2017 Schedule
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The next Chassis Certification

Please note: 
Chassis Certification order is first come, first served because there are a limited number of cars that can be done per session.  If you sign up please make sure you show up.

You can email us at dragway1@aol.com.        

Cost for 3 Year Chassis Cert $160.00 Checks to NHRA or Cash
N/C From Track This Certification Done as a Service

Friday 12 Noon

1. Mike Strausser        Honda Civic
2. Danielle Manila        RED
3. Tim Barnes              Javelin
4. Kenneth Carr           FED
5. Gary Lau                 69 Chevelle  25.5
6.Tom Fiddler             AMC Spirit
7.Jerry Williams          GTO
8.Jim Conn                 Opel
9.David Tressler         78 Malibu
10. Roger Pickett        74 Camaro
11.Gregg Corbin         70 Nova
12.Dale Lambert          63 Corvette
13.Bob Martin              RED
14.Kermit Garnett        Vega
15.Sam Yeater               Maverick
16.Jason Gray               84 Camaro
17.Brett Martin
18.Russell Barefoot        67 Camaro
19.Donnie Hottinger       RED
20.Boris S.                    91 BMW
21.Steve May                79 Sunbird
22.Wes Lawson              98 S-10
23.Paul Spickler             68 Nova
24.Rick Quessenberry    88 Camaro
25.Rick McKamey         OLds

28 Completed Passed Certifications


If you are able to attend friday instead of Sat or Sunday we would
like to see about a 10 persom migration to Friday


MARCH 25th  Saturday 8:30 AM
1.  Brent Crider              Nova
2.  Scotty Bodmer          RED
3.  Jack Sowers              Camaro
4.  Mike Daymude          Demon
  Joe Hagans                90 Mustang
6.  Jim Day                      Comet
7.  Corey Hess               Pontiac Firebird
8.  Bernie Staub              Arrow
9.  Bill Benson                 Luv Trk
10.Gary Kelican              Maverick
11.Chris Steele               Camaro
12.Sam Boyd                  Camaro
13.Sam Boyd                  Nova
14.Dave Smith                Firebird
15.Chuck Wishard          Camaro
16.Ronald Miller              Nova
17.Greg Garland             Vega
18.Mike Younker             Camaro
19.Greg Ecker                Camaro
20.Larry Palmer              Mustang
21.Brian Lind                  Camaro
22.William Stottler          GMC Trk
23.Darryl Johnson           RED
24.Clifford Mayes            GTO
25.Bobby Speilman        T Bird
26.Colby Imes                  Demon
27.Michael Shoop           Nova
28.Ronnie Silcot               ???
29.Josh Johnson              Camaro
30.Tommy Troxler            Camaro
31.Allen Chamberlin         DC
32.Jack Lineberry             S-10
33.Trevor Craker              76 Monza
34.Mark Fraley                  67 Camaro
35.Earl Caudle                  76 Vega
36.Robert Parks               90 Mustang

34 Completed Chassis Certifications




Sunday March 26th     8:30 Start Time
1. Ken Colton                  57 Chevy
2. Jeff Bitner                    57 Chevy
3. Kelly Gouker                Camaro
Jason Murray               Malibu
5. Johnny James              Ventura
6 . Marcus Henry                RED
7.  Robert Duvall                Vega
8.  Karl Jacobson              Door Car
9.  Mike Daymude            RED
10.Brian Hoffman            Chevelle
11.FrankThomas              Camaro
12.Carl Gerber                 Camaro
13.Darrin Valentine           Vega
14.Justin Good                  Mustang
15.Danny Brown               Mustang
16.Allen Clegg                   Dragster
17.Mike Younkers              Austin
18.Rick Myers                    Camaro
19.Darrel Law                    Capri
20.Mike Spielman             Pinto
21.David Hockenberry      Barracuda
22.Al Crawford                   Camaro
23.Larry Dermer               Camaro
24.Walt Bowie                  Altered
25.Donald Thomas          Dart
26.Ed Burroughs              Barracuda
27.Mike Burham              Plymouth 
28.David Shepherd          80 Arrow  
29.Jimmy Crook              Camaro
30.Mark Coover                S-10 Trk 
31.Greg Gulledge              66 Nova
32.Eric Bricker                  90, Mustang
33.Matt Bowie                  71 Camaro
34.Charles Testerman      86 Nissan PU
35.Dan Schindelbower      89 Mustang