2021 Schedule
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*Note if you a a spec car chassis certification, there must be a serialplate affixed to the chassis alpha numeric with the date of manufacturer.
(If you are not sure of manufacture date you may estimate on your plate.)
This new rule effects 8.50 and quicker cars

Please note: 
Chassis Certification order is first come, first served because there are a limited number of cars that can be done per session.  If you sign up please make sure you show up.


Cost for 3 Year Chassis Cert $170.00 Check or Cash  to NHRA
$20 to Track   Total Cost $190

Name:  First Name:  Last Vehicle To Be Inspected Choose  Date
christopher  Shives 1988 mustang Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Michael  Bauman 2006 S/W rear engine dragster Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Trevor Craker Chevy monza/1980 Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Bobby  Dunn Camaro  Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Robert  Falcone Pontiac Firebird Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Michael Gadwaw Datsun 240Z Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Gregory Hartlaub Nova Chevy Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Devin Holder Ford Mustang  Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Art Howell Fiat Altered  Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
karl jacobson Opel  Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Daryl Johnson S & W  dragster Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Steven Kurimchak Kurimchak 2001 Mustang Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Robert Martin 1995 Racetech Dragster Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Rick McKamey 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Dennis Nisewarner 1987 olds cutlass Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Daniel  Petrillo  Corvett Chevy  8:50 cert Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Stan Smith  ‘70 Cuda Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Doug stark stark Chevrolet Chevelle Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
William Thomas Thomas Dragster Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
Jack Zies Plymouth Cuda Friday Mar 19 (Wiggins Inspector)
christopher  Shives 1970 mustang Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Travis Bechtel Mustang foxbody Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Mike Boyd Racetech dragster Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Earl  Burroughs 1965  Barracuda Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Wade Farner 1980 Camaro Z28  Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Mike  Fortney 66 chevelle Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Jason  Gray Camaro Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Christopher  Hammond 1978 Chevy Camaro Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Joey Harrison Mustang  Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Sam Hoffman 1997 Ford Mustang  Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Chuck Gussman 67 Camaro Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Frank Howell 67 Mustang Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Gary  Lau Chevelle Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Brett Martin Corvette Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Phil Morozewicz 77 v ega Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Bill Nunemaker mustang 1993 Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Rick Shanholtz  1979 mustang Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Phil Stewart Bickel top Sportman 68 camaro  Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
andy stone 69 camaro Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Jerry  Williams Bickel Cavalier Friday March 19 (Blair Inspector)
Tony  Bonanno 1970 CHEVELLE SS Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Jeremy Curry 1997 olds cutlass  Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Steven Eagan 2001 suncoast dragster Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Terry Ericson  1937 Chevrolet Coupe  Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Robert  Ford 1967 Camaro Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
George  Forster 1998 monte carlo Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Mark Fraley Chevy Camaro 67 Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Jeremy  Hammond  72 Camaro  Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Travis Hill 65 Falcon Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Donald  Jones 1973 chevy Vega Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Eli  Lancaster  Ford Mustang  Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Roger Lewis 65 Chevy II Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Ronald  Miller 72 Nova Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Ray Murphy 1980 Chevrolet el camino Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Chad Pauley 99 z28 camaro  Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Ricky Payne 91 camaro Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Kenny Queen 96 chev baretta Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Michael Shoop 2020 Miller Dragster Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Dave Smith 06 pontiac gto Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
Joshua Wagner 98 Brogie dragster Saturday  March 20  (Blair Inspector)
James Altman 64 nova Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Jeff Brady Dragster Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Bruce Waldron Bruce Waldron Rambler Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Cristian Castillo Castillo 1993 Mustang  Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Dwayne Drish Pickup/67Chevy Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Dustin Martin Dustin Martin 1985 Oldsmobile 442 Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Danny Hutton 1967 Chevy 2 Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
John Krug John Krug s10 Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Chris Kelican 80 Fairmont  Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Scott  Kline 1963 chevy 2 Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
James Knipple Chevy S-10 Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Darrell  Law Mercury Capri  Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Douglas  Mellott 1980 Pontiac lemans Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Ricky Shawyer 1966 Chevy II Nova Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Michael  Stouffer Door car - Mustang Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
kenneth Thompson Thompson 88 chevy  comaro Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Roy Vincent Vincent 1980  Chevy Malibu Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Faith Warner 67 Ford ranchero  Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Jack Williamson 72 nova Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Will Woodward Chevy S-10 Saturday Mar 20 (Tino Inspector)
Carroll Allen  Chrysler Lebaron  Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Jeff Bittner 57 Chevy Promod  Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Mike Bowles Ford Mustang  Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Allen Chamberlin 86 camaro Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Jay Foley 70 Maverick  Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Cole Francis  86 mustang  Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
David  Greene 1972 Dodge Demon Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
ernie haines 1962 ford falcon Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Brian Hoffman 67 Chevelle Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Gary  Lau Camaro  Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Joe Martz Door Car/Camaro Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
James Martz jr 80 Chevy malibu Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Samantha  Miller 1969 MUSTANG Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Scott Morgan 1992 Ford Mustang  Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Robert Myers 84 Capri (8.50 cert) Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Donnie Nesselrodte 67 Chevelle Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Dan Shaffer 1994 lumina Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
bobby spielman 95 t-bird Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Brent Beachley 71 Nova Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)
Jeremy  Strait Mustang Sunday  March 21  (Blair Inspector)

Wayne  69 Camaro, Katy 67 Camaro, Gary Moats  Sunday Alternates