2023 Schedule
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PAYOUTS for regular events can be found here

(10 Cars to Make a Class)
Auto Start and True Start Utilized

Super Pro  (Class I)        (1/8th Mile) 4.15 - 7.49    
Electronics  Allowed
No Programmable Ignitions

Cross Talk Turned On All Cars (N Not Honored)
Pro Driver (Class II)     (1/8th Mile) 5.40 - 11.55
Two Steps Approved
Transbrakes Allowed
Air SHifters Allowed

Motorcycle    1/4 Mile    7 .50 - 15.99
 Delay Boxes Permitted

 Sportsman 1/4 Mile11.50 - 19.99
No Electronics
Slicks Permitted
Trophy   1/4 Mile  10.00 - & Up
No Electronics

Jr Street  9.0 - 19.00
1/8th Mile

Junior Dragster     7.90 -
1/8th Mile 

Electric Class
1/8th Mile
Run separate of other classes
Must have 10 Cars to make a class
Otherwise can run test and tune

Safety Rules as Per NHRA Safety Rule Book


Super Pro  (Class I)       4.00 - 7.99        
Electronics  Allowed 1/8 Mile
Cross Talk Turned On All Cars
N Not Honored
 MOD/Pro    (Class II)     6.00 - 12.00  
 (Now Allowed)
2 Step
Auto Shifters

Motorcycle        4.50 - 10.00
Delay Boxes Allowed 

 Trophy              6.00 - 12.00

No Electronics
Junior Dragster     7.90 -  


Heads Up .500 Pro Tree
No Center Steer

Heads Up .400 Pro Tree
No Center Steer

Heads Up .400 ProTree
No Center Steer

Minimum 10 Cars to Make a Class

Pro Street .400 Tree
No Electronics
Mufflers & DOT Tires
No Electronics
10.50 and Slower

 Street Bike
Mufflers & Street Tires
No Electronics
If less than 10 bikes they will run in Pro-Street

Drive In Street
Mufflers, Tags, Street Tires
Must be Driven In (No Trailers)

No Electronics
Quick 16
(Top Sportsman Format)
Dial In Full Tree
 Quickest ET Gets Lane Choice
Any Motor Combo
 Left Steer
NHRA Safety Rules

Nasty 9s
Naturally Aspirated* Small Tire
Open to ALL NA ST Combos
no Street Tires, 10.5 Max Non-W
.400 Pro Tree, 1/4 Mile
No Delay Boxes or Electronics that can assist
in timing the light or running the number.
NHRA Safety Rules , Chassis, License

Modern Muscle
2008 & Newer Production Cars
Tagged - Insured * Street Apearing
Driven In $40 Entry

.400 Pro Tree * Heads Up 1/4h Mile    NHRA Lic.
No Exotic Power adders * No Nitrous
Nothing coming thru Hodd or Fenders (unless Factory)
Tire Must Fit Factory Wheel Wells Proper Clearance Required
Tire  Must Be DOT
$1000 to Win

*** Not all classes will be contested at each Street Event

SUMMIT Bracket Finals Classes
 SP - Super ET with electronics (per current year NHRA Rulebook)
 (1/8th Mile)4.15 - 7.49 
PRO - Pro Eliminator -Transbrake, 2 Step and Auto Shifters Approved.
 (1/8th Mile)5.40 - 11.55
MC - Motorcycles/Snowmobiles -Delay Device Approved
Sportsman - NO Electronics
 The car must be street appearing,
 full fenders, grill, hood, working headlights,  and functioning mufflers.
No DOT Rule
Jr Dragsters  Rules Update:
SFI Padding Where Helmet May Contact Roll Cage
July 1st, 2020 Approved HANS Device

PAYOUTS for regular events can be found here.