2019 Schedule
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*Note if you a a spec car chassis certification, there must be a serialplate affixed to the chassis alpha numeric with the date of manufacturer.
(If you are not sure of manufacture date you may estimate on your plate.)
This new rule effects 8.50 and quicker cars

Please note: 
Chassis Certification order is first come, first served because there are a limited number of cars that can be done per session.  If you sign up please make sure you show up.


Cost for 3 Year Chassis Cert $170.00 Check or Cash  to NHRA
$10 to Track

Friday  March 22nd  (10 AM Start )

1.Mark Decker                Dragster
2.Blain Feeser            68 Camaro
3.Tom Joy                  91 GMC
4.Tim Strait                88 Mustang   PASSED
5.Gary Lau                86 Camaro     PASSED
6.Dave Slusher           68 Camaro    PASSED
7.Rick Myers              Chevy II      PASSED
8.Chuck Hutzler       87 Firebird     PASSED
9.Eric Kitchen            69 Chevelle   PASSED
10.Kevin Wines         Camaro          PASSED
11.Marvin Napier      89 Mustang     PASSED
12.Christopher Hammond  78 Camaro   PASSED
13.Eddie Payne          70 Dart              PASSED
14.Vaughan Cook      67 Camaro         PASSED
15.Sam Yeater       70 Maverick    (Withdrew)
16.Joe Wetzel          Falcon           PASSED
17.MIchael Cashman  Dragster      PASSED
18.Ed Newton        79 Monza
19.Chris Hamby      96 S-10          PASSED
20.Chris Celpka    16 Racetech RED
21.John Conn     67 Camaro       PASSED
22.Ken Firestone   69 Corvette   PASSED
23.Tommy Reed     S-10             PASSED
24.Darrel Merryman   85 Mustang  (Withdrew)
25.Butch Smith    69 Camaro       PASSED
26.Butch Smith    Undercover Dragster
27.John Moton     63 Corvette  PASSED
28.Bob Nicholson  Vega            (Withdrew)
29.Butch Smith   Lumina       PASSED
30.John Miller    65 Ford       PASSED
31.Trey Yowell   S-10
32.Dennis Douglas   66 Nova   PASSED
33. Rick Cooper     73 Comet   PASSED
34. Steve Carper      Beretta      PASSED
35.Douglas Nolan   86 T-Bird    PASSED
36.Jame Shifflet    72 Pontiac     PASSED
37. Mike Goode   81 Malibu      PASSED
38. John Mohton   Cobalt          PASSED
39. Lenny Knott   68 Baracuda  PASSED


Saturday March 23rd   (10 AM Start )

1.Derek Clark               95 Cutlass
2.Michael Boyd             69 Nova
3.Ronnie Boyd              32 Bantam
4.Herb Kang                72 Colt
5.George Forster           Monte Carlo
6.Chad Ely                    70 GTO   (Withdrew)
7.Joey Harrison             Mustang
8.Terry Ericson              37 Chevy
|9.Steve Mongret            Dragster
10.John Haislip              14 Camaro
11.Cary Daniel               70 Camaro
12.Brian Canoles            S&W Dragster
13.Gary Athey                85 Camaro
14.Roger Lewis              65 Chevy II
15.Rodney Eichelberger  70 Firebird
16.Tom Morgan              08 Dodge Stratus
17.Mitch Willingham        97 Monte Carlo
18.Ryan Jordan               08 Racetech Dragster
19.Brady Warner            90 Mustang
20.Harold Divel              98 Mustang
21.Cory Thompson          70 Firebird
22.Derek Crowe              00 Mustang
23.Kellen Stone               Mustang
24.Jeremy Curry             67 Camaro (Moved to Sunday)
25.Ronnie Proctor          Mustang
26.Cody Clites                83 Cutlass
27.Dennis Hammond      Mustang
28.Jim Day                 70 Mustang
29.Joey Harrison         Dragster
30.Jim Martz            80 Malibu (Withdrew)
31.Doug Lindahl       Corvette
32.Dave Lushbaugh    64 Corvette    PASSED
33, Joey Hagans         90 Mustang
34. Herb Kang        72 Colt
35. Norman Gay      S-10 Trk
36. David Tesco    68 Chevelle

Sunday March 24th   (10 AM Start)

1.Dan Shaffer        64 Corvette
2.Dennis Peck       85 Mustang
3.Darlene Staub    27 Dodge Roadster
4.Scott Miller        67 Chevelle
5.David Wastler    Dragster
6.Ed Reese           S10 Roadster
7.Damon Catlin     79 Camaro
8.Greg Gulledge        S10 #1
9.Greg Gulledge         S10 #2
10.Greg Gulledge       S10 #3
11.Brian Barker         70 Dart
12.Rocky Roach        72 Nova
13.Marcus Henry       04 Undercover Dragster
14.Roy Vincent          79 Malibu   (Withdrew)
15.Justin Reggio        03 Mustang
16.John Krug          66 Nova
17.Dale Lambert    65 Mustang
18.Billy Coburn     96 Camaro
19.Roger Testerman  78 Vega
20.Robert Brooks     Nova
21.Joe Wetzel      65 Falcon
22.George Milstred  66 Nova
23.Rob Bower      69 Camaro
24.Mike Bower    Dragster
25.Stephen Honodel  63 Corvette
26.Joey Hagans   80 Mustang
27.Tony Campbell   65Vette
28.Jack Williamson  70 Nova
29.Bradley Stotler    Camaro
30.Bryan Bogle    62 Chevy II
31.Richard Barnhart  66 GTO
32Dave Craiger    07 Mustang
33.Terry Shifflet  70 Maverick
34. Don Miller        68 Camaro