Current 2017 rules.

Maryland true street car challenge
* All cars must be up to date and properly tagged, registered, and insured (No dealer or transporter tags)
* Exterior lights must function as per factory design.
* All windows must be glass and function as per factory design. (Plexiglas ok on rear window on trucks with roll cage)
* Must retain two front seats (functional at all times) with seat belts, stock dash, door panels interior trim and carpet.
*rear seat delete ok but must appear factory
* All cars must retain all body panels during the race.
* Tires: Any 275/60/15 or smaller Drag Radial . Any 28x10.5 bias ply or smaller slick. limited to 15x10 rim. 17"+ rim no tire limit. (standard street tires not permitted)
* Exterior must retain stock style appearance. must retain all factory stock body panels. aftermarket hood, spoiler and front bumper lips ok. 
* Any stock suspension or back half chassis, no full tube style chassis. no wheelie bars.
* No dual power adders
* Exhaust not to stick past body by more then 1". exhaust must not affect staging beams
* All Fuel allowed. alcohol prohibited (alcohol injection ok)
* Proper safety per et required. will be enforced by track.  

* .400 Pro Tree (Courtesy staging, 7 second stage rule), heads up, No Times, 1/8th mile
* Random draw will setup ladder and run order and lane choice. re draw after each round. 

* $20 Entry Fee for track tech card. (paid to track) $80 race entry fee  (payout to 1st, 2nd and 3rd)
* Cruises will be minimal of 10 miles, maximum of 30 miles. cruises will have A set time limit, if you cant return to track before time runs out    you are subject to be disqualified. 
* All cars must drive to staging lanes and back to pits every pass. (only hand pushing aloud while in lanes)

* Once entry fee is paid you may change/fill fuel before road test. This will be the only fuel you will be aloud to use for the event.
  (no refilling or top offs. if you are caught adding fuel you will be DQ)
* wheels and tires used on the road test must be used for remainder of event. 
* 1st pass must be made with the vehicle exactly the same as on road test. (air filter removal, install nitrous bottle, check tire psi ok under admin watch)
* minimum of 10 minute cool down once returned to track from road test. All hands off during cool down (electronic adjustments ok)
* Nothing may be added or removed from vehicle once you leave for road test.

* After 1st pass car may be worked on but still no tire changes or fuel top offs
* we hold the right to change any rule at any time in this class. By running this class you agree to that and have been warned. (voting)

* all participants must buy track tech card. (to be kept by track)
* $80 entry fee to enter race (money to go in pot)

* Pay outs.
* $10 of entry fee will be held towards future incentives and promotional items.
* Remaining pot will be split in to six equal parts.
* 1st place to receive 3 parts of entry pot
* 2nd place to receive 2 parts of entry pot
* 3rd place to receive 1 part of entry pot