If you need Fuel not in-stock or listed:
Email: Dragway1@aol.com
with you request
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The types of
Sunoco race fuels and methanol available are:  (Sold by the gallon or by Drum)

Fuel Available at Mason Dixon this Weekend:  Updated Nov 14, 2016

Sunoco GT 260 Plus  104 Octane  $9.75 Gal   (Unleaded
)  40 gal
Sunoco GT 260 100 Octane $9.05 Gal ( Unleaded)   15 gal
MS109 (32 gal in stock) $13.08 Gal   (Unleaded)  Out of Stock

Cam II Maximal 116 Octane $12.05 Gal (Red)  Out of Stock
Cam II HCR 114 Octane $11.30 Gal (Yellow)  40 gal
Supreme 112 Octane $9.10 Gal (Blue)   200 gal
Cam II Standard 110 Octane $8.40 Gal (Purple)
    400 gal

$1.00 off per gallon on Purple or Blue if you bring in your drum and purchase 54 gallons

Methanol 55 Gal Drum Clear $165.00 2 in stock)
Methanol 55 Gal Drum Lubed $165.00   (1 in stock)

Methanol  $4.75  Gal. Clear or Lube   (in stock)

C-16 VP Fuel  $12.90 Gal   (Out of Stock)
Q16 VP Fuels 5 gal  $86.34 (2 in Stock)

C14+ 5 gal $79.95 (1 in stock)
C12 VP Race Fuel $10.09 Gal. (in stock)
VP110 Race Fuel   $8.95 Gal   (in stock)
VP113 Race Fuel 5gal $64.50 (1 in stock)
U4.4 -5 gal  $74.95 (Out of Stock)
MR12 -5 gal  $117.90 (Out of Stock)

All VP Fuels are available with proper advance notice.
(Special Orders must be Pre-Paid)

Due to Changing Gas Prices Fuel Prices can change weekly.

Methods of Payment:  Cash and checks accepted with proper ID.  (No credit cards taken at the track.)

Times:  Fuel Trailer opens one hour before racing starts and closes at the beginning of 3rd round eliminations during bracket race days and 1 hour before closing during test and tune events.