Saturday — Nov. 21st — The “Hen” race
Mostly sunny skies and temps that reached the low 50’s greeted our racers and race fans on this next to the last race for the 2015 race season. We kicked off the racing with the Junior Dragsters at 10:30 am. We had 16 cars with Landon Palmer over Ryan McFadden in the final, Dylan Moore took third. We had a new racer from north Jersey with us both days, Francis Vignola made it to round two both days. Nice job Francis, hope the Vignola’s will make it back in 2016. The big cars took the track at noon. In Trophy, Harley Bergeau won over Wayne Donoho. Street had Kalvin Kline back in his Dodge truck winning over Gregg Orris. Pro had 48 entries, B. J. Morrisett taking the win over Scott Vaughn, Mike Rodgers took third. Bernie Pyles brought his Chevelle wagon to run Super and won in the final over footbraking George Huff, John Myers and “Chucky” Charles Copeland were the semi racers. Brian Fandel won over Troy Sanders in Bike. We also ran a good number of Test & Tune cars, the total car count today was 160, we finished up at 5:45 pm.

Sunday — Nov. 22nd — The “Turkey” race
Last day of racing for 2015. The weather changed, it was 40 deg. at 9am and never went up from there, a good stiff NW wind made it feel pretty chilly but at least it stayed mostly sunny and no rain or snow! The Juniors took the track at 9:30 am with again Landon Palmer taking the win over Noah Lind in the final, 18 participated. What a pleasure it has been to have all of our excellent Junior Dragster racers and their family members run with us this year. The big cars were next, at 11:30 am sharp we got underway, Trophy was won by Rick Wenger is his strong running street legal 66 Chevelle over baseball pitcher from the Tampa Devil Rays Travis Ott. His dad and mom, Rick and Melody Ott were at the track today, Rick is ready for a comeback in 2016! Street had the 65 Nova SE6, {I’ll need to find our winners name and will post it later] over Carlos DeJesus, Don Dickerson was the third place racer. Pro was had Troy Gerhart over Nicole Talbert in the final. Bob Bowers was third, another good outing for Bob. By the way, Nicole Talbert has moved back to Maryland and no doubt will be with us a lot in 2016, add her to the list of top shelf racers at Mason Dixon. Super was won by Mark Gray over Ronald Reber in his 4.80 & 143 mph dragster. The Bike class had Paul James Sr. over Joe Stanley, George Stanley was third. Once again 160 racers competed today, we finished up about 4:45 pm, by then it was getting pretty cold. Overall a real good day.

Well that’s it for 2015, Keep checking our website for Mason Dixon news and also the 2016 schedule as it comes together. Once again it was a pleasure to work at Mason Dixon, I work with excellent owners and staff members and I am proud to be associated with Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — Nov. 14th
Even with gusty winds and temps in the high 40’s about 60 cars showed and made many time runs. As usual all types of cars and bikes participated. The racing went form 11 am til 4 pm.

Sunday — Nov. 15th
A much nicer day, light winds and temps hit the low 60’s as we kicked off the racing at 11:30 am. We ran a Super class, Foot Brake class, a Bike class and offered a Test & Tune session also. In Super it was a father / son final. Chris Crawford got the head start leaving with an .022 light while dad Al Crawford was better with a .008 light. Al got there first but broke out by a mere .002 giving the win to his son Chris. Real close, well run final. Al and Chris had a great year, Al having 3 wins and 3 runner ups this season finishing second in overall Super class points. Mark Decker took third spot. Foot Brake had Troy Gerhart against Kate Roth in the final, Troy went .008 to drive around for the win, 6.34 to a 7.26. Both drivers were “on” the tree all six rounds. Terry Stewart in his S-10 was the third place racer. The Bike class was won by Boyd Mathias over Brian Canoles. The semi racers were Paul James Sr. and Paul James Jr. Good racing from all our Bike riders, they are all tough, week in and week out. Test & Tune numbered over 90 racers today, what a turn out. We have a new racer, Pam Thomas with her husband, “Crazy Kenny” are switching over from dirt track racing to drag racing, they will be racing a Chevy Mailbu in Pro, they are from Boonsboro Md. We look forward to seeing them progress as they race with us in 2016. We also had a visit from Derek Gloster, owner of Byer’s Tires, Dover, Pa. as made he made runs in his Mustang, sadly he hurt the engine on one of his passes early in the day. Brad Rogers from Brookside Motors in Dover, Pa also made the trip, hope he’ll race with us when he can next year. By the way, all three classes had the regular purses but an additional $200.00 was added to each winner. We wrapped up the racing about 4:30 pm.

All right gang, this is the last weekend of the 2015 racing season coming up next weekend. Sat. Nov. 21st we start with Junior Dragsters at 10 am, big cars at noon, all classes contested, Trophy, Street, Pro, Super Bike and Test & Tune. All the racing is 1/8 mile. Game hens for winners and runner ups along with the usual cash purses. On Sun. Nov. 22nd the same deal, turkeys for the winners runner ups, the usual cash purses and all of the above classes contested. Let’s make this a big final event for 2015! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — Nov. 7th
This was a Test & Tune day along with the 6.50 Index cars. About 80 cars and bikes participated. The 6.50 class was won by Tom Bard. Kerry Grigsby’s Fairmont made 4 passes, 8.71 twice and 8.70 two times, fast, good working car. Weather wise a bit cloudy to start but an overall good day to go drag racing.

Sunday — Nov. 8th
Today was the King of the Track day with a “Wally” trophy to the overall champion. The weather was about perfect for racing, clear skies, temps in the low 50’s with below sea level corrected altitude all day long. Let’s start with Trophy, Dave Alleshire in his ’69 Chevelle won over Bob Stagerwalt’s Duster in the final, 17 cars were in the class. Street had Lukas Birks taking the win, of note here, Lukas ran the first 12 second runs ever in his LT1 Camaro with the best of a 12.91 @ 106 mph. Pro had Dahryl Clark over Bob Bowers. Good to see Bob all the way to the finals, his best finish for a while, nice job. Super had 2015 track champion Mike Daymude over Bernie Staub. Great racing by both drivers in a field of 30 cars. Bike was the biggest field in awhile, 27 Bikes entered. Kermit Garnett III won over Joe Stanley in the final. Now for the “Wally”. Lukas Birks had the bye as had the best light in his final, a real good .008. In the final, Kermit Garnett III took on Dahrl Clark. Kermit left barely red -.005 as Dahryl had turned it on green for the win. 160 cars competed today and even with three fairly messy oil downs we finished about 7:10 pm. On a personal note, Lester Holtzapple ran my Firebird in Street and won two rounds with a best of 11.63 @ 116 mph. Also my daughter Brooke and her partner Stuart Hirsch were with us this weekend, Stuart entered Trophy and did win round one and lost round two in a double breakout against Rod Eichelberger’s low 10 sec. Olds. Stuart ran a best 12.07 @ 116 mph. A big thanks to Lester for his between round maintenance/coaching for Stuart who now has raced two times at Mason Dixon.

This coming weekend is a Test & Tune on Sat. Nov. 14th, 11 am to 4 pm. On Sunday Nov. 15th we will start at 11:30 am, three classes Super, Footbrake, Bike all 1/8 mile racing, Test & Tune is also offered. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Sat. — Oct 31st
What a day, temps in the fifties had everyone real fast today, there was over 210 cars going down the track on this Md Performance Center Real Street, Stock and Super Stock and Test & Tune day. Let’s start with Real Street, Dave Guy ended up as low qualifier with a stout 5.20. John Staats was at his fastest ever in his 6 cyl. turbo Supra with a 5.23 @ 136 mph. We ran a Quick 8 with Dave Guy over Russ Martin, Jack Williamson and John Staats were the semi drivers. Of note, Jack’s hard charging Nova had a 1.16 sixty ft. in the semis, remarkable considering the small tires used on the car. In the consolation field of nine cars, Billy Williams won over Frank Peacock, Dalyn Palmer was third. Once again, Real Street is a great show, close, fast racing, nice job by all the participants all year long, also a big thanks to the Reggio family and Maryland Performance Center for their dedication to this heads up class! Now to our 21st annual Stock / Super Stock race. We had 46 cars on day one, everyone was fast, in the final Mike Woods NS/S Dodge won over Dan Fahey’s Pure Stock Impala. We had 6 lanes of Test & Tune cars making many runs, there were, however, several oil downs, so we didn’t finish til 7:30 pm. We had a surprise guest, Dave McMeans, announcer for nearly 20 years at Numidia Dragway, sharing the mike a couple of different times during the day, he did an outstanding job as always. We have worked together many times at different tracks over the years, it was good to see Dave today.

Sun. — Nov. 1st
Now we had a total of 64 Stock and Super Stock entries with everything from the new COPO, Drag Pak and Cobra Jet cars, Older stockers, Pure Stock, Super Stock and the Super Stock GT and Nostalgia Super Stockers. Some were real fast, A. H. Adkins AMX, SS/B car ran 8.83 @ 149 mph. In the final, Keith Bowman’s NS/S Dodge beat Kyle Huntzberry’s Camaro, [last years winner], took the win. Roger Reese and Danny Henderson were the semi racers. Sat. best appearing car was Larry Mohar’s 69 Camaro, and Sun. best appearing car was Danny Henderson’s 63 Dodge. Now for our class cars, Super had Harry Troxler over barely redlighting Todd Welzel in the 6th round final, Scott Miller was third. Pro had first time winner John Tregoning over Kate Roth. Garrett Suders took third. Junior dragster had Dylan Moore over Eric Bowles, Jordan Sigioun took third. Trophy was won by the Acura, [I’ll need to get the drivers name and will post it next week] over Harley Bergau in her IROC Camaro. We also had a number of US 13 Dragway cars stop and race with us on their way back from Pittsburg’s IHRA Bracket Finals, thanks for running with us! Jim Scott had his 32 Ford Altered making some test passes, best one, 8.40 @ 162 mph. There is still more in this car! We finished up at 5:45 pm.

A big thanks goes out to Mike Carr his dad Gary and mom Wendy for once again organizing this Stock/Super Stock event for the twenty first time! Great job to all the Stock/Super Stock racers, we hope they all enjoyed running with us on the last race in the northeast for the these cars. Great show! It was also great to talk to Mashie Mihalko, writer/photographer for the online ECDN magaziner, Lee Valentine, Allen George, Michael Beard and many others this weekend.

Sat Nov 7th a Test & Tune day and Sun. Nov. 8th a King of the Track Wally race. See you this week at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Wed. — Oct 21st
Day one, we started time runs at 3pm and started eliminations for the first gamblers race at 5pm. About 135 cars participated, in Bike Dale Hamilton won over his brother Kevin Hamilton. Footbrake Chris “Pork Chop” Sauliner over Bob Giles. Super had dual winners, the “Malibu Mafia” gang of Mark Gray and Charles Copeland in the final right at 10pm. They split the money and didn’t make the run. The weather was great, warm and sunny temps. in the mid 70’s.

Thur. — Oct 22nd
Day two, we started racing at noon, more cars and bikes today and we did a Junior Dragster gamblers race also. Footbrake had Mark Harbaugh over Travis Hill. Super had Scott Tate over Ronnie Ruff. Bike again was won by Dale Hamilton over Billy Bair. The Junior Dragster class was won by Harley Lotts over Lane Kahley. Really warm today, 78 deg. real sunny, we finished up at 7pm.

Fri. — Oct. 23rd
Bigger car count, we ran a High Roller, $100 entry fee for Super and Footbrake,$5000 to the winner in each class, started about noon. Footbrake had Nick Bowman winning over Ralph Martin. Super was won by Tim Armstrong over Megan Lotts. The Gamblers races were also run. Footbrake had Steve Lenig over Jim Berry. Super had Bobby Blevins over Al Crawford. Bike was again won by Dale Hamilton over Rick Bunting, now Dale is three for three! Junior Dragster had Brooke Harper over Peyton Bunch. We finished up at just after 10pm. It was much cooler today, temps in the 60’s.

Sat. — Oct 24th
Now more cars on the grounds. Race of Champions contested. Super, Mike Daymude over Billy Blevins, Footbrake J. C. Moon over Kevin Pollard, Bike had Rick Bunting over Billy Bair and Junior dragster had David Hoffman winning the class. In the Gamblers classes Joey Krushinskie over Paul Burruss in the Super class, Footbrake had Jeff Krushinskie over Nick Bowman and in Bike it was Sam Ficarra over Billy Matura. Cooler, cloudy and windy conditions with temps in the high 50’s were the order of the day. We finished up just after 10pm.

Sunday — Oct 25th
Last Day….We had some rain showers overnight, it put us back about 45 minutes, racing underway at 10:30am. temps around 60 degrees. Junior Dragster Race of Champions was first. Kaitlyn Krause took the win over Evan Lind, real good racing 25 cars entered, nice job by all the Juniors for this race! At 11:30am the big cars took the track. Footbrake was a 9 round race just like Fri and Sat, 157 cars, in the end, Nick Bowman won over Cathy Root. Super had Tim Armstrong over Jeff Flick, over 100 cars in the class. Bike was won by Kevin Hamilton over Dylan Wood with 42 Bikes racing. We finished at 6:45 pm, amazing for the car count and the many buybacks. Great event, start to finish!

Final thoughts… negatives here…..disclaimer….. I know I’ll miss some stuff but here it goes….This was a great race from start to finish, great job by everyone involved, Mason Dixon owners, Elmer and Cathy Wachter, all of the track staff, racers, their family and crew members, Hayne Dominick and Gary Gore, other track operators and our sponsor / partners. A big thanks to Krissi Feuerstein for her excellent announcing work, she was a big help giving me some breaks during the event, she knows racing and is really up on the Bike class. Great job. Terrific track prep/maintenance, hard launches all 5 days, Jake Landes and Bubby Casto were at the track way early each day getting the track surface in A-1 shape. We had minimal breakage or clean up, very little down time, tip of the hat to the racers for having cars that mostly stayed together. Mother Nature, thanks for the nearly perfect weather all 5 days. Trish raised $533.00 for the track points fund with her 50 / 50 ticket sales, thanks Trish. Great job by all our track staff, everyone was on time, getting races underway as scheduled and resolving any issues during the event. I’m lucky to work with such an excellent staff every weekend. Maybe the best part, it was a safe race, approximately 5,800 runs went down the track over the five days, great job everybody. Now about some great performances. Paul Burruss on Wed. was late, got no time run, dialed a 4.78 in round one, 4.780 and a perfect light….perfect run! Dale Hamilton, 3 Gamblers Bike wins. Footbrake had Nick Bowman with 2 wins and a runner up, Tim Armstrong in Super getting 2 wins and Bobby Blevins with a win and runner up in Super. Congrats to these excellent racers. The dragster killer award has to be Brandon Lowe driving his 6.50’s Mustang taking out many fast 4 second dragsters during the event, nice driving. In the end the team honors went like this, Mason Dixon 79 points, Beaver Spring 77, Colonial Beach 67, Eastside 61, Ghost team, 56, Natural Bridge, 47 and Pittsburg 29. Lastly, there were so many great looking, well engineered, unique and really fast cars in the event, fun to talk about these cars during the event! Again, another great SBRA Bracket Finals in the books.

We are here on Sat. Oct. 31st. Test & Tune AND Md Performance Center Real Street and Stock / Super Stock time runs and gambler race. On Sunday, all classes, Stock and Super / Stock, usually 70 cars, great show, see you this weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — Oct. 17th
Today was a Test & Tune day primarily for the diesel trucks but all other cars and bikes were welcome also. Though it was cloudy, breezy and temps only reaching 50 degrees, we had a great turn out with 147 trucks, cars and bikes and plenty of race fans too. We ran from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm with everybody getting plenty of runs. Two of regular racers each ran their first ever 10 second 1/4 mile passes, John Blakenship in his 64 Fairlane Thunderbolt ran a best 10.87 @ 125 mph, then Bob Badger in his gasser tribute 50 Ford ran a couple of 10.90 @ 124 mph passes. Congrats to them, beautiful, well built, unique cars that now can run tens! Very good day overall, though we did have several clean ups to handle during the racing action. The track worked very well as usual too.

Sunday — Oct. 18th
The 12th annual Diesel Truck event was good one. About 80 trucks competed in an even colder day than yesterday, temps reached 48 degrees, partly cloudy, windy and we even had snow/ rain squall that stopped the racing for about 10 minutes. Before we talk about the racing action we want to thank the sponsor / partners of the event….Richard Price’s Antrim Diesel Service of Greencastle, Pa….David Blankenship Trucking….R & R Commercial Trucking….Performance Fuel Injection of Coopersburg Pa….Mason Dixon Dragway / Myersville Exxon, all these companies added money to the purse to make the event a well paying one for the winners and runner-ups. We had help with the food end of the day, Mt. Aenta Fire Co served their great breakfast sandwiches and burgers and fries and Feed Bag group for their Pork barbeque and fries and our food stands, all were really busy on Sat. and Sun. keeping everybody well fed. Now for the racing, Diesel Pickup bracket class was won by Pete Church over Logan Willard, Big Rig bracket was won by Jim Peddicord over Justin Butler. Quick 8 Pickup had Evan Moser winning the final with a 10.73 @ 134 mph over Brandon Shank running a game 11.99 @ 113 mph. Quick 8 Big Rig had Craig Morris running his best of the day 13.39 @ 112 mph over Justin Butler. Lastly we ran the two bracket class winners in a “Winner Take All” race, $500.00 to the winner put up by Mason Dixon Dragway/Myersville Exxon. Jim Peddicord took the win over Pete Church. All winners got plaques and the “big” checks along with the cash payouts. Very nice race, no breakage or oil downs, good racing and a good turn out of race fans. Thanks to all that participated! A little side note… Kevin Hamilton made his first passes since his accident several weeks ago, his runs all about 9.90 @ 134 mph. Welcome back Kevin!

This Wednesday is day 1 of the 5 day SBRA Bracket finals. Check the schedule / start times of all 5 days of the event on the event flyer page. See you this week at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — Oct. 10th
This was our last Street Nite for 2015 and it was the biggest one of the year, 192 cars competed with 19 entries in the Md. Performance Real Street class alone. They put on a show too! Dave Guy ran a 5.178 coupled with a 1.14 60 ft. time and right behind him, Justin Bowmaker made the run of the year, 5.172 @ 137 mph. We broke the field into 2 classes, the fastest 8 and then the others each ran for class honors. In the semis of the fast group, Jack Williamson won over Dave Guy as he had mechanical issues at the start, Justin Bowmaker beat Rob Falcone in the other semi. The final was a great one, Jack Williamson left hard and was ahead for awhile but the big top end power of Justin Bowmaker’s turbo Mustang drove around with a 5.18 @ 137 mph to 5.28 @ 129 mph. Great final. In the consolation portion of Real Street, former Junior Dragster racer Dalyn Palmer won over Tommy Bauerlein in a dead close final, 5.57 to a slower but better reacting 5.64, margin of victory about 3 feet. Md Performance Center Real Street comes back one more time on Sat. Oct. 31st. The Quick 16 was real good, a 5.79 bump, the semis had Jeremy Hammond over Mitch Willingham and Jerry Williams over Bobby Dunn. In the final, Jerry Williams ran a 4.88 to a redlighting 5.83 for Jermey Hammond. Jerry ran a 4.89, 4.90, 4.88 and a 4.88 in his four passes, the “Monte” works. The 6.50 class had 11 cars entered, in the final Howard Lawson won over Matt Bowie with a 6.51 to a breakout 6.46. Howard hit the tree well on all four races, excellent effort. Matt is due to win one of these, he’s had several runner ups this year. The Slant Six Mopar group was here this weekend and brought 9 cars, good racing. Pro had Brian Boyd over Charlie Testerman Sr. Limited Street was won by Dahrl Clark over Bruce Garber. Drive In Street has Darius Wenger over Terry Mentzer. George Stanley was the Bike winner over Paul James Jr. Though we did have a couple clean ups to do we did get done at 9:50 pm. Again, super track prep/maintenance had everyone launching hard and running fast. Great race!

Sunday — Oct. 11th
This was a SBRA points race, pretty well attended too, 165 cars entered. We started with the Junior Dragsters at 9:30 am with Alyssa McFadden winning over Abagail Herald in the final. Dylan Moore and Lacey Dustin were the semi racers. The Slant Six racers ran two seperate races, Rodney Hargis won them both with his low 13 sec. Dodge Lancer. He beat Ron Hamby and Lou Madsen in the two finals. Footbrake was won by Ed Talbert over Andy Dolan, Garrett Suders was third. 56 cars were in Footbrake, Super had 35 cars and in the end Colby Imes won over Chuck Wishard, Mike Daymude was third. Dale Hamilton won another Bike class with a win over Brian Canoles, Paul James Sr. was third. Of note, Dale did have to “buyback” in round one as daughter Gina Hamilton ran a dead on 5.79 to Dale’s one over 6.06 to take the win, nice job Gina! Lastly, Keith Elledge of “Keiths Pit Stop” Gettysburg Pa. licensed his 07 Shelby with a wheel spinning 8.84 @ 159 mph. This is the first runs on the new chassis work recently completed, this car has low 8’s, maybe 7,s? in the future. Street legal car too. We wrapped up the day at 6:00 pm. Again, great track prep, excellent racing also.

Next weekend it’s all about the Diesels! Sat. Test & Tune 1 pm to 6 pm, Gamblers race also. Sunday we start at 11:30 am. $1,000 to win the big rig class! Check the flyer for all the details, see you at Mason Dixon Dragway this coming weekend!

Saturday — Sept. 26th
This was day one of the “Megan Daymude Fueling Her Dream” event and a SBRA points race. The Junior Dragsters kicked off the racing with Ryan Ely over Charlotte Mallow who’s engine let go right about the 60 ft. mark. Jo Jo Mallow and Evan Lind were the semi racers. We had 7 cars making 2 qualifier shots in Top Sportsman / Top Dragster. The fast and consistent car was Ronnie Proctor’s Mustang running a 4.48 and 4.49 at 155 mph. The rest of the field was made up of Jerry Williams, Paul Burruss, Mike Gerber, Jason Hoff, Marty Jones Jr. and Greg Daymude. Footbrake was won by Mike Rudacille over Ronnie Proctor Jr., Keith Hankinson was the third place driver. Josh Johnson had his first big Super Pro win over Andy Dolan, Brett Martin was third. Bike was again won by John Eaton over Dave Clinedinst. John has been a terror winning several times the last 2 months. We had several oil downs and it took us longer than usual to get done but did finish about 8:50 pm. Still great racing.

Sunday — Sept. 27th
Now let’s talk a little about the “Megan Daymude Fueling Her Dream” event. First off we got to see Abagail Harold who is sponsored by the Daymude family and friends, do really well in front of a good group of race fans in the Junior Dragster class. Abagail, of Smithsburg, Md, 8 years old, won round one and round two before bowing out in round three. She won a nice trophy and right at intermission got to make a solo pass in front of everyone to kick off eliminations. By the way, $870.00 was raised from 50 / 50 ticket sales and loads of shirts, hats, wristbands etc. were sold to raise more money to support more young Junior Dragster racers in 2016. Not sure of the total money raised but a big thanks goes out to all that supported this event! Now for the Juniors, Jo Jo Mallow won over Kaitlyn Krause, who made the 3 hr. trip from Orefield, Pa. with her dad Randy Krause. Great race, Alyssa McFadden was third. It is now girls 12 wins, boys 9 wins. Jess Goodman in his Valiant over Jim Berry in the Pro final. Great performance from both of these racers, good to see Jim Berry back and driving real well too! Bike had dad Boyd Mathias over son Logan Mathias, a good close race. Now to the big money race, Super had Jody Sneckenberger going .006 to Mike Daymude who was .034 at the start to take the $5,000.00 first place money. This was an 8 round race, 77 cars entered. Top Dragster / Top Sportsman had one more qualifier with Ronnie Proctor’s Mustang going 4.39 @ 160 mph, 1.00 60 ft. Greg Daymude’s blown Dragster running a terrific 4.11 @ 174 mph, .96 60 ft. time. In the final, Marty Jones Jr won over Jason Hoff, Ronnie Proctor and Greg Daymude were the semi racers. Great show by this group. Lastly the Outlaw Pontiac group had 21 cars, Steve Dress won over Greg Orris, Jason Rogers took third. We finished up about 7:40 pm. Top shelf racing all weekend long.

Some thoughts about this weekends race. First off we had a great turn out of racers, just under 400 competitors and a good group of race fans. Once again, great track prep/maintenance for both days, we had several small rain / sprinkle delays but the track stayed excellent anyway. Also everyone’s patience was appreciated as we had several clean ups on Sat. that slowed us down a good bit. Speaking for the Daymude’s, I’m sure they were happy for the support given of this 2nd annual event. The Daymude family were here early and stayed late both days, also they put up $100.00 to the winner of the Junior Dragsters on Sat. Ryan Ely taking that cash and $25.00 to the first double .00 light in the Juniors on Sunday, Sammie Miller’s .003 got her the money. The Outlaw Pontiacs are done for this year, they are a GREAT group to work with, they take care of their own race, are ready to run when called and put a great show with fast and good looking cars. We hope they will race with us the rest of this year and we look forward to working with them in 2016. I’m sure everyone noticed the new painted lines on the track, staging lanes, return roads and the yellow out on the starting line, nice work Bubby Casto and Elmer, looks great. We are off this Saturday but run a Test & Tune on Sunday Oct. 4th. Keep checking this website for other upcoming events, Oct. is going to be busy! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — Sept. 12th
A steady and persistent rain rolled in early and our Street Nite event was cancelled at about 10 am. We did move the Md. Performance Center Real Street race over to Sunday.

Sunday — Sept. 13th
We combined our SBRA points race with the Md Performance Center Real Street class. The Junior Dragster class kicked off the day at 9:30 am, In the final Sammie Miller took the win over Dylan Moore, semi racers were Eric Bowles and Brandi Connor. By the way, the girls have 11 wins to the boys who are trailing with 8 so far this year, the boys are running out of races, they need to step it up. Now about Maryland Performance Real Street. With temps in the high 60’s and partly cloudy skies we all felt that along with our excellent track prep, we might see some high 5.20’s, wrong! Dave Guy was the pole sitter with a 5.22 and Russ Martin right there with a 5.25, these two did this on a side by side run. Everyone was real fast with numerous 5.20 and 5.30 passes, speeds as high as 136 mph. John Staats is getting faster each event, a 5.37 @ 136 mph. In the final it was Russ Martin with a 5.25 to take win over John Staats, Justin Bowmaker took third and was fast today also. Great show! Super had a big turnout and in the final it was Mike McCraken’s wheel standing 63 Chevy truck winning over Ronnie Horwath. Bike had John Eaton, third straight for him, over Kermit Garnett III. Wayne Donoho won Trophy. Michael Rudacille took Footbrake over Andy Dolan, great racing by both of these drivers. Michael was on the tree and ran the dial through out the 7 round race, Andy had just won 14 rounds on Labor Day, won Pro and Super and won 6 more rounds til the final today. Bob Bair took third place and drove well too. These people are tough competitors, over 50 cars in the class today. How about Samantha Dubs, a registered nurse from Altoona, Pa. driving her 4.80’s dragster had a .001 on the first time run, then a .000 light in the qualifier, then on her bye another .000 light followed by at a pair of .008 lite before bowing out in round 4. Great performance! Today was a really good race/ show from start to finish, 175 racers and a good number of race fans all enjoyed the day, we finished up at 6:40 pm.

We are closed this coming weekend but will be back for the Megan Daymude “Fueling Her Dream” $5,000 to Win Super Pro event on Sunday Sept. 27th. This is a two day SBRA race also, with racing on Sat. Sept 26 and Sun. Sept. 27th. Good luck to all our Summit ET Series racers this weekend at Atco in NJ. see you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — Sept. 4th
This was a well attended Test & Tune event, started at 6pm and went on til the rains came at about 8:45 pm. 113 cars made many runs.

Saturday — Sept. 5th
What a race! 286 cars entered, big fields in all the classes, starting off with the 30 Junior Dragsters it was Landon Palmer over Ryan McFadden in the final, Ryan Ely took third. The feature class of the weekend was Eric Kitchen’s Pro Stick group, 53 strong running the quarter mile, Jay Zelko’s low 8 second Mustang won over Andy Charcalla’s Mustang. These racers put on an exciting, fast paced wheel standing show from start to finish…Both Days! Savanah Peck took Junior Street over Sammie Miller. Trophy had Rodney Eichelberger over Sam Boyd Jr. Street had Tammy Gray getting the big win in a large field of Street class cars over greg Orris in the final. Dickie Bodmer won over Michael Rudacille in Pro. Dale Hamilton won over Kermit Garnett III in the Bike Class. Super Pro had Al Crawford going the 7 rounds to win over Walt Bowie. The Dakota R/T group performed well, the 20 trucks, many were 12, 11 and 10 second trucks, put on a good show. We finished up at 10:40 pm.

Sunday — Sept 6th
Pro Stick, day 2, Andy Charcalla over Chris Shaffer, again 53 cars entered. Great show by Pro Stick again! Another big field of Junior Dragsters and in the end the girls prevailed, Sammie Miller won over Noah Lind. Savanah Peck won Junior Street again, over Ben Solis, Sammie Miller was third. Trophy was won by Ginger Deavers over Wayne Donoho. Street was won by Ryan Peters over Garrett Suders, Pro had Mark Harbaugh over Bob Bowers. Bike was won by John Eaton over Dale Hamilton. Super had Colby Imes over Alan Hess. Another great day, fast paced with good close racing. We finished at 8:45 pm.

Monday — Sept 7th
Last day! Another big turnout of Junior Dragsters, this time Charlotte Mallow won over Landon Palmer. Third win for Savanah Peck over Sammie Miller in Junior Street. Trophy had Wayne Donoho taking first place. Street was won by Dan Roberts over Lukas Birks. Pro had Andy Dolan over Dahryl Clark. Super had Andy Dolan winning over Lance Kreiger, by the way, Andy was 14-0 today in his Pro / Super Pro wins, great driving and the car does its part too. John Eaton won Bike when his competitor, Dale Hamilton’s bike had mechanical issues. High School was won by Sarah Stone over Brandi Conner. We finished up at 5:45 pm.

I know I’ll miss some stuff here but some observations of the weekend…#1 Chrissy and Trish, sold raffle tickets, 50/50 tickets and took donations for Kevin Hamilton and raised over $3,500 — thanks to all that supported Kevin — he is up on his feet and getting around, but I’ll bet still real sore. Oh by the way, Dale Hamilton gave his $300 purse to Kevin, then Elmer Wachter/Mason Dixon Dragway matched the $300 also! #2 there were 811 cars and bikes racing in the four day event, includes 90 Junior Dragsters, Lots of race fans too! #3 Chris Lil of “Diabetic Delites” put up $100 to the semi final racers in Junior Dragster both Sun. and Mon. and will do this til the end of the racing this season. #4 Congrats to many fine performances, John Eaton, 2 Bike wins, Dale Hamilton, 1 Bike win, 2 runnerups. Savanah Peck, 3 Jr. Street wins, Andy Dolan, 2 wins on Mon., Pro and Super Pro, Andy Charcalla with a win and runner-up in Pro Stick. Landon Palmer in Jr. Dragster had a win, runner-up and semi finish. #5 Great racing with no big clean ups or spills and very little breakage or down time. #6 Terrific track prep/maintenance all weekend long by Jake, Bub and all the staff. First class event!

Saturday, Sept 12th is Street Nite race, MD Performance Center “Real Street”, Quick 16, 6.50 Index, Pro Street, Limited Street, Drive In Street, Street Bike, Test & Tune all contested, Sunday Sept 13th SBRA race. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — August 29th
Today we ran a SBRA points race and the Outlaw Pontiac Drag Race series event. This was a well attended race, with great racing all evening long. On a tougher note though, during Bike qualifying, Kevin Hamilton on his 5.09 @ 136 mph run had a mechanical issue just past the finish line and came off the bike. After a few minutes, Kevin was able to stand up and walk to the ambulance. He suffered several broken ribs and numerous bumps and bruises but is expected to make a full recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kevin and all his family as he recovers and gets back to racing! Junior dragsters…. It’s back to the girls again, a Mallow final, JoJo winning over Charlotte, Dylan Moore and Brandi Conner were the semi finalists. The Pontiac gang had 20 cars, with Greg Orris winning over Christine Woods in the final, Rick Garden was third. Kelli Fleming again won Trophy over Sam Boyd Jr. Kelli has won several Trophy eliminators and getting really tough of late. Footbrake was a big group today, Nathan Englar won over Bob Bair, Kalvin Kline took third. Super had the deadly consistent Mike Daymude in his Demon winning over Michael Shoop’s Chevy II, both drivers ran their dials, Mike with a better light. Five out of the six rounds run, Mike Daymude was dead on his 5.38 dial and just one off in round two, a deadly car with a fine driver behind the wheel, great job again by the Daymude team! And finally in Bike, Brian Canoles won over Kermit Garnett III while Boyd Mathias was third. We finished out the racing at 10:00 pm.

Sunday — August 30th
This was a different event, a very well attended all Chevy car show hosted by Tom Minnich. Some really great cars displayed and some went racing too. 100 cars entered the Test & Tune portion of day plus we ran a 6.50 Index Class. There were 8 racers in the 6.50 group. Nathan Englar, Les Tobery, Joey Harrison, Howard Lawson, Matt Bowie, Al Hite, Darrell Law, and Ronnie Proctor Jr. In the final, it was Ronnie Proctor Jr. over Darrell Law, Matt Bowie and Nathan Englar took the semi spots. Also the “List” for the Bikes was contested, the Bikes got two runs and we then ran eliminations. Brian Canoles is number 1 over Dave Clinedinst, Tom Eaton number 3 over John Price and Richard Diggs number 5 over John Eaton. This race is an instant green light start, no amber lights, eighth mile, no times announced or time slips given. Only track tower staff see the times, we will say the Bikes are all fast and no one has a big performance edge here, very fun stuff. Also the Gulledge family put on the The Street Warz part of the event today, this was well attended too, a lot of great cars in this part of the show today. A big thanks to all that came out today and participated. We are going look into doing more of this type of show again for 2016.

Labor Day weekend coming fast! — Test & Tune Fri, 6pm to 10pm, Pro Stick cars on Sat AND Sun! SBRA and Summit Points Sat, Sun and Mon, this will be 1/8 mile racing. See you Labor Day weekend!
Saturday — Aug. 22nd

This was a Test & Tune event, near perfect weather, low 80’s and low humidity greeted the racers that got to make many runs down the quarter mile. Not a huge turn out but fun for all that attended. Of note, Kristin Suders had her new race car out for the first time. A great car too, a ’63 Falcon Futura fastback powered by a 351 Windsor, almost no new car issues, Kristin ran many 11.80 @ 111 mph runs. Also the Whitman family of York Pa. brought out the LT1 Camaro with son AJ behind the wheel and Jayne and Steve looking on, many 12.40 @ 111 mph passes were made during the day. We had the usual race cars, street cars and bikes and trucks making plenty of runs, we wrapped up the day at 4:30 pm.

Sunday — Aug. 23rd
Mid Maryland Ford Meet was the event for the day, 365 participants entered the show and racing. We had a great turnout for the car show part of the program, 200 strong. Great variety of all things Ford. Many swap meet vendors were with us today as well. The good people from the Mt. Lena Pool club served up great sandwiches and fries throughout the day. Our food stand was busy from 9 am til the end of the event which concluded around 6 pm, they were real busy all day long. Now for the racing. Power Stroke trucks had Nick Rosa over Aaron Atwood in the final. Cougar class was won by Doug Wilby, Sharon Osborne was runner up. Trophy winner was Justin Stone over Frank Herbert. Street was won by Scott See over our Street regular Faith Warner. Dan Roberts was the big winner in Pro in a double break out race against RFC rep. Bill Smith, Troy Gerhart was third. Finally in Super, Joey Harrison was the big winner over Mike Hoff. Both these drivers were sharp all day long. What a great event from start to finish, a great turn out of show cars, race cars and especially all the great Ford fans that attended. A big thanks to all that made this happen today, Racers, show car people, Mid Maryland Ford Club staff, Mt. Lena staff, sponsors, Mason Dixon Staff and especially all the Ford fans!

This coming weekend, Sat. Aug 29th is a SBRA points race, Sun. Aug. 30th is a Test & Tune day PLUS an all Chevrolet car show! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Saturday — August 15th
Another edition of our Street Nite series was well attended with over 130 cars in competition and a large group of race fans who mostly all stayed til the very end of the race. How about the record setting Quick 16 field with the quickest ever bump, a real fast 5.68. Jerry Williams was the pole sitter with a pair of 4.88’s, but the class of field was Mike Daymude in his Dodge Demon, his lights were .012, .020, .010 and in the final against Steve Morgret a .014 against Steve’s game .022. The semi racers were Bill Nunumaker and Harry Troxler. Great, close racing in this class in every round. Justin Reggio’s Md Performance Center Real Street was a terrific show with a new winner for this year. Dave Guy was the low qualifier at 5.33. In the semis, Dave Guy ran a 5.33 over Eric Bricker’s 5.44 while Russ Martin was running at 5.35 against Rob Falcone who went a quicker and low ET of eliminations 5.32. In the final, Russ Martin had the better light but did not have the good run he’d hoped for losing to Dave Guy, 5.34 @ 131 mph to a 5.66 @ 129 mph. Congrats to Dave Guy and DGR Performance for the big win. The 6.50 Index cars had nine racers in the class. Ronnie Proctor Jr. took the win over Nathan Englar in a double breakout affair, 6.47 to a 6.45. Les Tobery took third. This was Ronnie’s first time in the 6.50 Index class and he’ll probably do this again soon! In Pro Gary Kelican took the win in his mid 9.50’s at 140 mph Maverick to a six round final against Justin Crider. In Limited Street, Chester Shoemaker won over Jay Crawford. Drive In Street was won by Bob Bowers over Gary Breeden. Mike Keeler had his 69 Camaro making a great test pass, 7.68 @ 178 mph, Fred House ran his turbo 4 cyl. T’bird to an amazing 7.80 @ 175 mph. What a great show from start to finish, the open time runs started at 3:00 pm and we wrapped it up at 10:40 pm. Though it was over 90 degrees in the late afternoon it cooled off later and was really a nice night for racing. Again A-1 track preparation/maintenance was evident as traction was terrific and cars were deadly consistent all day and evening. Jake Landes and Bub Casto worked Thurs and Fri night on the racing surface to get it in great shape for this event. A big thanks to all that participated, racers, crew and family members, sponsors, track staff and management and especially all our race fans!

Sunday — August 16th
Today a Volkswagen event, Joe Cooper won over Jim Shank in the final. We also had a Test & Tune event. Everyone got plenty of runs, Mike Bowles had his turbo Mustang making test passes, John and Jackie Serra had their Vette and Nova getting some test passes and running well. Bob Nowaks 69 Chevy wagon going several 12.70 runs, a stunning car that runs well too. Bill Belden brought out his I/S Nova going 11.40’s, he’s getting ready for Pro Stick on Labor day weekend.

Next weekend, Test & Tune on Saturday and the Mid Atlantic Ford Meet on Sunday — show cars, swap meet, vendors and especially drag racing in an all Ford meet. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — August 8th
Today was a private track rental by the “Gumball Rally” group. They brought about 50 cars, all types of high end import and U.S. made cars, all made plenty of runs, many real fast too. Nice event.

Sunday — August 9th
This was a Test & Tune event along with the 6.50 index cars. Jim Shank ran a close to the index 6.51 to win over Joe Wagaman who ran a 6.69 in the final. There was a good turn out of full on race cars, Pro Stick cars, street cars and drag and street bikes. Also Scarlett Shaffer, 6 yr. old Junior Dragster racer, made several runs and drove well. Cory Carper had his very low eight second Beretta making license runs, the car is really strong, several 1.11 sixty foot times, great looking car too. Gary Kelican ran the Maverick again running a 9.59 @ 141 mph on his best pass, son Chris helping out. Marion Ford of FBR, [Ford Brothers Racing] was at the track today helping the bike racers on their test passes. Overall a real good day!

Saturday, Aug 15th is another Street Nite race, open time runs at 3:00 pm, class time runs at 4:30 pm, classes contested are, MD Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index cars, Street Bike, Drive in Street, Modified Street and Pro Street, as always Test and Tune racers welcome also. Sunday, Aug 16th is the Volkswagen Race, two classes, air cooled and water cooled, also Test and Tune racers are welcome also. Time runs start at 11:30 am. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Saturday — August 1st
Pretty typical August weather, temps in the upper 80’s and a bit humid, greeted racers and race fans this weekend. We started off the Summit Points race with the Junior Dragsters at 1:00 pm. 21 racers made round one with Ryan Mcfadden in the finals taking the win against Mary Elizabeth Bannister. Sammie Miller took third. Next week our Junior Dragster racers head to Numidia Raceway for the NHRA Division One bracket finals, best to all our Junior Dragster racers! Going to the big cars, in Super, Mark Coover took the win over Al Crawford who broke out by .03 in the final. Steve Heffner and Joey Harrison took semi spots. Bike had Kermit Garnett III over Jacob Hamilton in a well run race. Kermit was .014 and Jacob .012 at the start, close race. Gene Belt was third. Pro had Craig Miller over Troy Gerhart, with semis going to Chris Crawford and Brian Lind. Street was won by Courtney Suders over Rick Wenger, Garrett Suders was third. Trophy was a repeat of last week, Kelli Fleming winning over Wayne Donoho in the final. Junior Street was won by Ben Solis. Of note, Kevin Hamilton ran a lifting 8.00 @ a slowing 150 mph in round 2, 1/8 time 5.04 @ 140 mph. Good racing today as always. Track staff did their usual great track prep/maintenance work, Bubby Casto did the spraying / dragging work as Jake and Cheryl were on vacation this week, Tammy ran the Goody Booth/Cheryl’s Shirt Shack and Kristen took over the timing specialist spot for the weekend and did an A-1 job.

Sunday — August 2nd
This was a Test & Tune day, we had a pretty good turnout with a great variety of fast street cars and full on drag cars and bikes. Colan Smith ran several mid 8 second runs on his Hyabusa, the last runs were on nitrous, 8.06 and 8.12 @ 164 mph, sevens are coming. A big thanks to all that came out for this event, a very good number of race fans were with us today. A fun day with everyone getting plenty of runs.

Next weekend, Saturday, Aug 8th, Gumball Rally cars coming to Mason Dixon, Sunday August 9th is a Test & Tune Event. Keep checking our website schedule for all upcoming events, we have a really busy stretch ahead of us in the coming weeks! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — July 25th
Yes it was hot and humid but no rain. This event was another SBRA points race plus Outlaw Pontiac Drag Racing Assoc. event was contested also. Let’s start with the Pontiacs, 20 entered and in the final, last events winner, Steve Dress squared off with Rick Garten, Rick’s Judge took the win light, the third place driver was Andy Nutt. As usual, the Pontiac gang puts on a good show. Trophy had Tammy Gray over Roy Vincent. In Footbrake we had Mark Harbaugh winning over Troy Gerhart in the final, both these racers are really on their game so far this year. Bobby Smith took third. Super Pro was won by Mike Daymude over Jeremy Hammond, Marcus Henry was third. Mike’s Demon ran on or one off the dial on all six rounds of eliminations, the car works and the man can drive it. Jim Ashbaugh took Bike eliminator over Paul James Sr. while Paul James Jr. was the third place rider. Junior Street had Savannah Peck winning over Steve Dustin in the finals. Once again, great racing even on a very hot day, lots of close racing, many races won or lost by just a few inches, cars were consistent run to run and again great track prep/maintenance was evident. Our races are great shows week in and week out, let’s try to introduce new people to our race programs, try to bring someone new to the next event that hasn’t been to Mason Dixon before. Some new race fans would be great for all of us.

Sunday — July 26th
This was a Test & Tune event plus the 6.50 Index cars took the track. In the 6.50 Index class, Les Tobery won over Nathan Englar, Howard Lawson and Ron Gaucker were the semi racers. We had the usual mix of street cars and full on drag cars in the test & tune portion of the day. Considering the heat and humidity we had a good turnout. Gary Kelican had the Maverick out for th first time this year and made 6 or 7 runs, all in high 9.60 range @ 138 mph. Good first outing! First time ever drag racer Stuart Hirsch from NY, drove the 68 Firebird to a moderate first pass of 13.01 @ 108 and stepped up the next pass to a 12.46 @ 111 mph. He’s hooked! I did make the first pass, my first this year, 11.95 @ 112 mph. My daughter Brooke was also with us today, we all had fun but did get a bit “cooked” by days end, great day anyway. Next weekend, Summit ET race Aug 1st, Jr. Dragsters start at 1pm, big cars at 3pm. Test and Tune on Sunday. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — July 18th
Finally full on summer, temp. hit 90 deg. and really humid too. This was a Summit ET Series race along with Junior Street. Trophy had Kelli Flemming over Wayne Donoho in the final. Street was won by Dave Toms over Kristen Suders in a double breakout final, real close. Andy Stief and Garrett Suders were the semi racers. Pro had Mark Harbaugh winning over Jim Berry. Good to have Jim racing, his first outing of the year was fine effort. Mark Decker and Dicky Bodmer were the semifinalists. The Super final had two drivers that are having excellent seasons, points leader Ronnie Horwath over Joe Henry, Michael Shoop took third place. Kermit Garnett III over Tom Eaton in the Bike final, Paul James Jr. took third spot. Junior Street was won by Savannah Peck over Jadalynn Andrews, Jill Park and Steve Dustin were the semifinalists.

How about the Park family making a 450 mile trip from Detroit Michigan to Mason Dixon to race with us today. The local track in their area doesn’t offer the Junior Street class and doing some research they found we run the class on most race events. Jill Park, 14 years old, got to drive her dad’s Dodge Charger and license and compete in Junior Street. She drove well, many mid to high nine second passes at 78 mph. Also Jill’s sister Katie Park, 19 years old, drove in Street and won her first round but lost in a double breakout in round two. Katie ran as quick as 14.50 @ 98 mph. Good effort. Also dad, Rob Park, got in on the action and ran in Test & Tune and made several passes. All three spent some time in the tower with us, a really fine family. We hope they visit us again soon! Buck Chapman brought his new car, Chevy Monza out for license runs, none were fast enough, but on Sunday he finished the process with at 9.86 and a 9.70 at 140 mph, well done.

Sunday — July 19th
A Test & Tune event and the MANDRA cars took the track at 11:30 til 4:30 pm. It got hot today, 93 deg at days end, still the track worked well for everyone. MANDRA had 17 cars. In the final, Randy Campbell’s 67 Impala won over CR McKee’s 67 Chevelle. Don Wood and Tim Hansberry were the semi racers. Six year old Scarlet Shaffer made her successful Junior Dragster license runs with no problems, well done Scarlet. All the Test & Tune racers got to make plenty of passes today.

Saturday, July 25th is a SBRA race, no Junior Dragsters, they are in Bristol for their big race, Sunday, July 26th is a Test & Tune and Index Class event. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — July 11th
This was the fifth Street Nite race of the year and it was a good one. The weather was not a factor though it was warm and humid. Let’s start with the Md Performance Center Real Street class. Russ Martin held the number one qualifying run of 5.34 @ 133 mph. In round one Russ also had low ET of the session with a 5.32 to win over John Turner. Jamie Lindsey also won with a strong 5.35 over Justin Bowmaker. In round two Russ won with a 5.31, low ET of the race while Jamie was good with a 5.34. Then in the semis Russ had breakage at the line while Eric Bricker ran a good 5.43, Jamie beat Jack Williamson 5.36 to a 5.55. In the final Jamie Lindsey took the win with a 5.34 to Eric Bricker’s 5.44. This was close for a while as Eric was better on the tree, .040 to a .092, making this a very good final. Jamie was steady with four good clean runs, 5.35, 5.34, 5.36 and 5.34, one run as quick as 1.17 in sixty feet. Great job by the Falcone / Lindsey team again, four wins in five races and one runner up. Now for the Quick 16, how about a 5.78 bump with 20 cars in the fives, low ET was Mitch Willingham with a 5.03. In the semis Mitch Willingham beat first timer in our Quick 16 class, Jason Staub, in the other semi match Frank and Mike Howell squared off with Mike getting the win, in the final Mike Howell took the win over Mitch Wllingham. The 6.50 Index Class there were eight cars, Nathan Englar took the win over Keith Testerman in the final. Going over to Bracket Classes, Drive In Street had Chris Waters over Greg Faircloth, Limited Street Darius Wenger getting the win and in Pro Street Chris Kelican over Joe Wagaman. Colin Smith won Street Bike. We also had several Test & Tune cars making time runs. We had 115 cars entered, a real good turn out of race fans and a great hard hooking track, exceptional track prep from start to finish. A big thanks to all that participated, Justin Reggio and the Md Performance Center gang, all our racers, their family and crew members, track management and staff members, track sponsors and especially our race fans. A real good event from start to finish, we completed the show at 10:15 pm.

Sunday — July 12th
Today was a well attended Test & Tune event, 60 cars and bikes and Junior Dragsters raced from 11:30 am to 4:00 pm. Greg Daymude brought the Daymude family Top Dragster out for shake down runs, the last one was an easy 1/8 mile run, 4.73 @ 146 mph. Everyone made plenty of passes, one car made 24 runs, that’s just a bit over a dollar per run, pretty good deal! Overall a very good weekend!

Summit ET series race on Saturday July 18th, big cars at 3 pm, Junior Street is also contested, Test & Tune with MANDRA cars on Sunday July 19th, 11:30 am to about 4 pm, See you at Mason Dixon Dragway next week!

Friday — July 3rd
A very well attended Test & Tune event drawing 136 cars and many race fans started off the 4th of July race weekend. Everyone got plenty of runs, the racing went from 5:30 pm til 10:00 pm.

Saturday — July 4th — SBRA event
Though it rained overnite and in the early morning hours we were able to get the track ready for racing by 1:30 pm, only a 1/2 hour later than advertised. The Junior Dragsters kicked it off with 28 cars/drivers in round one. Charlotte Mallow won another one with a win over Logan Simpkins in the final. Brandi Connor took third. Junior Street was contested with Bailee Zepp winning over Savannah Peck, semi racers were Steve Dustin and Logan Simpkins. Foot Brake had 65 cars entered and it was David Toms over last weeks winner Troy Gerhart in a close final, Ronnie Proctor Jr. was third. Super had Colby Imes over Frank Spidel in a real close final, Ronnie Horwath was third, 45 cars contested the Super class, great racing all day long. Of note, Eric Swiger had a perfect .000 light to get the bye run in qualifying and then did it again, .000 light on his bye run pass. He wasn’t done yet as he once again was perfect on a run on Sunday, impressive! The Bikes had 13 entries with Tom Eaton winning over Jason Smith, Dale Hamilton was third. We had 165 cars in competition and we finished up at 9:15 pm, a real good day.

Sunday — July 5th — SBRA event
The Junior Dragsters kicked off the day right at 9:30 am with 30 cars/drivers in round one. It was the boys turn today as Ronnie Webb Jr. won over Alyssa McFadden in the final, Dylan Moore was third. We also ran the rained out Jr Dragster “Wally” 330 race from four weeks ago, Jo Jo Mallow won over Kaylee Henry. Jr Street was won by Savannah Peck. High School had Sarah Stone over Brandi Connor. The Trophy winner today was Wayne Donoho on his first trip to Mason Dixon this year, welcome back Wayne! Steve Dustin was the big winner in Foot Brake over Nicole Talbert, both these drivers were on their game all day in this 7 round race with 69 cars entered. Nicole who lives in North Carolina was just visiting mom and dad and she made her trip count with her runner up finish. Lukas Birks and Ronnie Proctor Jr. were the semi racers. Super had 50 entries and in the end Alan Hess won over Joe Henry. David Wastler was third. Now for the Bikes, we had a big field of 18 Bikes and in the final it was second year rider Gina Hamilton with a dead-on 5.75 to take a close win over Paul James Jr. Gina ran the dial on three of her five runs, one was just one over and another she was able to lift a bit, great lights also, a .003 in round two. Congrats on Gina’s first win! Dad might be a bit proud too! We had 183 competitors today, great racing all weekend. A big thanks to everyone — racers, crew members, family members, all the Mason Dixon staff/ management, sponsor/partners and especially our race fans! Also a big thanks to Chris Lil, the owner of the soon to be opening “Diabetic Delights” store in the West Ridge Shopping Center, Frederick, Md. for putting up an extra $100.00 to the winner of the Junior Dragster class on Saturday.

Saturday, July 11th we run our Street Nite race, MD Performance Center Real Street, Quick 16, 6.50 Index Class and Drive-in Street, Modified Street, Pro Street and Street Bike will be contested, open time run session kicks off at 3:00 pm. Test and Tune on Sunday, July 12th. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — June 27th
With an impending heavy rain event predicted for Saturday, we moved the Rocking Chair Nationals to Sunday. It was a good call too as about two inches rain fell in the area.

Sunday — June 28th
Though cloudy and cool with temps in the low 70’s, we had a good turnout of show cars, race cars and race fans. The day started early with the show cars arriving in the show field and our celebrity guests getting ready to be interviewed at the winners circle. We talked to many guests including the S & S team members, Sam Auxier, Jr., Mousie and Jeanne Brown, the Mori Brothers, Dave Bishop, Eric Kitchen and many others over the PA from 10:30 am til the start of time trials which kicked off promptly at 11:30 am. New this year was the 409 Chevy group that had 20 cars ranging from a blown 409 front engine dragster, a 409 gasser and some great Impala, Bel Air and Biscayne race cars. These cars were displayed in the staging lanes while the interviews were underway.

With 230 racers, we started right on time and everyone made two time runs before eliminations got underway. Here are the results. We’ll start with Pro Stick, we had 45 cars, many were in the 8 second zone with Fred House’s 4 cyl, turbo T’Bird running as fast as 8.03 @ 177 mph. The car is a rocket! In the final Dan Hoyler won over Chris Shaffer in a close one, both racers have been series champions in the past, all the Pro Stick group put on a great show as always. They will be back for two shows Labor day weekend. Top Sportsman was an excellent race and Chuck Wishard won over the red lighting Troy Flesher in the final. In round three, Chuck dialed a 5.94 against Mike Howell’s Falcon who dialed a 5.08, Chuck left with a .000 perfect light and ran dead on 5.940, a perfect run! To Mike’s credit he was 5.085 on the 5.08 dial and .017 at the tree, an excellent package also. Great racing in Top Sportsman by all! The 409 racers put on a great show with most running in the 6 and 7 second range, in the final, Bob Conway’s 63 Impala took the win over Lonnie Hill. Bob’s lights were solid all five rounds, great driving. The Nostalgia Eliminator was a seven round race with Carlos DeJesus winning over Denny Cooper, Mike Rudacille was third. Carlos was killer on the starting line all day long, not a big surprise from him. And lastly in Footbrake two top shelf racers made the finals. Troy Gerhart lined up against George Hoff. It was pretty much settled at the start, Troy .012, George .046, this forced a break out run for George who ran 8.118 on a 8.12 while Troy ran a 6.39 on his 6.36 dial. This was a close one. Both racers cut good lights and their cars ran the numbers all day long, nice racing. Kal Kline had a good third place finish in Eric Lawson’s AMX.

Anybody that missed this event should make sure to make the Rocking Chair Nationals III next year. Great event from start to finish. A big thanks to many– Gary Gore for once again partnering with us at Mason Dixon Dragway with this event. Once again, great track prep, all these high powered Pro Stick cars launched hard and handled well down track, Jake Landes, Bubby Casto and the rest of our staff work hard to make our track “work”, and it did. How about all the great food by our two food stands and the Mt. Aetna Fire Company food stand, if you left here hungry it was your fault. The big thank you goes to all our racer “legends”, racers and their crew and family members, track staff and management and especially all of our race fans!

We will run a Test & Tune on Fri. July 3rd, 5:30 pm til 10:00 pm. Sat and Sun we feature the SBRA racers with all classes contested. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

June 19th — Friday
46 cars and a good number of race fans turned out for our test & tune event, also a number of the SR20 Nissan racers brought their cars in and made many passes down the quarter mile. Several ran 11’s and 12’s at over 120 mph. We ran til 9:30 pm.

June 20th � Saturday
This was another Summit ET Race that was dramatically effected by the 80 percent chance of heavy rains and thunderstorms as part of the remnants of tropical storm “Bill”. Almost no one’s race program in Maryland, Virginia or Pennsylvania were able to start or finish a race but we did! The Junior Dragsters kicked it off with another win by Charlotte Mallow over Christopher Burch in the finals, Joshua Sisk took third. This was a good 23 car field, excellent racing by all that participated. Junior Street was won by Ryan Ely over Steven Dustin with Savannah Peck taking third place. Dale Fridley won Street over points leader David Toms, Rick Wenger and Ryan Gray were the semi racers. Eric Lawson with his first ever Pro win, he saved his best to the final when he had an .017 light to take the win over Andy Dolan. Eric was solid all day long as he defeated Jeff Heilman, Corey Thompson and Mark Harbaugh and earned one bye run to get to the final, nice job Eric! Super had Gary Athey making it two in a row over the always solid Joe Henry, Charles Copeland and Ronnie Horwath took the semi spots. Gary’s lights were .018, .015, .003 and .015, good work. Bike was won by Brian Canoles over Tom Eaton, Dale Hamilton and Jacob Hamilton made the semifinals. We also now have an new Junior Street racer, Ben Solis, a 13 yr old from Gaithersburg Md. and his dad Steve, made the appropriate license runs in the family Kia with runs in the low 11’s @ 64 mph. Welcome Ben and Steve to our world of drag racing at Mason Dixon, come back and race with us soon! About a half an hour after the race was completed the heavy rains rolled in. Got lucky on this one.

June 21st � Sunday
The National Dragster Challenge, a run for the Wallys was contested in very warm muggy conditions, but no rain! First Junior Street was won by Savannah Peck over Dylan Dietrck, Ryan Ely was third. Trophy had Rodney Eichelberger over Larry Price’s 79 Malibu Chevy wagon. Joe Wetzel over Ryan Gray, Faith Warner and Lukas Birks were the semi drivers. Pro had Chris Crawford over Andy Dolan, Kal Kline and Troy Gerhart were the semi racers. Super was won by Jason Murray over Andy Dolan, Jason Day was third. Lastly in the Bike class, Dale Hamilton went .014 with a .02 over 9.72 while brother Kevin Hamilton also left with a .014 light but was out by .01 with an 8.77 on his 8.78 dial, close one here. Tom Eaton took third.

Now about the Wally winners, great job by first year Junior Street racer Savannah Peck, who learned well from aunt and uncle Tammy and Mark Gray. They are both regular week in and week out racers in Pro and Super Pro. Savannah, who is 15 yrs. old, is driving Tammy’s excellent Chevy Malibu to low nine second passes and gets tougher each week. Dylan Dietrick was the runner-up in his Olds Cutlass. The Dietricks are building a new motor for next year and expect to be much faster in the future. Trophy had Rodney Eichelberger’s hard charging low 10 second Olds 442 winning over Larry Price in his beautiful 79 Malibu wagon that runs high 11’s. Joe Wetzel, long time Ford racer, ran his Fox body Mustang to the winners circle over Ryan Gray behind the wheel of his 67 Camaro. Second generation racer Chris Crawford in his steady mid 10 second 78 Camaro won in a double breakout race over Andy Dolan’s high 9 second Malibu. This was a great race, Chris .010 under, Andy .012 under his dial, real close. Finally in Super, you would have probably not put your money on Jason and Amy Murray’s Malibu today. The car had a stumble on the launch on every run and Jason just had to do his best with what he had today. In the final it was Jason Murray taking the win over Andy Dolan. It was just Jason’s day today. Andy Dolan reached two finals today and came away empty, he has won Wally’s in the past and is a top notch racer year after year. Congrats to all our Wally winners today.

The Rocking Chair Nationals�Sunday, June 28th — don’t miss this one, see the flyer on the website for all the details! See you at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — June 13th
Our fourth Street Nite was contested with temps in the mid 80’s and lots of humidity. It didn’t effect the racing though. Track staff members Bubby Casto and Jake Landes did great track prep/maintenance throughout the day for all our racers. We kicked off the day with our AMC day. They brought many nice show cars and a small, but good, field of really nice race cars. Dan Wellever took the win when Tom Fiddler’s car broke at the front of the staging lanes. Justin Reggio’s Md Performance Real Street racers put on a great show. Jamie Lindsey driving Rob Falcones car has won the three previous events and had a $200 bounty on him thanks to Md Performance Center and Holler Construction. To start, Russ Martin was the low qualifier at 5.39 while Jamie Lindsey was number two. At the semi finals it was Jack Williamson against Jamie Lindsey, Jack was .012 at the tree and ran 5.51 with Jamie just getting around with a 5.44. Russ Martin drew the bye and made an easy pass. In the final we had a GREAT run! Russ Martin .047 light, Jamie Lindsey a better .037, at the halfway mark [330 ft] Jamie ran a 3.48 to Russ’s 3.50. Then the turbo Mustang took over with Russ running a low ET of 5.34 and big mph of 136 mph to a game 5.40 for Jamie. Russ Martin got the first place money and the $200 bounty cash also. Jumping over to the Quick 16, Chuck Wishard who was runner-up in the last event flat out won it this go around against Robert Brooks in the final. Chuck’s lights in the four round race were .009, .025, .013 and in the final a.031. All four runs were close to his 5.97 dial. Great driving by Chuck Wishard. Dennis Hammond and Mike Daymude were the semi final drivers. Bike was won by Kevin Hamilton over Colan Smith, Pro winner was Cris Kelican over Mike Rodgers, Modified Street had Rick Wenger winning over Rick Goad. Drive In Street was won by Brad Ely over Chris Waters. We had a great turnout of race fans, a really good night of racing. We finished up about 9:40 pm, rain followed about an hour later.

Sunday — June 14th
More heat and humidity were evident today. We had 34 Junior Dragsters, 22 in the 13 year old and up group and 12 in the 12 and under group. Noah Lind won over Brandi Connor in the older bracket, Joshua Sisk won over Alden Cisney in the younger bracket. Rains got us before we could complete the 330′ race at around 3:15 pm. We did also run a Test & Tune event. Carrie Whitman ran mid 10’s in her Vega and Eric Swiger�s fast dragster ran 7.80s. Both drove well. We congratulate all of our Junior Dragster racers on their efforts, this is a great group, all were capable of winning today.

Next weekend we run a Test & Tune on Friday nite June19th, 5:30 pm to 10 pm, Saturday, June 20th is a Summit ET Series race and on Sunday, June 21st we have a National Dragster Challenge, check our schedule for all the details. Looking forward to racing next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Friday — June 5th
We ran a Test & Tune session from 6pm to 10pm, though not a big turn out, everyone got plenty of runs.

Saturday — June 6th
This was a Summit ET Series points race. We kicked off the program with the Junior Dragsters. First off, Shelby Nick made her needed runs to now be a licensed Junior Dragster driver, nice job Shelby! Once again current points leader Charlotte Mallow ran and defeated Tristan Simpkins in the final. Jo Jo Mallow was the third place driver. The ladies are again leading the boys with five wins to three.

Junior Street was won by Jo Jo Mallow over Ryan Ely, Savannah Peck was third. Trophy was won by Tristan Simpkins over Chase Campbell. We had a repeat final in Street as husband/wife team of Garrett Suders and Kristen Suders squared off for the second time in the last two weeks. Both had good lights but both broke out, Garrett by the least amount and took the win. They are now one and one in finals this year. My bet is we’ll see this again this year. Pro was won by Andy Dolan over Mark Harbaugh in the final. Andy ran dead on his 9.30 dial and Mark was .04 under his 10.17 dial. Super had Gary Athey over, always tough, Joe Henry in the final. Semi racers were Mike Daymude and Marcus Henry. Good seeing Gary in the winners circle! Jacob Hamilton had a huge first win over Tom Eaton in the Bike final. Jacob was .006 at the start while Tom went red. We had 130 competitors today and we finished up at 7:40 pm.

Sunday — June 7th
This was a very well attended Test & Tune event running from 11:30 am to 4 pm. We had a great mix of street cars and bikes, full on drag cars and bikes, Junior dragsters and license run cars. Though cloudy and real windy, no rain, and we got through the day without weather issues.

Next weekend, Saturday, June 13th we are running another Street Nite race, Jamie Lindsey, in Md Performance Real Street, has a $200.00 bounty on him, beat him and get the money. If Jamie wins again, he claims the money. We also are running the Quick 16 event for $1,000.00 cash to first place. Also we have the AMC cars racing in their own class. The other Street Nite classes contested are Drive-In Street, Modified Street, Pro, Super Pro and Bike. Want to do just time runs, we have that covered also, let our tech staff know and we will get you as many runs as possible. Nice job to all, see you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — May 30th
This was our third Street Nite event of year and though we had an hour and half rain delay, we were able to get it in. As soon as the showers began, the track staff immediately got out and started the track drying process and once done the racing was excellent. Let’s start with Md. Performance Real Street. Again, the Rob Falcone’s big block Chevy powered Mustang driven by Jamie Lindsey made it three for three. Russ Martin was low qualifier and Jamie was number two. Jamie beat Josh Wheeler in round one with a 5.46, won over Frank Peacock in round two with a 5.40, round three had a closer race with Dave Guy, 5.38 to a 5.48, with Dave having a better light. In the final Jamie beat Eic Bricker, 5.36 to a game 5.49. Good racing by all in Real Street. Don’t miss the next Street Nite coming on June 13th!! Now, for the popular Quick 16, the low qualifier was Jerry Williams with a 4.90 and the bump spot had Greg Daymude at 6.14. Three other cars ran 5.0s with Tom Morgan, Mitch Willingham and Mike Howell all running strong. In the final it was Ronnie Horwath with the big win in a double breakout battle with Chuck Wishard. Ronnie ran a 5.719 on a 5.72 to Chuck’s 5.951 on a 5.97 dial. Mitch Willingham and Mark Decker took the semi spots. The 6.50 Index class was won by Les Tobery over Darrell Law. Matt Bowie was third. Pro was won by Paul Roderick with a dead on 5.60 to Mike Younker’s one over 5.97, close race! Modified Street was won by Randall McNamee over Eddie Payne. Drive In Street had Bill Johnson getting the win. Bike was won by Colan Smith. We finished out the night at about 10:45 pm. A big thanks to all that participated, most of our race fans sat through the long rain delay to see some real good racing action in our third Street Nite race.

Sunday — May 31st
This was to be a SBRA points race but a power outage caused the race to be cancelled, About 8:15 am the power substation across the road from the track had some transformer failures and with no power at 11 a.m. we cancelled out the race. Note, power wasn’t restored til after 1:30 pm, then showers arrived also after 3 pm. It wasn’t to be today.

FRIDAY NITE June 5th , under the LIGHTS Test & Tune Gates open 5 PM T&T 6-10 PM OPEN TO ALL

Saturday, June 6th we have a Summit ET series points race, Junior Dragsters start a 1 pm, big cars at 3 pm. On Sunday a Test & Tune gets underway at 11:30 am. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway this weekend!

Friday — May 22nd
Ninety cars and bikes took the the track for time runs from 5:30 to 10:00 pm. There was also a Gamblers race with Mark Decker winning over Roger Lewis.

Saturday — May 23rd
The weather was perfect, temps in the mid 70’s and sunny. We started with a field of 35 Junior Dragsters. Jace Gantt and Abagail Herald made their license runs, both drove very well. In the final Dylan Moore, who has several semi finishes, lined up against Landon Palmer in the final and took the win. Dylan had to go seven tough rounds, congrats to the entire Moore team. Kaylee Henry and Jo Jo Mallow were the semi racers. Junior Street had eight racers, Madelin Culbert won over Ryan Ely. The Trophy winner was Charlie Testerman, Jr. over his dad Charlie Testerman, Sr. Street was special, 35 cars and in the finals it was Garrett Suders against his wife Kristin Suders. Kristen with a slightly better light and in a close one, got around Garrett for the win. Pro had Dicky Bodmer winning over Joe Wetzel. In a dragster vs. door car Super final Alan Hess in the dragster won out over Mitch Willingham’s Monte Carlo. In Bikes George Stanley won over the super tough Dale Hamilton. Dale’s daughter Gina Hamilton took third, she rode well and the bike ran a steady 9.12 @ 144 three times in a row, a win is coming real soon! A pit vehicle 330′ race was contested at the end of the day with Ryan McFadden over Jason Smith in the final. There were 235 contestants racing today, we finished about 8:15 pm or so. Good racing all day.

Sunday — May 24th
Again, 35 Junior Dragsters made round one, this time it was the girls turn, Charlotte Mallow won over Landon Palmer in the final, Kaylee Henry was third. Junior Street was won by Madelin Culbert over Ryan Ely. Another big field of Street cars had David Toms over Rob Roberts, Jr. in the final. Rob had the better light but his car slowed down track and wasn’t able to run the number. Pro had Dicky Bodmer making it two in row winning over Brian Lind. Super had Ronnie Horwath winning over Chuck Wishard. Bike was won by Kermit Garnett III over Dale Hamilton. We finished up about 7:30 pm.

Monday — Memorial Day — May 25th
Once again a big field of Junior Dragsters took the track with Charlotte Mallow against; you guessed it, Landon Palmer. Charlotte did it again, her second win of the weekend and Landon’s third runner up, congrats to both of these fine racers. Scotty Morgan and Brandi Connor made the semis. We were over 100 Juniors for the three days, two new racers made their license runs and we had a visit from Brady Kile who went rounds on Monday racing with us for the first time this year, would like to see Brady and his dad Ken back again soon. High School had Scotty Morgan over Tristan Simpkins in the final. Junior Street had Mark and Tammy Gray’s niece Savannah Peck winning over Ryan Ely. Savannah was definitely having a great time racing this weekend! In Street Garrett Suders was a winner in a close one over Lukas Birks. By the way, in two weeks at Raceway Park’s national event, Lukas will represent Mason Dixon Dragway in a race against other NHRA tracks real street legal cars. Good luck to Lukas and Seth, they will represent us well! Pro had a new winner today as Jack Zies in his Cuda won over the always tough Andy Dolan. Super had Michael Shoop over Mike Daymude. Note, with a real strong cross/head wind in the late afternoon, after round one we shortened up Super to an 1/8 mile race, it was a good move for all. Bike was won by Jacob Hamilton over Dale Hamilton in a close one. Dale ended up with 3 runner ups this weekend.

A few notes about the weekend racing. I know I’ll miss a bunch of stuff but here goes — 3 runner ups for Landon Palmer in Junior Dragster, no wins but 18 round wins in 3 days is hard to beat. Charlotte Mallow, 2 wins, great job. And then Dylan Moore winning his first race in such a big field of cars, it won’t be his last win either! The Juniors also did a great job of keeping the program moving at a good pace all three days. The Suders going to finals with Kristen winning. Dicky Bodmer, 2 wins. Gina Hamilton and cousin Jacob Hamilton in round 2 on Monday, Jacob .000 light Gina right there .001, Jacob did win it in a real close win. Great weekend everyone!

Saturday May 30th, is Street Nite featuring, Md Performance Center Real Street heads-up racing, Quick 16, $1000.00 to win, 6.50 and 7.50 Index classes, Drive-In Street, Modified Street, Pro Street and Street Bike. Sunday May 31st is SBRA Points racing. A big thanks to all of our racers, their family and crew members, race fans, sponsors and the Mason Dixon Staff and the Wachter family for a great four days of racing, see you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — May 16th
Today�s racing featured a test & tune event, day one racing for the Mopar Slant Six group and the East Coast Impala Racing group. Thirteen Slant Six cars made round one and in the final Brian Droschak’s low 13 second Dart won over Ryan Covalt’s Ram truck. The Impala gang had 18 cars competing, all ran strong, in the final Dan Fahey from Germantown Md. laid down a bunch of 13.40 runs to win over Barry Gaudette. There were a number of Mopars testing for Sunday�s Mopar Meet. Just as the day ended heavy rains rolled in, the timing for this was pretty good!

Sunday — May 17th — 32nd Annual Mopar Meet
(A note from the track answering the early morning telephone calls) “Hello this is Mason Dixon Dragway, if you are calling you must have a ford or chevy cuz if you had a MOPAR you would already be here.�

The weather forecast was terrible, 60 percent chance of showers all day could have dramatically cut down on the 32nd Annual Mopar Meet but it didn’t. We had some light sprinkles early but track staff prepped the track like always and we were ready to race at 11:30 am as scheduled. Before we talk about anything else, let’s give a lot of credit to all our racers, show car owners, vendors and flea market people and especially all the fans that showed up despite such a gloomy weather forecast. All of you made this a successful day! Now to the racing! In Mopar Slant Six class it was Ron Hamby’s early Dart running 12.30s to win over Charles Shmid in the final, Brian Mimken took third. Trophy was won by Kevin Calimer over Tommy Fogle. Street had David Toms over Randall McNamee. Pro class had Callie Kline in his Dodge Demon over Brian Henry’s Demon. Second generation racer Michael Bauman lined up his S & W dragster against last weeks Quick 16 winner Mike Daymude in his fast Dodge Demon in the final, the win went to the Bauman team. Both these drivers/cars ran well all day, Bauman 8.20s, Daymude 8.40s. Tim Peters didn’t win on the track but he did have a winner type day, Tim and his wife Cris celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary, they are from Carlisle, Pa. How about Patti Riggleman in her 70 Challenger, making many time runs both days, all low 14 second passes. But right at the end of the day on her last chance to break into the 13’s her last pass netted a 13.95 at 98 mph, husband Tim loved it! We also need to give a big thanks to the Mt. Aetna Fire Co. for running their food stand serving great sandwiches and fries all day long.

This coming weekend is our Summit ET Series Memorial Day race, a Test & Tune on May 22nd a Fri night, 5 pm to 10 pm. then the points races Sat., Sun., and Mon. We start with Junior Dragster a 9:30 am each day. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway Memorial Day weekend!

Saturday — May 9th
This was our second Street Nite race, the weather was great, temps. near 80 and partly cloudy skies. Before we talk about the results we will welcome back Ginger Deavers who has been battling health issues. She made several passes in her Malibu, best run 12.00 @ 111 mph. Good to have you back! In Pro Street long time racer/engine builder Jeff McMillen beat Josh Campbell in Pro. Modified Street had George Windon winning over Larry Price. Drive in Street had Kenny Owens over Chris Waters. George Stanley was the Bike winner over Brian Canoles. Now for the feature classes, the Quick 16 had 24 entries, Jerry Williams was on the pole with a 4.87 while the number 16 driver was Andy Dolan at a 5.92. In the semis, Mike Daymude beat Andy Dolan in a close, double breakout. Andy was out by .009 while Mike was just .001 under, really close run. Jerry Williams’ .010 light was enough to take out Ronnie Horwath who was out by .004 in the other semi. The final was very close and well run by both drivers, Jerry�s .012 to Mike�s .013 but down at the stripe Mike ran a 5.373 on his 5.37 dial while Jerry was just a bit quick, 4.841 on his 4.85 dial, again real close. In Justin Reggios Md. Performance Center Real Street we had another excellent show. Jamie Lindsey driving Rob Falcone’s big block Chevy Mustang was number one with a 5.423 run while Russ Martin was just .002 back with a 5.425, Erick Bricker was 5.47, Dave Guy 5.48 and several other cars in the 5.50 zone. In the semis Jamie Lindsey laid down the run of the event, a 5.31 to a better reacting but slower 5.42 from Eric Bricker. This race was closer than it looks. Russ Martin laid down a smooth 5.42 to Chris Steele’s 5.97. Now the final, Jamie Lindsey out ran Russ Martin with a 5.33 @ 129 to a game 5.41 @ 133. Jamie was THE MAN today, number one qualifier, low ET in all four rounds, 5.38, 5.35, 5.31 and 5.33. Also, he had one sixty foot time of 1.16. A pretty fair day for the Falcone/Lindsey team!

Sunday — May 10th
Today was the Cruise for the Cure show and race event. Sara Mulkey and the Stablemates Car club put on a fine car show with vendors, flea market stands and great food and we also ran open time runs for 4 hours and we had a race with Bobby Smith winning over Cody Custer while Jason Murray took third. How about Amy Murray, after the years at the track she made an easy pass in their 12 second Malibu. We don’t know the dollar totals for the event but should have the numbers early in the week, the money will go to the Relay for Life organization. Thanks to all that participated!

Next weekend, Sat. May 16th is a Test & Tune, 11 am to 4 pm. Sunday is our huge MOPAR event, car show, vendors, food, flea market AND lots of drag race action, come early, the drag racing gets underway at 11:30 am. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — May 2nd
Weather’s good now! Temps in the low 70’s greeted the Test & Tune and Index racers. The 6.50 Index is getting good, 10 entries, all could and did run close to the index. We had a close, well run final. Nathan Englar in his 68 Road Runner ran a 6.506 to win over Matt Bowie in his 70 Camaro who was right there with a 6.524, both racers had identical .034 lights. Tom Bard in his 70 Nova was third. The others in the class were Charles Testerman Sr and Jr., cousin Keith Testerman Les Tobery, Bruce Greene, Darren “Tater” Kuhn and Kelly Lloyd. Robert Brooks ran a 5.84 to Pat Hahn�s 5.88 in the 5.80 class to take the win. Don Thomas was third. The 7.50 class was won by Kenny Moser in his 69 Camaro over Marc Given, Larry Price and Tim Bard were the semi racers. Everyone got plenty of runs, a fun day!

Sunday — May 3rd
Today we ran our SBRA race and this was a good one, 205 cars raced, all the classes had good turnouts 37 in Super and 70 in Footbrake. We’ll start with the Junior Dragsters, well the boys won this one. In the semis, Charlotte Mallow drew the bye, Jo Jo Mallow lost to Ryan Ely, then in the final it was Ryan defeating Charlotte Mallow in another good race. 23 cars were entered.

Outlaw Pontiacs had a big group of racers as 27 made round one. It was Steve Dress’s day as he went six rounds in his low 10 second 68 Firebird to take the win over Johnny James in his 73 Ventura. Anne Beard had a real good third place finish. Her 69 Bonneville convertible ran mid 13’s all day and she was sharp on the tree in all rounds.

Super Pro had Harry Troxler in his real nice mid 5 second 69 Camaro winning over Bob McDonaugh’s powerful 4.80s dragster in the final, Chuck Wishard and Kevin Moore were the semi racers. Harry, Tommy and the rest of the Troxler gang were real happy to win this one. The car worked all day long and Harry drove well too. Great job!

Now to Footbrake, Dahrl Clark was in championship form as he beat Corey Thompson in the 7 round race. Lukas Birks and Mark Harbaugh were the semi racers. This class had some real good races in every round.

Bikes had John Eaton over the always tough Dale Hamilton, Gene Belt was third. We have as good a group of Bike racers as there is anywhere in the country, everybody can ride and just about all the bikes are real fast. Win here and you’ve done something.

Trophy had Bob Nowak beating Bob Sidow in the final, how about a 502 powered 69 Impala wagon and a 64 Dodge, both run high 12’s great cars.

Don’t forget another Street Nite race on Saturday, May 9th, Quick 16 $1000 to Win and the Md Performance Real Street heads up cars along with Drive-In Street, Limited Street and Pro Street and Street Bike. Sunday is the Cruise for the Cure event hosted by Stablemates car club. See you at Mason Dixon Dragway next week!

Saturday — April 25th
About 8am a snow shower/squall rolled through the area surprising everyone, the rest of the day was cold and dreary, temps in the mid 40’s most of the day. We ran a test & tune event but also did our first qualifying event to make the �LIST”. Antrim Diesel RV and Antrim Diesel Service had 11 trucks making 3 passes each, Phil Price in “Bad Medicine” being low qualifier. With cars we had Larry Palmer leading the way. We would love to see a bigger turnout of cars at the next qualifier “LIST” event.

Sunday — April 26th
A much nicer day, it was sunny and temps reached 60 later in the day. This was a Summit ET Series race. In the morning the Junior Dragsters kicked it off with Sammie Miller taking the win over Joey Maggetti, Noah Lind was third.

Trophy had Darius Wenger over Bob Stagerwalt. In Street it was the always tough Carlos DeJesus over Rick Wenger. Pro had Jason Stern in has 67 Camaro over Ronnie Proctor Jr. in the final. Third place was Colby Imes who was unable to run the semi final round due a transmission fluid leak. Bike class had George Stanley over Tom Eaton. Super was an all dragster final. Marcus Henry’s big block Chevy powered car against Bob Jansen’s small block Chevy racer. Marcus went .005 against Bob’s red light start, Both cars ran sevens all day, Bob was as quick as 7.78 in round two. Good racing all day long, nice track conditions too!

Next weekend, Saturday, May 2nd, we will have a test & tune and the three eighth mile index classes, a 7.50 plus a 6.50 and a 5.80 class. The event runs from 11 am to 4 pm. On Sunday, May 3rd we run a SBRA race with the Junior Dragsters running at 9:30 am, big cars at 11:30 am. Test & Tune is available this day also. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — April 18th
The warmest day of the year, near 80 degrees greeted racers and race fans on our first Street Nite event. The co-main events were the Quick 16 and Maryland Performance Center Real Street classes. In Real Street we had 15 cars, the winner was Jamie Lindsey driving Rob Falcone’s 582 ci. Big Block Chevy powered Fox body Mustang running low ET in all four rounds and winning over Dave Guy’s 572 ci. Big Block Ford powered Fox body Mustang in the final, a 5.39 to a 5.58. The semi racers were Jack Williamson and Josh Wheeler. Great racing by all the Real Street drivers. These guys look like they are having a great time putting on their show. Extra cash was put up by these sponsors — Custom Towing and Auto Repair, Right A Way Powder Coating and DGR Performance. The Quick 16 had Mike Howell with low ET of 5.10 @ 137 mph. Dennis Hammond was “The Man” as he had a .004 package in round two, a perfect light in the semis and took the win over Robert Brooks in his Nova in the final, a 5.64 to 5.88. The semi racers were Ronnie Horwath and Jim Shank. In Pro Street, Sam Boyd won over Paul Roderick with Charlie Testerman Sr and Dave Toms the semifinalists. Limited Street had Kenny Moser over Randall McNamee, Terry Mentzer was third. Drive In Street had Larry Price winning over Bruce Garber, John Eaton and Greg Orris were the semi racers. Street Bike was won by Kevin Hamilton over Brian Canoles, Paul James Sr. was third place rider. We also had a good turn out of test and tune cars and bikes. By the way, again great track prep from Bubby Casto and Jake Landes, these guys do an excellent job week in and week out! We really do have a fine staff at Mason Dixon, a pleasure to work with these people every week.

Sunday — April 19th
Over 100 cars, bikes, junior dragsters and trucks competed in a Test & Tune event. We had a nice group of race fans with us also. Everybody got many runs and many ran big numbers today. Don’t forget next Sat., a Test & Tune event PLUS qualifying runs for the LIST– will you be on it? Sunday is a Summit ET series points race all classes contested, Junior Dragsters kick it off at 9:30 am. See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — April 11th
Though a bit breezy, we had clear skies and temps that reached 60 degrees by late afternoon. At 8 am, the Northern Virginia Mustang Club brought 44 members and guests, mostly in later model Mustangs and all made numerous runs. Most all the cars are real fast and many ran 12’s and 11’s with big mile an hour passes. The fastest car in the house was Keith Elledge’s late model blower assisted Mustang running as quick as 8.81 at 156 mph. These were the car”s first runs and there is still more in this car! All the club members had fun and we will have them back later in the year. Now, moving over to the Test & Tune part of the day we started at noon and ran to 5 pm. Plenty of cars, trucks and bikes made a lot of runs and we also had 9 year old Eric Bowles make his license runs in his Junior Dragster. All his runs were good and he is now licensed, good job Eric! Chase Fahnestock drove his Super Comp dragster for some test passes before heading to the LODRS race at Atco. First run a pretty good 8.94 on the 8.90 index, next pass just a bit quick, 8.88 then the last one netted a .007 light with a 8.902 et, a .009 package, with that, Crystal, Joel and Chase loaded up and went home. Great runs! We also ran our first Index Class cars. The biggest class was the 6.50 group with 7 cars racing, Tom Fidler took the win when Matt Bowie broke out by .02. The semi racers were Nathan Englar and Tom Bard. Larry Price won the 7.50 group and Pat Hahn won the 5.80 class.

Sunday — April 12th
Less windy and temps that reached nearly 70 degrees made for nearly perfect racing conditions on the first SBRA points race. In the morning it started with 21 Junior Dragsters and unlike last week it was all about the girls. In the final Bailie Zepp squared off with Sammie Miller. Sammie had the better light and took the win, Brandi Conner was third. Excellent racing by all those in the Junior Dragster group. The big cars took the track at 11:30 am. There was a good field of Super cars with Danny Brown in his Mustang winning over Al Crawford. Bernie Staub took third. It took 7 rounds to win Footbrake and veteran driver Ed Talbert won over Andy Dolan. George Hoff was third. Ed’s lights were from .009 to .025, real sharp driving! We had 16 Bikes with Dalton Dickerson from N.J. winning over Boyd Mathias in the final. Kevin Hamilton and Kermit Garnett were semi racers. By the way, Kevin nearly got dropped in round one when niece Gina Hamilton had the starting line advantage but broke out in a close race. Trophy was won by Bruce Foltz over Darius Wenger. We also had a great group of Test & Tune cars and bikes. A big thanks to all that participated, racers, crew members, family members, race fans, sponsors, staff and management!

Next Saturday, Street Nite with Quick 16 paying $1000 to win, runner up $300, semis $100, real good money for a $35 entry fee and Maryland Performance Centers Real Street heads up cars are the featured classes. Check our schedule for all the details! We will run a Test & Tune on Sunday. Are you on the List??? See you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway!

Saturday — April 4th (Keep Checking BACK “The List” Rules and Dates Soon to be posted)
The first Summit ET Series points race is in the books. A fast moving shower rolled through the area about 8am and forced a delayed start time. First, the Junior dragsters took the track at 11 am with a good field of 23 cars entered. We have a new racer, Daylin Hoyler who made all her license runs with no problems, great job! In the semis, Thomas Oates beat Dylan Moore while Chesney Gosnell drew the bye, in the final it was Thomas Oates winning over Chesney Gosnell in a close final. Chalk one up for the boys! Junior Street had Dylan Detrick winning over red lighting Sammie Miller. Street Eliminator had a real good turnout with Greg Orris the winner over Doug Wetzel, Steve Gosnell and Tammy Gray were the semi finalists. Pro class had some great racing with two excellent racers going into the finals. Mark Harbaugh left first with a .034 light and Troy Gerhart with a.035 light. Mark was dead on, 10.18 while Troy ran out by .003, 10.047 on his 10.05 dial, a great close race. Steve McCully and Greg Orris were the semi racers. In Super Mark Gray won over last year’s Super champ Ronnie Horwath, this race also was close, Ronnie breaking out by .004, both drivers with good lights. The semi racers were Joe Henry and Andy Dolan. The Bike class had all the good riders with Brian Canoles leaving with a .008 light to defeat Dave Clinedinst. These two were the fastest bikes on the property, Brian ran as fast as 8.06 at 164 mph and Dave with a 8.21 at 160 mph. Semi racers were Kevin Hamilton and Boyd Mathias. Trophy had Bruce Foltz’s 68 Camaro running mid tens winning over Jeff Hielman in the finals. Tommy McCully driving dad’s street legal AMC Spirit took third. Tommy ran both Street and Trophy and made plenty of low 14 second and had a great day racing with his dad. How about Steve McCully’s fast red Spirit, now running consistent 10.80 @122 mph passes. The little car works. Test & Tune had over 20 cars entered, all made plenty of runs, 11 second 130 mph Hondas, late model Mustangs, Corvettes, trucks etc. Overall, a very good day of racing at Mason Dixon!

Next weekend on Saturday, April 11th, the Northern Virginia Mustang Club has the track from 8am til noon. Then we have a Test & Tune from noon to 5pm but also we will run three eighth mile index classes, 5.80, 6.50, 7.50. On Sunday April 12th we run our first SBRA points race with all classes contested, Jr. Dragsters at 9:30 am and big cars at 11:30 am. Keep checking this website and our new facebook page for all pertaining to Mason Dixon Dragway, see you next weekend!

Sunday — March 22nd (1st Post of the 2015 Season)
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We finally got an opening day in the books. After either cold, snow/rain or wet grounds we got bright sunshine and temps that reached the high 40’s today. A nice turn out of over 60 cars and bikes made numerous time runs. We also ran our “First to the Finish Line” race. Eddie Payne’s excellent mid 10 second Dodge Dart won over Larry Price’s Malibu wagon, semi racers were Darius Wenger and Rick Wenger. Two Jr. Dragsters made runs, Dalyn Palmer made several passes and Jaiman Dietz made several check out runs and on his last couple passes ran low 12’s at 54 mph. This was Jaiman’s first race and he did an excellent job driving all day long. We had a nice mix of cars, bikes and trucks on the track, several diesel trucks, bikes, full on drag cars, street/strip cars, and sport compacts. The track itself worked well from the start, nice track prep from Jake and Bubby. Next weekend we have a test and tune on Sat. March 28th starting at 11 am with an added gamblers race at 3pm, $20 entry fee for the gamblers race. Sun. March 29th we will run all classes, Jr. Dragsters 9:30 am, Big cars and bikes at 11:30 am. The first Summit Points race is set for Sat. April 4th, Easter Sunday, April 5th we will be closed. A big thanks to all who participated today, see you next weekend at Mason Dixon Dragway! By the way, check this website for any updates in anything pertaining to our race program.