third. Others made numerous test passes throughout the afternoon, we finished up about 3:30 PM. Forgot, Mike Hoff in his dragster ran several 1/8 mile passes, mid 4.80s @ 142 mph. Kelli Fleming’s S-10 Chevy truck ran 12.20s @ 112 mph, way faster than before and lastly Jake Landes in his new 2017 Supercharged Corvette made one test hit, 11.21 @ 126 mph, a real fast car and done on factory tires. Overall good day, would like to see more support on the Pro Driver races.

Friday July 5th Test & Tune 6 to 10 PM. SBRA races on Saturday July 6th with Outlaw Pontiacs and MANDRA cars Jr Dragsters at noon, big cars 3 PM. Sunday July 6th SBRA starting at 9 am Jr Dragsters, big cars at 11:30 am. One run and go BOTH days! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Friday — June 21st

A perfect night for a Test & Tune event as the weather was clear, with low humidity and temps in the 70’s. We had a great turn out of race cars 142 strong plus many race fans too. Everyone was getting ready for the 6th annual Rocking Chair Nationals the following day. We started at 6 PM and wrapped up the night at 10 PM.

Saturday — June 22nd — The 6th Annual Rocking Chair Nationals

Weather again a big help, temps in the low 80’s but low humidity, just a real nice early summer day. The place filled up early with a big car show and a huge field of race cars, 266 strong with 170 show cars. We had numerous interviews with racing heroes from the early 60’s many who are still, building, working on or still racing as much as they can. We started off at 10 am with Gary Gore and I interviewing our special guest racers and others involved in our sport in it’s beginning years, we gave away a lot of plaques also. Now the racing got underway promptly at 11 am. Outlaw Pontiac had a 28 car field with Billy Farrell picking up his first Outlaw Pontiac win over Arnie Brewer. In Pro Driver class it was a great final, Dahrl Clark over Nicole Talbert . This class had many entries competing. Top Sportsman was won by Mark Gray in his “Double Vision” Malibu over Randi Teed in her Camaro. Nostalgia Eliminator was won by Daver Raser in his Ford Fairmont wagon, a great car with super driver makes him a tough one to beat. Chris Miller in his Altered Wheel Base Dodge was runner up. In the 409 class Bob Walker won in the 63 Chevy “Loving Chevrolet” over the Miller Racing straight axle 65 Nova. Both are unique cool race cars. Pro Stick headed up by Eric Kitchen had 58 cars entered and Colton Kirchner was the winner. Even all these cars plus a high number of buybacks we still finished up at 8:30 PM. Hey gang a big thanks to Gary Gore and Hain Dominick for helping on the promotion end the race. Thanks Mt. Aetna Fire Company for their great food, breakfast and lunch was served, Hope’s Lemonade served up plenty of fresh lemonade through out the day / evening. Another outstanding effort from our track staff, a smoothly run race, great track prep and maintenance, plenty of excellent food prepared by our food stand crew, Cheryls Shirt Shack the cool event shirts and Bub and Becky Casto for their A-1 track photography. Steven Dickey came down and did some announcing and did a fine job. But the best for last, thank you to all our participants, racers, car show people race fans for making this another really fine event at Mason Dixon Dragway!

We’re back Friday for another Test & Tune event 6 to 10 PM. Saturday is the Cruise for the Cure event, car show cruise in and drag racing, Sunday a Pro Driver big purse race and Test & Tune starting at 11 am. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — June 14th

This one was another well attended Test & Tune event with a good showing of race fans and 113 cars and bikes making passes from 6 PM til 10 PM. Some of the Big Tire cars made test passes and were fast too. Another very good Friday night event. Oh, the weather was excellent as well, temps in the 60’s and breezy also.

Saturday — June 15th

Another big Street Nite event, weather was no problem, no rain and temps in the high 70’s. We had six Big Tire cars, Jeremy Curry, Vince Fourcade, Steve Evans, Eric Champ, Scott Kline and Gary Walker, all were fast. Sadly on Scott Klines second pass the transmission blew apart big time just before the finish line. Scott was unhurt but the car had undercarriage damage and we had a major clean up to perform before we could resume the racing. The Mason Dixon crew did a great job cleaning up and re-prepping the racing surface so we could get back to racing. In the final it was Gary Walker with another hard launch and straight run winning over Jeremy Curry who left first and was in front for awhile til Gary drove around him in a really good race. Small Tire had only Harold Horton running, he made several hard straight passes, he typically runs with the Md. Performance Center Real Street racers. Quick 16 had 32 entries so made this into two fields, the bump spot was a 5.54. In the Quick group which had 7 four second cars it was Jerry Williams winning over Tom Morgan, Ken Colton and John Moton were the semi racers. In the second field it was Dale Jackson over Michael Shoop, Joe wetzel and Tim Kramer the semi racers. By the way, Tim Kramer from Hudson Florida made the trip to drive has dad Steve’s Corvette. This was their first trip to Mason Dixon Dragway, bet we see more of those two! How the the 6.50 Index group, 28 entries, this class is taking off. Mike Reed took the win over Dan Rentz. Limited street was won by Charlotte Mallow over Roger Bard and Drive Street was won by Kathy Gerhart over Briab Canoles. We had a good turnout of race fans and race cars, with the down time to clean up the oil down we finished up just before 11 PM. A real good show tonite!

Sunday — June 16th

This was our rescheduled 36th annual Mopar Meet. Ok, the weather messed with this one a bit, all week rain was predicted and yes we had sprinkles before the racing and one 20 minute delay during round two but that was it, we got through it ok. We have had bigger Mopar races but this was still a good one, 90 cars raced and plenty of Mopar fans were in attendance also. In Super Michael Bauman squared off against Nathan Engler. Nathan dialed a 10.23 and and ran 10.230 with a .000 light….a PERFECT run, Michael had a good light and was one off the dial a good run, just not enough. Bernie Staub took third. Pro had Danny Householder in his altered wheelbase 65 Dodge winning over Steve McCulley, Danny Smith was third. Greg Orris in his Demon running low 10 teen passes won over Dave Goode and Randy Allen took third in the Sportsman class. A good event wrapping up the three day race weekend. A great job by all the staff, the foodstand busy all three days, track staff gave us a hard hooking racing surface all three days and and thanks to Karisa for announcing a good bit on Friday night and to Steve Dickey helping on Saturday with the announcing duties.

Friday night, another Test & Tune, Saturday is the big Rocking Chair Nationals Nostalgia race. Meet racers from the earlier days of drag racing and catch the great racing action with the Pro Stick cars, Outlaw Pontiacs, Nostalgia class, Top Sportsman, Pro Driver and other exhibition runs. Interviews with racing personalities at 10:30 am, racing starting at 11:30 am. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — June 7th

This was another well attended Test & Tune event. Nearly perfect weather, clear skies and temps in the upper 70’s helped bring in a great field of cars, bikes and junior dragsters, a total of 101 competitors and a lot of race fans too. Aside from a long down time to clean up a coolant leak from one of our racers, the evening went real well. Lots of passes made by all racers, we finished up right at 10 PM.

Saturday — June 8th

The racing action on this SBRA points race got underway at noon with our Junior Dragsters. We had a 16 car field with Steve Dustin III over Dylan Moore in the final, Mary Elizabeth Bannister and Mason Bean were the semi finalists. Good racing as always from our Junior Dragster racers. At 3 PM the big cars took the track. The Outlaw Pontiac racers were with us today, 20 racers competing. Mark Harbaugh took the win over Doug Chell, Rodney Eichelberger took third. Pro Driver had Nicole Talbert winning over Steve Dustin III and Kelli Fleming took third in a big field of racers, over 50 cars in the class. Super had Jerry Williams running low 4.70s winning over Josh Johnson, Michael Shoop took third, Jerry with his win had great lights, one was a perfect .000 and backed up next round with a .001 and dead on runs was unstoppable. The car works, 1.05 60 ft. launches, is consistent with a fine driver behind the wheel, great win for sure. Bike had Brian Canoles over Kermitt Garnett III in a real close and well run race by both riders. The Xmas trophies provided by Al’s Body Shop were awarded to Larry Price winning over Ernest Tharpe in the Trophy class. Great racing all day / evening, weather real nice for once. We had 143 racers and a good race fan turnout too. We finished up at 8:50 PM.

Sunday — June 9th

Another SBRA points race that the weather messed with again. Very cloudy but comfortable temps in the 60’s as the Juniors got underway at 9 AM with 17 racers competing. In the final it was Eric Bowles getting his second career win over first time finalist, Parker Fields. Eric had a slightly better light and won a close one over Parker. In the semis Parker took out yesterdays winner Steve Dustin while Eric beat Jo Jo Mallow in the other semi match up. Great work Eric and Parker today! Now the big cars. We started at 11:30 AM and though more clouds rolled in we were still dry and got round one of everything in but after getting most of Pro Driver round two down the track light rain / sprinkles forced us to stop. We managed to resume and get almost all the Supers down for their second round but the the rain moved wet everything down enough that stopped the racing for the day. We tried! Again Karisa was helping me announce eliminations and is starting to learn the job really well and having fun too.

This weekend….Test & Tune Friday 6 PM to 10 PM, Saturday, Big Tire and Small Tire No Time cars, Quick 16, 6.50 Index pay $1,000 to win, Pro Street, Limited Street, Drive In Street and Street Bike racing, we get underway at 4 PM, Sunday it’s the Mopar event, show cars in early, racing at 11:30 am, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Friday — May 31st

This was a Test & Tune event about 60 cars and bikes made many passes and for once the weather was excellent, a nice evening for racing, we finished up about 10 PM

Saturday — June 1st

This was a very well attended Street Nite race with over 150 racers entering the event. Weather was threatening with rain showers all around but early they left us alone. Later in the evening at about 10:30 PM it rained forcing us not to totally finish the racing. Md. Performance Center Real Street had 16 cars and the racing was very good. We got to the finals where Justin Reggio was to meet Josh McCoy. Josh had run a 5.02 @ 138 mph with a 1.16 60 ft in his semi and Justin ran his season best 5.03 @ 137 mph with a terrific wheelstanding 1.15 60 ft. in his semi pass. Joe Hagens and John Staats were the semi final racers. Quick 16 had 27 entries we opted to let all run with second field having 11 entries. It took a 5.61 to get in the top 16 field. Were only able to get to the semis in the main field and three cars in the second field. We had another stellar field of 6.50 Index cars, 22 entries, this class is getting good now! The Factory NA cars are real entertaining with times in the 10.20s and 10.30s. We did get Drive In Street done, Larry Price over Randy Allen and Bike with Brian Canoles over Brian Moore. Overall a great show, a big thanks to all our race fans that attended, there were plenty hanging out with us for our Street Nite race!

Sunday — June 2nd

This was another Summit ET series race that weather played into it in a big way. We got the race in, we had two very brief rain / sprinkle delays but the weather forecast had been for a 80 percent chance of rain and kept many racers and race fans away.
We started with a 23 car field of Junior Dragsters and got them done by 11:30 am, Steve Dustin took the win over Ryan Ely, Chris Burch took third place. Chris Lil put up $100.00 extra money for the Junior racers today, Steve Morgan and Joe Nahory won $50.00 each, thanks again Chris! The big cars were next, Michael Shoop Jr. won over Steve Morgret in Super, Pro Driver had Brian Lind over Faith Warner, Bike was won by Brian Moore over Kermit Garnett III, Sportsman was won by Rocky Moore, Junior Street had Dylan Moore over Travis Hill, Tyler Gontz was third place, Trophy was won by Greg Orris. We would like to thank Paul Cole for doing the invocation today and Bill Smith for handling the Racers for Christ service in the morning. Steven Dickey helped out on the “mike” on Saturday and Karisa from our foodstand helped announce the later rounds today, it was her first time announcing and she did a really good job, she’ll do it again soon too! Oh, the rain and lightning did arrive just after the racing ended, it just dumped from Emmitsburg Md. all the way to East Berlin Pa. on my ride home

Friday — May 24th

A huge Test & Tune event, 153 cars and many race fans watched a variety of cars, bikes and junior dragsters run from 6 PM to a bit past 10 PM. Gary Walker’s Big Tire blower Nova ran three straight hard passes down the track with no issues. Josh McCoy and his Real Street Mustang ran a 5.03 & 138 mph and Justin Reggio, also in a real Street Chevy powered Mustang ran a 5.10 @ 136 mph. A big thanks to all that attended this excellent Test & Tune event. Very fun, on a personal note, I was there announcing the deal and I’m very impressed with all the different race vehicles that run theses Friday night events.

Saturday — May 25h

We started on time with a 24 car field of Junior dragsters. Mason Bean took the win over Logan Simpkins, Steve Dustin the third place racer. We ran five Junior Street racers Travis Hill winning over Dylan Moore. Super had 54 cars with Steve Morgret getting the win over Mark Claypool in his 70 Plymouth GTX. Pro / Sportsman was won by Mark Harbaugh over Steve Long in a class with 72 entries. Bike had Kermitt Garnett II winning over Logan Mathias. Trophy class had 12 entries, now sponsored by Al’s Body Shop, Chris and Al Crawford the owners, it was Jennifer Vignola of Mahwah NJ taking the win over Chase Campbell. Outlaw Pontiacs were in the house, 22 entries strong, car 876 the winner over Mike Clay. Where did the weather fit in? We opted to do one time run and go all weekend and right after the Super final ran it started to rain, we got lucky for once. Race day 1 in the books.

Sunday — May 26th
TWe started again at 9 am with the Junior Dragsters, Steve Dustin III got the win over Carly Forrest, Landon Palmer was third. Again 24 entries competed in the Junior cars. Big cars took the track at 11:30 am. Junior Street had Dylan Moore over Travis Hill. Lilyan Raum licensed and then competed in Junior Street and drove well! Super had 56 entries and it was Clayton Garber over Bernie Staub, great driving by both right to the finals. Pro / Sportsman was won again by Mark Harbaugh, he is on fire right now, by winning over Dahryl Clark. Bike was won by Brian Moore over Kermitt Garnett III. Trophy had Jason Bowers over Jason Burrier. Today rain was all around but stayed away from us. Another good day in the books.

Monday — Memorial Day — May 27th

Again, 9 am sharp 24 Junior Dragsters ran for the third day in a row, it was the girls turn, Jo Jo Mallow over Steve Dustin III. High School was won by Jo Jo Mallow. Super had another good field as Ryan Henry won over Nick Bowman. Pro / Sportsman had another good field with Dahryl Clark winning over Brian Lind. Bike had two second generation racers with Logan Mathias winning over George Stanley. Trophy had 11 entries, Greg orris getting the win, Again rain was all around, we spent a lot of time looking at radar, but stayed away, thanks Mother Nature for once. Memeorial Day weekend racing is in the books!

Thoughts on the weekend racing……Excellent turnout, especially Friday night, great track prep, cars fast and consistent, minimal break downs or oil downs, the program each day was fast paced and run in a timely fashion and great driving all weekend.
Nice driving by everyone but especially these racers, Mark Harbaugh, two Pro wins and four rounds on Monday, hard to stop him.Dylan Moore two Junior Street wins Nick Bowman getting a Super runnerup and a third spot finish in Pro / Sportsman. Dahryl Clark with a win and runnerup in Pro / Sportsman, Steve Dustin III won, runneruped and took a third spot finish in Junior Dragster, Jo Jo Mallow a win in Junior Dragster and High School on Monday and I know I’m missing some other good performers. A really good event!

Friday night, another Test & Tune, Saturday is a Street Nite race, qualifying starts at 4 PM, Md Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index, NA Coyote heads up cars and more. Sunday is a Summit ET Series race. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

This coming weekend, Test & Tune on Fri. SBRA racing Sat. and Sun. The Outlaw Pontiacs are with us on Sat. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — May 18th

This was a Summit ET series event and sure enough the weather played into this race. A heavy rain shower moved through about 6 am and soaked the place, it stayed cloudy til late morning and the track staff was hard at work drying the track. Finally at 10:30 am went drag racing starting with the Junior Dragsters. Jaiman Dietz of Hanover Pa. had a big day winning over Ryan Ely in the final. Travis Hill and Cameron Boyd were the semi racers. The big cars followed with Pro Driver being won by Brian Lind over Dicky Bodmer. Sportsman was won by Rocky Moore over Steve Dustin who broke the rear end on the launch in final. Bike had George Stanley winning over Brian Canoles. Darius Wenger beat Gerg Orris in the Trophy class. Junior Street was won by Dylan Moore over Travis Hill. Leaving Super for last, a quick moving thunderstorm with a lot of lightning moved in just as Mike Daymude and Brad Doss squared off for the final. Rather than risk a race with rain just about to start these two opted to split the money. Good to get a race in for once, we finished up just before 6 PM.

Sunday — May 19th

Another Summit ET Series race, sunny and breezy early, a nice dry track, we started right on time at 9 am. The Junior Dragsters got us underway with Landon Palmer winning over Dylan Moore, Maddie Stephens and Ryan Ely were the semi racers. The big cars took the track next and sure enough storms moved in with a lot of lightning in the mid afternoon. We did complete Junior Street, Dylan Moore over Travis Hill, Trophy was won by Greg Orris. We got no further than semis in all the other classes, when the storm arrived it was preceded by numerous lightning strikes causing us to stop, light rain arrived later. Of note Ronnie Proctor Sr. made some 1/8 mile test passes in a Top Sportsman Pontiac, ran 4.40s, Josh McCoy in his Real Street Mustang made partial passes and launched hard and straight and Brittany Clark’s “Killa” dragster ran as quick as 4.43 @ 155 mph coupled with a .99 60 ft time, she was still in we stopped racing. Money was split with racers still in the show. It least we got the bulk of the day in.

All right, Memorial Day weekend coming at ya, SBRA style, Test & Tune Friday 5/24, SBRA points racing Sat. Sun. and Memorial Day Mon. Outlaw Pontiacs race on Sat. the High School race is on Mon. Al’s Body Shop providing the excellent “Xmas Tree” trophies for winner and runnerup in Trophy this weekend. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend

Friday — May 10th

This was a Test & Tune with heavy track prep for our next day Battle Mayhem race. We got the racing underway on time at 6 PM but sure enough light rain showers moved in about 7 PM and never really let up and we cancelled for the night.

Saturday — May 11th

We made a decision to continue the rain shortened Test & and Tune and started it off right at 9 am. It was well attended too as we ran a bit long clearing the lanes to start the first qualifying runs for the Battle Mayhem event. We got underway at 12:30 PM with Md. Performance Center Real Street, three cars cracked into the 4’s, Richie Stine a 4.96, Mike Berry and Josh McCcoy ran 4.99. Big MPH was J C Beattie at 141 mph. Warriors race team bought some real fast cars, several in the 4.40 zone with 165 mph top end speeds. Big Tire No Time standouts were Scott Kline and Gary Walker, these two made excellent passes. Quick 16 was loaded, two fields qualified, the first group bump a 5.64 second group 6.02. 37 cars battled it out to make one of the fields. NA Factory cars were cool, heads up 1/4 mile stick Mustangs, high winding small blocks, big wheel stands and the faster cars ran just under 10.20 ets. @ 130 mph. Lastly we ran a 6.50 Index class [1/8 mile] deal, last year we got as high as 14 entries this race a whopping 32 cars raced the class! Now we have to talk about the weather, it was cloudy and cool all day with temps in the mid 50’s, there was light rain all around but aside a couple of sprinkle delays the rain held off and let us complete two full rounds for five of the six classes, 6.50 Index got in three rounds. About 9:30 PM light showers rolled in and wet everything down that were would be no way to continue the race. All racers still in split the full purses to make it a completed though shortened race. Let’s thank a bunch of people, Justin Reggio of Md. Perfromance Center, Larry Mack and the Warrior race team drivers and crew members, all other competitors for supporting the race, our big turn out of race fans and lastly all of the Mason Dixon crew for the great track surface and keeping the event running as smoothly as possible, great work at our food stand, just good racing by all competing in the “Battle Mayhem” event!

Sunday — May 12th — Mothers Day ( Rain Most of the Day but did not dampen the spirits fot the Cruise for the Cure ) Sara and the Stablemates Car Club were able to muster over 43 SHow Cars and many vendors, The Pit Pork and Beef were out of site, . Sara texted me at the end of the day and stated they were able to gather over 7700 dollars for the Cure. Talks are in the works to possible continue the Cruise in June to get the Drag Racing portion completed.

Once again steady rains cancelled the drag racing portion of the 7th Annual “Cruise for the Cure” event. These events have been very successful in the past but now last year and this years events have been marred by by rainy weather. Hats off to Sara Mulkey and the Stablemates car club for so much hard work and time being put into this event.

This coming weekend is a Summit ET series race both on Saturday and Sunday, all Summit classes contested, Memorial Day weekend SBRA race the following week. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — May 4th

This was a Test & Tune event contested on a mostly cloudy cool day, heavy rain Friday night made the lower pits pretty wet. The track crew did great a job drying and prepping the track and had it ready for the noon start time. We also had the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Race Series cars with us on their first event of the 2019 season, this is their 21st year as a race series, they have had that deal together a long time. It was Rodney Eichelberger getting the win over Randy Peer. East Coast Impala Racing group had their Impalas running, Dan Fahey took the win with his excellent Pure Stocker Impala. The Mopar Slant Six racers were with us too, former series champ Ron Hamby won in his Dart. With the big Battle Mayhem event coming this Saturday May 11th we some Md. Performance Center Real Street racers with us testing. The leader of the MPC Real Street and owner of Md Perfromance Center Justin Reggio finally got his own car out to play. Running the business and overseeing the Real Street races has caused Justin to take five years to finish up his own ride, what a beautiful, well belt hot rod it is too. Mustang powered by an LS nitrous assisted 451 ci. Chevy powerplant. First time down the track netted a 5.23 and on his last and best pass, 5.13 @ 135 mph. Only one throw away run, fives passes were quicker each time down the track, a successful day. We had a pretty good turn out of Test & Tune cars, MPC Real Street Josh McCoy and Russ Martin made some test passes during the event. Not a bad day, we finished up about 4:30 PM.

Sunday — May 5th

More rain moved in again early Sunday causing us to cancel the Mopar race, it is rescheduled for June 16th, this is getting old now.

Hope to see everyone this weekend, Friday a ” Heavy Prep” Test & Tune, Saturday “Battle Mayhem” with lots of heads up racing and on Sunday the Cruise for the Cure event, cars show and drag racing. See you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — April 13th

This was our tie-breaker race. We started with the Junior Dragsters and it was Dylan Moore for the win over Travis Hill, we are going to see a lot of these two all year long in late rounds and finals. Bike had Brian Canoles as a winner.Pro Driver was the biggest class with Mark Harbaugh over Dahrl Clark. Super was won by Steve Morgret over Mike Daymude. An overall good to day for the first real race of the year.

Sunday — April 14th

Again and sadly the weather or lack of good weather won out here. Rain again.

Saturday — April 20th

This was to be our first SBRA race and you guessed it another rain out.

Easter Sunday — April 21st

Were closed for Easter

Saturday — April 27th

This was a Summit ET series race and it was a cool day with temps in the 50’s but with very high and gusty winds all day long, we started on time and began with the Junior Dragsters. With such high winds were shortened their racing to 330′ ft. A good mover there. Travis Hill took the win with Ryan Ely the second place driver. Junior Street was won by Travis Hill over Dylan Moore. Pro Driver was won by Mark Harbaugh over Doug Lindahl, see a pattern here, Mark Harbaugh won last time out and in our smaller gamblers race back in March he took the win also, he’s on it already. Super had Joe Martz dead on his 5.59 dial to win over breaking out Brandon Lowe. Brian Canoles took Bike over Eric Bowles, that’s two straight for Brian, nice work. Sportsman was won by Rocky Moore. Trophy had a couple of the Pontiac gang in the finals, Chuck Hutzler over Mike Clay. All the racing was shortened up to the 1/8 mile due to such windy conditions, another decent day considering the less than perfect racing weather.

Sunday — April 28th

Overnite rain and very wet pits caused another race falling victim to weather.

This Sat. May 4th a Test & Tune noon til 4 PM. Sunday May 5th is our big Mopar event, gates open early for racers and car show participants. Racing starting 11:30 am. Let’s all plan to be at Mason Dixon Dragway this coming weekend. Oh, and check this website for details of this weekend and all the events on 2019 Schedule on the home page.

Saturday — April 6th

Weather again no problem, partly cloudy skies and temps in the mid 60’s for Test & Tune day. About 75 cars, bikes and junior dragsters made passes from noon til 4 PM. Again a lot of full on race cars and bikes were on hand getting ready for the upcoming Summit and SBRA points races. Track was again great and everyone was fast too. A fun day to be at the track for sure. Two friends of mine, Katrina and Zack were visiting from from Stillwater Oklahoma, they were impressed by the fast cars and they liked our foodstand too! They’ll be back.

Sunday — April 7th

Weather just about like Sunday. Just a bit warmer. Today more racers, 93 were with us and lots of race fans. Several Md. Performance Center Real Street cars were in the house making several passes each. Ronnie Boyd made several passes in his A / Econo Dragster, a 4.45 @ 155 mph in the 1/8 mile. Everyone made several runs each. Oh, how about Kathy Gerhart in her T-Bird sporting a 347 stroker small block Ford engine going straight into the 11’s with a 11.75 @ 113 mph pass, she’ll be tough in Sportsman this year. Another real good day, we finished right a 4 PM.

We would like to thank Al Crawford of Al’s Body Shop, Martinsburg, WV for now sponsoring our Trophy class at each of the SBRA points races, the winner and runner-up will receive a “Xmas Tree Trophy”, these are are real nice, made from a composite material and are heavy….very desirable for our racers. Thanks Al and Chris, remember these folks when needing a any body work / collision repair! We are back this weekend, Saturday the tie-breaker race, Junior Dragsters at 9;00 am, big cars go at 11:30 am. On Sunday the first Summit ET Series race, Junior Dragsters at 9:00 am, big cars at 11:30 am. Almost forgot, Trish our front gate gal was released from the hospital on Sunday after a week stay, is home resting….yeah right! I won’t be present this weekend, surgery on Friday, hope to make the following weekend, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — March 30th

We had some light rain showers at about 9 am, they moved out quickly and with a breeze and temps that got to 70 degrees we were ready to go and on time with our Test & Tune event. What a crowd….154 racers and an excellent turn out of race fans tsaw some great running drag cars, street cars, Junior Dragsters, 12 of them and bikes made about 5 runs each. The track worked great as always and our new Accutime timing system works as it is supposed to. We had several of the NMRA Coyote Stock Mustangs making low ten second passes, this is a new class that will contested five times this year on our Street Nite races, first one will be on May 11th. This is a heads up class, close racing and big wheel stands too. Because we had so many cars we ran an extra hour finishing up about 5 PM. A really good race day, a big thanks to all that participated.

Sunday — March 31st

This race day was way colder, temps got to the high 40’s and real windy but at least mostly sunny. The car count was way smaller but those that raced got a great track to run on and made many passes down the track. We did run a Gamblers race with no entry fee, $50.00 to the winner, this gave us a chance to work with our new timing system under race day circumstances. Mark Harbaugh dialed 10.00 to against Brian Stephan’s 11.15, Mark with the better light but Brian was dead on the dial, Mark squeezed by for the win, a .0026 margin of victory….dead close! Oh, the match race of the day, Elmer Wachter in Cathy’s GMC 6.2 LS powered wagon squared off against son in law and track manager Jake Landes in his Toyota Tundra V-8 truck. Elmer had a better light and it was close to the 60 ft mark and then it was all Elmer to the finish line, 14.22 @ 100 mph and Jake with a game 15.40 @ 90 mph. Wasn’t close gang but fun, chalk one up General Motors! I’m sure by now everyone knows of the passing of Wayne Donoho last week, what a great guy, he loved to drag racing but liked hanging out with his fellow racers even more, he will be missed for sure. We finished up the day at 4 PM. Now next weekend both Saturday and Sunday are Test & Tune Days noon to 4 PM both days. See you all next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Sunday — March 24th

How about it….we finally got underway, after the first three weekends of March with either freezing temps, high winds, snow cover or really wet grounds the weather straightened up for the first racing of the 2019 racing season on Sunday with temps that hit 60 degrees later in the day. We started a few minutes late but everything else for our first race day went well. 93 competitors in a mix of full on race cars, street cars, bikes and trucks made their first passes of the year. Our race fans showed up in very good numbers as well. New for this year is a new state of the art Accutime timing system and it worked well too. Angela handled the computer chores and did a real good job as always. The new timing tower at the burnout area is now up and fully functional, car numbers and dial-ins will be easier to read than before, remember though, we still need bold, clear and legible car numbers and dial-ins from all our racers even though we are closer to the cars than before. The new burnout boxes are a big improvement for all. We had NHRA chassis certifications on Fri, Sat and Sun, 97 cars went through the process. A big thanks to Steven Dickey and Elmer for handling the announcing duties, I spent three days in the hospital last week and thought it would be best to sit Sunday out, thanks guys! I’ll be back this weekend and hope of you will also. Sat. March 30th and Sunday March 31st are both Test & Tune days, noon to 4 PM both days. Oh, we wrapped things up a 4:30 PM. See you this coming weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!